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List of 15 Outdoor Game Names in English

By AiswaryaApril 30, 2024
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outdoor play

Are your kids spending too much time glued to TVs, phones, and tablets? Well, it's time to break that digital spell and rediscover the joy of outdoor play. After all, it’s summer!

List of 15 Outdoor Game Names in English

Whether it's mastering teamwork on the cricket pitch, channeling their inner warriors in kabaddi raids, or feeling the rush of scoring a goal in soccer, outdoor games are the golden tickets to lifelong fitness, social skills, and creating cherished childhood memories.

So grab your kid's sun hats, lace up those sneakers, and join us as we take you through this list of 15 outdoor game names in English and let you choose the perfect game for your kid!

Get. Set. Go!

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Importance of Outdoor Games for Physical and Mental Fitness

Outdoor games offer plenty of benefits beyond just being fun pastimes. 

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

  • They encourage physical activity, which is crucial for a child's healthy growth and development

  • Running, jumping, and moving around outdoors helps kids build strength, endurance, and coordination

  • Being exposed to fresh air and sunlight provides a healthy dose of vitamin D

Outdoor play also has mental health advantages.

  • It reduces stress, anxiety, and restlessness in children

  • Being in natural environments boosts their mood and allows them to exercise their imagination and creativity

Getting those bones and muscles nice and strong while giving their little minds and spirits a healthy boost - that's what outdoor games do for kids! It's a total package deal that lets them thrive in body and mind, all while having plenty of fun. Now that's what we call hitting the jackpot!

Now, let’s dive into the 15 outdoor games that will keep your kids engaged and energized all summer long. Are you ready?

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15 Outdoor Game Names

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most popular outdoor game names:

  1. Cricket

  2. Football

  3. Volleyball

  4. Kabaddi

  5. Hockey

  6. Baseball

  7. Basketball

  8. Golf

  9. Wrestling

  10. Trekking

  11. Tug Of War

  12. Hurdles

  13. Javelin Throw

  14. Archery

  15. Swimming

Got your attention? Awesome! Let’s zoom in and learn a bit more about each of these outdoor games and see why they are so much fun!

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Details of Outdoor Games

1. Cricket

You know a sport is huge when it becomes deeply woven into a country's culture and identity. That's cricket for you in India - it has a massive fan following who pretty much worship this bat-and-ball game!

So how does this holy game of cricket go down? 

  • Two teams take turns batting and fielding on an open field (pitch) 

  • The batting side's goal is to score as many runs as possible by whacking that ball with the bat and sprinting between those two tiny wooden stumps called wickets. It's like an intense game of hit-and-run!

But cricket is way more than just hitting a ball. It's a true test of teamwork, with each player's role being crucial. The bowlers need killer accuracy, the fielders have to be lightning-fast, and the batters require razor-sharp focus and hand-eye coordination. Strategy is also key - deciding when to go for big hits or play it safe requires serious cricketing smarts.

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2. Football

Football, affectionately known as soccer in some parts of the world, is the world’s most popular outdoor game. 

In this game, two teams compete on a rectangular field. Their mission? To challenge the opposition and score by driving a ball into the opposing team's net, using any part of the body except their hands—goalkeepers being the exception, of course! 

But how does this game benefit your child? Let’s see:


  • By pumping up their cardiovascular health 

  • By sharpening their agility 

  • By instilling a strong sense of teamwork and fair play

3. Volleyball


Teamwork and agility define the dynamic sport of Volleyball.

In Volleyball:

  • Two teams hit an inflated ball back and forth over a high net

  • Points are scored when the opposing team fails to return it or commits a fault

Volleyball can be played outdoors on grass or sand courts. It improves reflexes, jumping ability, and upper body strength.

4. Kabaddi

Kabaddi is an exciting sport steeped in Indian tradition.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Two teams take turns sending a "raider" into enemy territory with the aim to tag as many opponents as possible and dash back home safely

  • Players hold their breath and chant "kabaddi, kabaddi” during raids, with every pulse-pounding second! 

