NEET Attempts Limit Lifted by Medical Council India

by Asmita Kundu, June 30, 2020

NEET attempts limits lifted by Medical Council India in 2017, has encouraged more students to appear for this entrance test. The limit has been scrapped for age limit as well. In simpler terms, this means that there is no upper limit of candidates appearing for NEET 2020. 

After the recommendations from the Union Health Ministry and the oversight committee, this decision was taken and announced by medical council of India notification.

It is vital that you know these related nuances of NEET to have a good idea about the exam itself, along with related issues.

Cause Behind This Decision

The primary reason behind this decision is the scarcity of doctors in Indian Medical system, as stated by the vice-president of MCI, Dr CV Virmanandham. In January 2017, CBSE notified that the attempts per candidate would be three and the upper limit of the age will be 25. However, in February, they further clarified that the attempts before 2017 would not be counted and Candidates appearing for NEET-2017 will be considered as the first attempt of them. 

 Under regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997 vide amendment dated 22.01.2018, the prescribed upper limit of age was 25, which was challenged before the High Court of Delhi. 

Then vide judgement dated 11.05.2018 in W.P. No.1813/2018, the said age limit was upheld for the time being. Later, this judgement was challenged before Supreme Court of India in SLP (C) No. 14320/2018 & other connected matters. The interim order dated 29.11.2018, suggested that the candidates of age 25 and above can appear in NEET 2019. 

The Supreme Court of India vide order dated 29.04.2019, allowed the candidates to appear for the counselling provisionally. 

An article on NEET exam Times of India published the final verdict and now for NEET 2020 the candidates have to be of a minimum age of 17, while there is no upper limit. 

Since the medical aspirants are increasing day by day, the candidates will be benefitted hugely as NEET attempts limit lifted by medical council India. 

Distribution of Marks in NEET 2020 

Once you know about the recent orders of Courts regarding the attempts limit and age criteria, take a look at the number distribution of NEET 2020. 


Class XI

Class XII

Total No of Questions

Maximum Marks 


























Since NEET attempts limit lifted by medical council India, start subject-wise study along with the revision before the exam. 

Preparation Tips for NEET 2020 

Owing to the rising competition of NEET, the quality and difficulty level of the exam has been increased. Hence, if the NEET aspirants want to secure a good score and rank, they have to put forward their best feat. 

Like every year, NEET 2020 will be conducted in offline mode. The admit card of the same will be available from July first week. Following are some tips that you should keep in mind before your exam.

  • Do not try to learn a new difficult topic right before the exam. Instead, focus on the ones you have already studied. 

  • Revise and solve previous years’ question papers.

  • Give a few mock tests to get an overall idea of your preparation.

  • Follow a healthy diet.

  • Have adequate sleep of 7 to 8 hours a day.

  • Take small breaks in-between study. 

  • Do not stress. You can even practise meditation or yoga for overall wellbeing. 

  • For any information regarding exam, follow the official websites only. 

Though NEET attempts limit lifted by medical council India, work hard and try to crack it in the first attempt. 

Some Important Topics for NEET 2020 

Physics - Optics, Nuclear Physics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics

Chemistry - Organic portion, Periodic table, mole concept, chemical bonding, coordination chemistry. 

Biology - Cell biology, genetics, Environment and Ecology, morphology, reproduction, concepts of biotechnology, physiology of plants and animals. 

However, questions can be asked from any chapter of the syllabus, therefore be prepared accordingly. Understand the basics well and answer carefully as there will be negative marking as well. For each wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted from the total obtained number. 


1. The number of chromosome is ______________, during meiosis 1

  1. Halved

  2. Doubled

  3. Tripled

  4. Quadrupled

2. Which one of the following has the least number of electrons in M shell?

  1. Ni

  2. Sc

  3. Mn

  4. K

3. Which spectral series of hydrogen atom lies in visible range of electromagnetic wave?

  1. Paschen series

  2. Balmer series

  3. Pfund series

  4. Lyman series

Answers: 1-a), 2-d), 3-b)

Revise Thoroughly to Sail through the Exam

NEET 2020 is just around the corner, and hopefully by now, you have covered the whole syllabus. Therefore it is the best time to start revising the toughest chapters as well as the important topics of NEET. As you know that NEET attempts limit lifted by medical council India has led to more candidates, you must now focus on cracking this test in one go. For that, revision is of utmost importance since it will help you to realise in which subject requires extra effort from you. 

Besides, regularly check out medical council of India notification regarding the upcoming exam and do not pay heed to rumours.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who Can Appear For 15% All India Quota Seats in NEET?

The candidates who can appear for 15% quota seats in NEET are Non-Residents Indian (NRIs), Persons of India Origin (PIOs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and candidates from other states. 

2. Which State Has The Highest Number Of Medical Seats In India?

Indian states that have most numbers of medical colleges are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

3. How Many Attempts For NEET 2019 Were There?

From 2018, NEET attempts limit lifted by medical council India. Therefore, in NEET 2019, there was no maximum attempt limit for the candidates, and now they can appear for the exam as many times they wish.

4. When Was NEET 2020 Scheduled? 

NEET 2020 was scheduled on May 3rd 2020 previously. However, because of outbreak of Corona Virus in India, the date has been rescheduled on 26th July 2020.  

NEET Attempts Limit Lifted by Medical Council India