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A Guide Before You Start Your Medical College

By AiswaryaSeptember 10, 2023
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How to Choose a College?

Medical College! A dream come true for lakhs of students across the world, and if you are one of them, Congratulations!! If you are at a place where you have to look at a guide before starting your medical journey, then it is because you have cleared the NEET exam conducted as an entrance exam in India. We understand the feeling of accomplishment after clearing the cut-off and being on the way to your dreams coming true.

Things to Consider Before Joining A Medical College

Choosing a college for the counseling process and filling in your choices is a task demanding extra effort. But once this is done right, things in the later process become easy. A one-time effort can save you time and help you with resources for choosing a college with good faculties and facilities. 

Here, we have listed down some of the things you must know before joining any medical college, for which you can consider its location and feedback, have a conversation with students, and look at its ranking at the national level.


It is time to understand that NCERT days are over now. There are no specific boundaries to your curriculum anymore. Anything you study may or may not be sufficient. There are tons of books and presentations from your professors to refer to. You must know the topics taught in class are more important and has a higher probability of being asked in the exam. So, move ahead from the concept of syllabus and understand studying in a more target-oriented manner.

Curriculum Structure

Medical schools have a hectic exam schedule. They often have exams weekly, and before you realize it, an assessment awaits you. So, it is necessary for students to actively stay on top of their studies and stay updated with their studies. Apart from college hours, students should devote extra hours, especially for studying topics taught on the same day, to manage time and studies. 

Adaptability to New Learning Techniques

Study patterns you have followed until school might not work for you in college. Students must be willing to experiment and explore the best learning techniques for them when starting MBBS. Experiment and find the most suitable learning pattern in the initial days of your college to study better later.

Medical College Environment is More Cooperative Than Competitive

Schools and colleges are different; the competition here is over. The time for proving yourself is over by this point. The continuous competition of pushing people out of their way to get into this dream space has come to an end. Now the competition should be between your present and your future self only. It is that time when you can explore ways to gain extra knowledge and become a knowledgeable professional in your field.

Be Ready for the Unpredictable

There can be many instances in your college life where you would be bombarded with questions by your professors for which you might not have answers, but don’t be bothered by them excessively as these are just tests of your patience and are common to face in MBBS. Some professors and seniors tend to roast students and test their patience.

It Will be a Roller Coaster Ride

Your journey in this medical school life will be a roller coaster ride that will have its own set of ups and downs you will have no control over. As accomplishing is the result of your two-year hard work, similar to that, this journey will be worth all the ups and downs in the end. Do it for your dreams.

Books That are Used for Reference

Students sometimes buy books without talking to or consulting the seniors, and these might be a waste of money and a no-help resource for you. If you like studying from your books, then the best way is to consult seniors and then, figure out the books you need to buy instead of buying random books. 

Time Management

Schedules are hectic and tight in medical schools. The suitable way to manage time is to understand the ways of time management that work for you on your timeline so that you can be efficient and productive throughout the day.

Interact With Seniors

Interaction with your seniors will be a gateway for you to understand the MBBS life and curriculum. It will also give you a chance to bond with people who can be your friend and a guide on this long journey.

Bad Habits are a Result of Peer Pressure; Choose Wisely 

You need to understand that your company will decide the kind of person you will become over time. It is common to see people take up bad habits under the influence of peer pressure in their college life. So, you must be careful while choosing your friend circle in MBBS as it can change your life for good and bad both.


MBBS is a dream of millions of students, but only a few get to live it. Since you are getting the chance to do it, make sure that you make the most out of it. The journey might not be easy but it will be worth every bit of it. Enjoy the process, learn, and grow as much as you can. You won’t be able to live this time again, ensure you make the most of it all.

FAQs on A Guide Before You Start Your Medical College

1. List of things needed while joining in any medical college.

While joining any medical school, you would need your mark sheets, offer letter, and some essential documents for verification and registration.

2. What are the things to know before joining MBBS?

You must understand your interest and goals before joining an MBBS program.

3. What is the name of the national exam given for MBBS?

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is the exam given for MBBS.

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