This is one such game that enhances lung capacity, sharpens concentration, and hones lightning-fast reflexes. Whether your child is raiding or defending, Kabaddi is a heart-racing challenge that keeps them on their toes!

5. Hockey

Hockey, proudly hailed as India’s national game, is all about speed, precision, and teamwork. 

Here’s how it goes:

  • Two teams, each armed with curved sticks, ready to dash across the field

  • Their goal is to skillfully dribble or pass a small ball past their opponents and score by slamming it into the net

It’s a high-energy chase that requires brute stamina, rapid sprints, and good stick-handling skills.

Ready to take your kid to the field?

6. Basketball

In basketball, two teams attempt to score points by shooting an inflated ball through an elevated hoop placed on cemented or tarmac courts. 

Beyond just tossing a ball, basketball is a lesson of precision, agility, and strategy. 

It helps in:

  • Sharpening jumping skills

  • Refining ball control

  • Enhancing awareness of the court

Every dribble, pass, and shot tests your child’s physical limits and boosts teamwork and quick thinking. Let’s get your little one to shoot some hoops now!

7. Archery

Archery requires an intense focus to hit a tiny target from dozens of yards away with just a bow and arrow. 

This sport is all about:

  • Steadying your mind

  • Controlling your breathing

  • Executing the perfect shot

One tiny muscle twitch and that arrow could sail wide of the bullseye. It's an ancient discipline that separates the mentally tough from the faint of heart. Hitting that center ring takes patience, skill, and a steady hand.

8. Golf

8. Golf

The fresh groomed greens and the satisfying "thwack" of club on ball… golf is indeed a splendid way to spend a sunny afternoon!

This elite outdoor sport challenges your kid’s mind as much as their swing. Players take turns hitting toward each hole in the fewest strokes possible by carefully mapping out each hole and precisely judging distances.

All in all, Golf promotes concentration, strategic thinking, and etiquette in your young learner.

9. Wrestling

Forget about those fancy UFC fights for a minute - wrestling is where the real old-school grappling action is at. We're talking about one of the oldest competitive sports known to humankind.

Here’s a look at wrestling:

  • Two warriors locked in combat, using every takedown, throw, and opponent-smashing technique in the book to gain control and pin their opponent's shoulders to the mat

  • One moment, a wrestler is twisting and turning, the next, they are slamming into the canvas

In short, it's a primitive struggle of pure strength, stamina, and body control.

10. Tug Of War

10. Tug Of War

Sure, it sounds easy enough - just grab the rope and pull harder than the other team, right? But take one heave in a serious tug of war competition and you'll realize this is actually a test of sustained force.

Your child will dig their boots into the dirt, veins bulging as both teams engage in an intense standoff, refusing to let the center line be crossed.

A steady determination is key to excelling at this outdoor game that has featured at the World Games.

Teamwork is crucial too - if one person loses their grip, it's all over.

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11. Hurdles

In the world of hurdles, even a split-second hesitation can cost your child the race. These events are a full-body exercise in speed, power, and technique.

  • Athletes have to clear a series of evenly-spaced obstacles or hurdles on the track

  • Differing hurdle heights and distances test speed, technique, and athleticism across various hurdle events

12. Javelin Throw

In the javelin throw:

  • Athletes hurl a spear-like object as far as possible while employing a run-up

  • Points are scored based on the distance traveled

  • Perfect technique involving a spinning angle release is crucial for covering the maximum distance

This ancient sport involves remarkable power, coordination, and focus.

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13. Baseball

From little leagues to the major leagues, this beloved pastime has generations of fans living and dying with every pitch.

In this game,

  • Two teams take turns batting and fielding, with the batting team trying to score runs by hitting a ball with a bat and running around a series of four bases arranged in a diamond

  • Fielders attempt to get batters out by catching fly balls or throwing ground balls to bases for force-outs

Baseball requires skills like batting, pitching, fielding, and baserunning.

