Celebrating Teacher’s Day: Changing Role of the Educator in Today’s Dynamic World

by Anusha Lal, September 4, 2020

Education is the reflection of society. The role of an educator is undoubtedly the most important in shaping society. A country’s development hugely depends on how good its teachers are. What they teach defines where we reach as an individual or together, as a nation. It is said that only a teacher can discover the true potential of students and empower them. Teachers are regarded as ‘Gurus’ in Indian culture giving the profession the respect it deserves. 5th September, the birthday of the former president Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is celebrated as Teacher’s day every year in India. Teachers and students from all across the country commemorate the works of the beloved Dr Radhakrishnan, who was one of the greatest scholars and promoters of education our county has ever known.

The education system has changed radically in the past ten years. With changing trends in education, the role of teachers is also changing dynamically. Education is not limited to textbooks anymore. With the integration of technology in every sector, learning has become more knowledge-oriented than ever. Students must be encouraged to expand their knowledge horizons and be equipped with the necessary skills. This can only happen in a true sense when teachers have updated themselves with all the latest trends and technologies.

Today’s generation has become highly tech-savvy. The globalization and urbanization have resulted in increasing career avenues and employment opportunities. Even though opportunities are growing at a fast pace with the advancement of technology, there is a cut-throat competition for employment in every sector. Unfortunately, the mental pressure is a byproduct of the fierce competition that we see today. Therefore, educators in today’s generation emphasise the importance of holistic development of students. Teachers’ role today is not only to restricted to providing the right knowledge and information but also foster the mental development of their students.

Not every student has the same interests and mental capacity. Nowadays mentors try to understand the psychology of students and motivate them to pursue the career path they are interested in. Teachers play a critical role in guiding and inspiring students to become future leaders. Children must be pushed to be the flag bearers of its country’s development. Gaining knowledge and not marks should be the main motive of education. Today’s mentors are the real differentiator in the development of society. They promote the true spirit of knowledge and sculpt the nascent minds to become the true gems of a country.

How Digitalization Has Changed the Face of Education and Educators

With the assistance of digital tools and technologies, education has got a new face. Online learning is gradually taking the place of conventional learning methodology. This has proven to be a boon in the recent pandemic outbreak that brought a state of topsy-turvy in the entire world. While almost everything was at a halt, knowledge givers could still find a way to reach the knowledge seekers. This physical gap could only be reduced with the help of online learning and digital media. While all the front-line staff including doctors, nurses, police, etc. are doing a commendable job to fight the pandemic, we cannot leave our teachers’ credit due! It is these teachers who, in spite of all the personal challenges, made sure that learning never stops.

Modern-day educators are well-equipped and exceptionally trained to use recent technology to overcome all the existing barriers to technology. In fact, learning today is not bounded to human teachers. There are many self-learning apps, automated tools and a whole range of online repositories and resources which enables students to get self-trained with minimum assistance of teachers. Moreover, teachers can also avail such platforms to equip themselves with the latest skillsets. Because more a teacher knows, more a student grows.

Learning is a never-ending process! With so many new tools at our fingertips, the process of unlearning and learning continues for both students and teachers. In such a dynamic environment, the relationship between teachers and students has also evolved. Today, they closely collaborate to form a relationship that is based on knowledge exchange to bring sustainability in the education system.

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Celebrating Teacher’s Day: Changing Role of the Educator in Today’s Dynamic World