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Class 11 Subject Choice for Stream Selection: New CBSE Scheme

By ShiwaniApril 17, 2023
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Class 11 CBSE Subject Choice: Students Can Pick a Subject Combination of their Interest

Class 10 students prepare for the secondary level exam to choose the ideal set of subjects at the higher secondary level. Once they complete Class 10, they must choose a Class 11 subject and proceed with a subject combination in Class 11.

The CBSE board has now amended the subject choice criterion for the students to make their stream selection easier and more feasible. They can now choose from a wide range of subjects provided on the list mandated by CBSE. Here is what you need to know.

Class 11 Subject Choices for Stream Selection: New CBSE Scheme

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A New Scheme of Subject Selection From CBSE for Class 11

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most common education board chosen by students to complete their academic journey at the school level. This board allows students to make specific choices regarding choosing subjects to make a combination and pursue a course in Class 11 and 12.

After completing the secondary level of education, students will have to pick any combination of subjects sincerely to make a subject combination. This combination is then used for two years to pursue the academic curriculum set by the CBSE board. Previously, the choice of subjects to combine and pursue this curriculum was restricted to specific subjects for particular streams.

Now, students can make diverse choices and add subjects to their specific streams to make their academic curricula fit their expectations. Previously, the subjects in the science, commerce and arts/humanities streams were supposed to be different from one another. But after the amendment of a new policy, students can make exclusive choices for the respective streams in Class 11.

After the amendment of this new policy, students' most common question is whether they can pick any combination of subjects for a stream or not. Let us delve deeper and discover what you can do to choose a Class 11 stream and design a subject combination for your academic curriculum.

New CBSE Policy for Subject Combination in Class 11

As per the explanation given by the CBSE board, this new scheme will allow students to make subject choice in Class 11 CBSE based on provided lists of subjects. Previously, these lists of subjects were restricted to the streams such as science, arts and commerce. Now, the education board has shown more flexibility in the new policy regarding choosing a subject.

According to this new policy, students can choose subjects in the following method.

Compulsory Subjects by CBSE in Stream Selection for Class 11

  • Students have to choose at least 5 subjects from the list. In this segment, Subject 1 is considered a language subject. It can be either Hindi or English Core or Elective.

  • Subject 2 will be the other one apart from Hindi or English Core or Elective chosen by a student. It can also be another subject from Group A (core subjects that define the Class 11 streams).

  • Subjects 3, 4 and 5 can be any three from the academic group or Group A, the skill-based group or Group S or a combination of these groups.

Additional Subjects

The additional subject is optional and is called Subject 6. It is chosen from any of the groups mentioned above and is not chosen before.

Subjects for internal assessments are called Subjects 8 and 9. Students can choose one or two from the three options below.

The CBSE board has also mandated the school authorities to follow the same policy and provide educational support to the students with a valid combination of subjects.

  • Work Experience – 500

  • Health and Physical Education – 502

  • General Studies – 503

Students must choose at least 5 subjects and a maximum of 9 in Class 11 to make a subject combination. This policy is mandated for all the streams in Class 11 CBSE.

Things to Know About CBSE Class 11 Subject Choice Policy

According to the new policy, here is a list of things that students need to remember while choosing a combination of subjects.

  1. Students must follow the list of subjects in each segment to choose.

  2. They must choose at least 5 subjects considering the stream chosen to follow. It means a student must choose one language and four elective subjects for Class 11. At most 9 subjects can be chosen for the higher secondary curriculum.

  3. Students can choose a diverse set of subjects to make a combination based on the lists available. It means they can add History to the list of science subjects and continue studying at this level.

  4. Schools will have to follow the protocol and provide education based on the subjects chosen by a student. A student can wish to study and appear in the exams if the school cannot arrange academic support.

Class 11 Subject Choices Made Better

The CBSE board has become more liberal in terms of subject choices. It has merged lists of subjects to help students choose. A student can easily add subjects from the science, arts and commerce lists to prepare a personalised curriculum for Class 11 and 12. They can decide which stream is best for Class 11 and then make a combination of subjects. They can seek academic support from teachers, experts, and counsellors to make a subject combination if necessary.

FAQs on Class 11 Subject Choice for Stream Selection: New CBSE Scheme

1. Can I choose a sixth subject for Class 11?

As per the new education scheme of CBSE, a student can choose a sixth subject. He can follow the list of subjects available for different groups and make a brilliant combination. Whether a student can study a CBSE Class 11 curriculum of six subjects depends.

2. What if my school does not have the provision to teach my chosen subjects in class 11th?

Your school has to follow the protocol drawn and implemented by CBSE. If your school cannot provide the necessary academic support, you can still study the subjects independently and appear in the exams.

3. Can I choose arts subjects to study with science subjects in Class 11?

Yes. If the subjects are present in the groups designed by CBSE, then you can make such combinations and proceed with a personalised Class 11 curriculum.