The Weightage of NCERT Solutions Questions in NEET Exam

by Anusha LAL, May 19, 2020

The NEET exams are one of the most prestigious exams held in our country. It determines the future of all the medical aspirants after Class 12. The participants-to-seat ratio is very high. Due to this steep competition, students are required to work very hard to qualify for the exams. You may often be confused about which study material you must follow. That is completely okay! In choosing the study material, you always opt for the ones that guarantee the best results in NEET, right? This means the exams must have a large chunk of questions in concurrence with the contents of the book. What book can be better for this purpose than the one recommended by the achievers and subject matter experts? Yes, NCERT is indeed the best book to follow for the preparation of NEET.

But as a student, all the fancy books with different guarantees and promises may get you confused. So in this article, we will illustrate with explanations the weightage of NCERT solutions questions in NEET exam. Read it carefully to have clarity on your choice of books. 

Factors Determining the Weightage of NCERT Solutions Questions in NEET Exam

  • The Chunk of Questions Asked

It is no secret that a large portion of the questions in NEET every year are asked directly from the NCERT books and Solutions. Although the percentage of questions is not constant in all the years yet the larger chunk of questions are asked from the contents of the book. According to the analysis of several previous years' question papers, we can easily conclude that anywhere from 60-70% of all questions asked are from NCERT alone. This means that 54 to 63 questions can be asked from the contents of the NCERT textbooks and Solutions.

  • The Indirect Weightage

Well, the weightage in terms of questions asked directly from the book doesn't paint a very accurate picture. Why is it you ask? - Because most of the questions asked in NEET are concept based questions. These require the students to apply their knowledge to derive the answers. These questions need a strong concept of the theories, that is, you can answer only if you have thoroughly read the NCERT books and Solutions. Also, for subjects like physics and chemistry where numerical questions are asked, these NCERT solutions can be of great help. A number of numerical problems can be posed from the same basic formula. Such questions may not come directly from the book but are easy to answer with the knowledge you gather from the book.

Where Can I Get the NCERT Solutions?

The NCERT solutions are available offline as well as online on various websites and applications. The Vedantu website too has them. In fact, is the easiest to find the NCERT books and solutions on Vedantu website as they are arranged in an easy-to-access class-wise and subject-wise manner. 

The online PDF format of NCERT exams is best suited for students. Vedantu’s solutions are prepared by subject matter experts having years of experience in teaching. These Solutions provide the perfect answers to all the questions in the book. The difficult concepts are explained lucidly to remove all the doubts that you may have. These qualities make them ideal for pre-exam preparation when you are in a time crunch.

The Weightage of NCERT Solutions Questions in NEET Exam