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14. Trekking

Trekking involves extended walking journeys undertaken on foot in areas of scenic beauty like forests, hills, or mountains. It allows one to experience nature up close while fostering qualities like endurance, wayfinding, and self-reliance. Trekking often combines exercising and camping, making it an adventurous outdoor pursuit.

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15. Swimming

Need a full-body workout that leaves your kid feeling weightless and energized? Then allow them to take a dip for real!

  • As your child glides through the water's cool embrace, every stroke and kick engages a chain of muscle groups for a cardio blast that's crazily low-impact

  • Be it beginners just bobbing along or Olympic-level competitors shredding the breaststroke, swimming is one of those sports that can't help but make one feel a sense of accomplishment

Alright, we have talked about games and their perks, but let's shift gears a bit. Ever wonder about the cultural role these games have? Let’s take a whirlwind tour.

Cultural Significance of Outdoor Games Worldwide

Many outdoor games have deep-rooted cultural and historical ties that connect modern societies to their ancestral traditions.

In India, games like gilli-danda and kho-kho have been played for centuries across different regions and communities. Here’s a snapshot table of some of the most iconic outdoor games that have kept generations inspired.


Origin/ Cultural Significance  



This game of skill and timing dates back to the 2nd century BC

Involves striking a short stick (gilli) with a longer stick (danda) to achieve distance


Its name derives from the Sanskrit word for "No vehicle"

A chase-based tag game with teams taking turns as attackers and defenders

Maya Ball Game

A classic from ancient Mesoamerica

The players could use only their hips to hit a rubber ball through stone hoops


A Classic game from Afghanistan

Players mount on horsebacks, competing to drag a headless goat carcass toward a goal

Such traditional games often incorporate indigenous elements like locally crafted equipment, native surroundings, and community bonding through play. They provide a living link to a society's customs, philosophies, and ways of life.

So, while fun and physical, outdoor games also serve as vessels to celebrate diverse cultural identities worldwide. Playing these games connects modern kids to their roots. Make sure to choose a game that’s suitable for your child’s age.

Got questions? We’ve anticipated that! Here are answers to some of the most common questions about outdoor games that might be bubbling up in your mind.


Marathon race

As outlined, outdoor games offer plenty of advantages for growing children, which includes:

  • Physical fitness and motor skill development

  • Improved mental health and reduced stress/anxiety

  • Opportunities for socialization and teamwork

  • Connection to cultural roots and values

  • Development of strategic thinking and discipline

Beyond just being fun activities, outdoor games play a vital role in bringing communities together. While watching or participating in popular sports like cricket creates a shared experience that goes beyond boundaries, traditional games help preserve cultural identities and pass them down to younger generations.

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FAQs on List of 15 Outdoor Game Names in English

1. Which is the most famous outdoor game in the world?

Football (soccer) is widely considered the world's most popular outdoor game, with a whopping 3.5 billion fans globally. Simple rules and lack of expensive equipment makes football accessible everywhere.

2. How do outdoor games contribute to physical fitness?

Outdoor games get kids moving and active, burning calories. They develop endurance, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and overall motor skills. Exposure to fresh air is also beneficial.

3. Can outdoor games improve mental health?

Absolutely. Playing outdoors reduces anxiety, depression, and restlessness in children. Being in natural environments boosts mood and provides a healthy outlet for excess energy. Outdoor games also build confidence, discipline, and resilience.

4. What are some popular traditional Indian outdoor games?

Kho-kho, kabaddi, gilli-danda, pittu, and kite flying are some well-known traditional outdoor games with origins in Indian culture. These games have been passed down for generations.

5. At what age should parents introduce outdoor games?

Experts recommend introducing outdoor games as early as possible, even for toddlers. Simple activities like playing catch, running around, or playgrounds help develop motor skills early on.

6. How can parents encourage kids to play outdoor games more?

Lead by example and make outdoor time a family activity. Limit screen time, sign them up for outdoor sports, take them to parks regularly, and get creative with backyard games and activities.