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Introducing Summer Activities for 8-Year-Old Kids

By FathimaApril 08, 2024
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Imagine it's a bright summer morning, and your energetic 8-year-old is already bouncing off the walls with excitement. You can't help but smile, knowing that the long-awaited summer vacation is finally here. In fact, we’re wondering if we should have a summer camp for parents too. What do you say?

9 Mind-Blowing Summer Activities for 8-Year-Old Kids

Are you also planning summer activities that are not only fun but also enriching for your little ones?

No worries! From outdoor adventures to creative projects, we've got you covered in this blog post. Learn some of the interesting summer activities for your 8-year-olds that will keep them entertained and learning all season long. 

The Importance of Engaging 8-Year-Olds in Summer Activities

Summer activities keep children entertained as well as stimulated. You know how energetic and curious 8-year-olds can be. Now is the perfect time to channel that energy into something productive and fun!

Immersing your child in summer activities offers a triple-threat for development, helping them to:

  • Physically stay active, which is essential for their health and growth

  • Mentally challenge their brains, aiding in the learning of new skills and concepts

  • Socially interact with peers, building friendships and learning teamwork

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List of 9 Summer Activities for 8-Year-Olds 

Creative and Artsy Projects

To ensure your 8-year-olds are well-rounded, happy, and healthy, here are 9 exciting activities specifically tailored just for them.

1. Outdoor Explorations: Soaking up the Sun

Imagine your child running around the backyard finding hidden treasures or creating a mini obstacle course in the park.

Spending time outdoors and exploring nature is one of the best parts of summer. Outdoor adventures keep kids busy and spark their creativity.

  • Go on Nature Walks

Kids these days might not be as familiar with the names of as many insects as we are, right? Why not take your 8-year-old on a thrilling nature walk to discover the wonders of plants and insects? Encourage them to use their keen eyes to spot different flowers, leaves, and bugs along the way.

  • Plant a Garden

It’s perfectly okay if your little one’s hands get a bit dirty compared to the joy of watching them make their own efforts to grow plants. Whether it's fruits, vegetables, or flowers that attract butterflies, nurture your child’s love for gardening that lasts a lifetime.

  • Set Up a Backyard Camping

Who says your child needs to go far to experience the joy of camping? Just set up a tent in your backyard in no time, for a magical camping experience under the stars. Teach them about constellations while bonding over campfire stories and marshmallow roasting.

Are your kids into stargazing? Ignite your 8-year-old’s summer passion for astronomy and exploration with Vedantu’s Two-Week Space Exploration Course! It comes with one-hour live digital sessions and a certificate post-completion of the workshop.

2. Creative and Artsy Projects: Unleashing the Inner Artist

Science and Learning

Is your 8-year-old feeling the sunshine and that creative itch? Help them develop their artistic skills and express themselves this summer.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Murals: Encouraging creativity at a young age is a great way to help your child. How about reliving those fun chalk days on the sidewalk? Grab some colorful chalk and let your child's creativity flow

  • Garden Decorations: Go for a walk with your children and gather some interesting rocks. Once you've cleaned them off, let your child’s creativity take over

  • Comic Strips: Kids go crazy when you take them to a stationery shop crying to buy them crayons and sketch pencils, right? Document your child's summer with some paint brushes, colored pencils, and markers

3. Water Fun: Dive into Summer Splashes

Summer's the time when rain's a rare guest. So, why not your 8-year-old make some homemade paper boats and race them in a little pool or tank? Keep them active and cool with these water-themed fun activities:

  • Setting Up a Sprinkler: Set up a sprinkler and let the laughter begin with a good old-fashioned water balloon fight. The giggles and squeals will be music to your ears as you join in on the fun

  • Building a Homemade Slip 'n Slide: For an extra dose of excitement, guide them to build a DIY slip 'n slide. It's easier than you think and promises hours of slippery fun. Just grab a long plastic sheet, some soap, and water, and it’s all set for a cool, sliding adventure!

And hey, don't forget to spend some time at the local pool or splash park.

4. Science and Learning: Power Pickle for Curious Minds

Sports Activities

What's a science exhibition without a volcano? Imagine the excitement as kids create eruptions with baking soda and vinegar, eager to witness the blast!

Find below few ideas to keep their brains engaged:

  • Get ready for bubbly fun! Conduct simple science experiments like making slime or a walking rainbow

  • Prepare for science adventures! Introduce them to the fun of baking or making ice cream, and reward their efforts with tasty treats

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5. Sports Activities: Move and Groove

Social Activities and Friendships

Do you agree that sports activities can help your kids develop and improve cognitive skills? It's true! Not only is physical health important for their overall well-being, but participating in sports can also help them focus better and make decisions more easily.

So why not get your 8-year-old moving this summer?

  • Sign them up for something new, like tennis or badminton to pick up new skills. Who knows, your kid might just discover a new passion!

  • Encourage them to enjoy a lively game of kickball in your backyard

  • Plus, for some classic fun, let them play traditional games like hide and seek or tag for hours of entertainment with friends and family

6. Social Activities and Friendships: Budding Bonds

Socializing is an important part of childhood development. It goes without saying that summer vacation is the perfect time for your 8-year-old ones to spread their social wings!

Here's how few activities can light up your child's world of friendships and fun:

  • Host a Backyard Picnic or Tea Party: Imagine the laughter and joy as your child hosts a delightful backyard picnic or tea party with their friends. Picture them sipping on lemonade, sharing stories, and creating memories that will last a lifetime

  • Plan  a Movie Night Outdoors: And what's summer without a cozy movie night and cheesy popcorn? Gather your family and neighbors, and watch kids' favorite films together with a shout-out for their action heroes

  • Create a Photo Scavenger Hunt: Let's not forget the thrill of a treasure hunt! Your child can embark on an exciting adventure with their friends, solving clues and capturing memories along the way

7. Cooking and Baking: Tasty Treats

Alright, roll up your sleeves and dive into some kitchen fun with your 8-year-olds! Here are a couple of tips and tricks to turn your kids into budding chefs:

  • Make a Simple Snack

Why not start with something easy and fun, like making sandwiches, fruit salads, or smoothies? Walk your child through each step, from washing and chopping fruits to putting together their snack. Enjoy some quality time together and help them learn basic kitchen skills.

  • Bake Cookies and Decorate Them

Baking cookies or cupcakes is a wonderful creative outlet for kids. Encourage them to measure the ingredients, mix the batter, and then watch the oven work its magic. Once those yummy treats are ready, set up a decorating station with all sorts of icings, sprinkles, and toppings.

8. Crafting and Building: Artistic Assemble

Kids really do live in their own magical world, don't they? We are sure they'd be thrilled to:

  • Build a Fort out of blankets and pillows, transforming the living room into a castle or a secret hideout

  • Craft a Scrapbook filled with summer memories, adding photos, drawings, and little treasures they've collected

  • Create Enchanting Fairy Houses by gathering sticks, leaves, pebbles, and other bits of nature in the backyard

It's these whimsical activities that provide endless fun and let their imaginations soar!

9. Mindfulness and Relaxation: Zen Zone

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Assist your little ones in chilling and unwinding with mindfulness activities. Are you ready to join them as they bend, twist, and balance?

  • Practice yoga or simple stretching exercises: Yoga is a super fun way to relax and feel connected to the bodies. Try some easy poses and stretches that your child will love. And they can do a little meditation too, just sitting quietly and taking deep breaths

  • Engage in mindfulness coloring: Guess what? All your children need is some crayons and a coloring book to feel peaceful — an awesome way to focus and calm down

  • Create a cozy reading nook: Imagine having a special corner just for reading! Make it with lots of cushions, soft blankets, and your kid’s favorite books. It'll be the perfect spot for them to relax and get lost in stories on a lazy afternoon

Also Read: Vedantu’s Spelling Bee Master Course to unleash your 8-year-old's spelling prowess! Let them enjoy interactive activities like spelling bingo and scrabble/word search with events and prizes.


Summer is the time for your 8-year-olds to have fun, relax, and explore new interests. Plan a balanced summer activity schedule that includes physical tasks, creative outlets, educational pursuits, and downtime to promote a holistic development for children. Encourage them to try new things, make friends, and create lasting memories this summer.

With a little creativity and planning, you can make this summer one to remember for your lovable kids.

Continue to chat with Vedantu to experience an engaging summer break for your kids!