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NEET 2021 Last Week Preparation Tips

By Saurav MishraOctober 08, 2020
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No matter how much you prepare for NEET Examination, the fear of what to prepare, how to prepare, what all will come in the exams etc. keep worrying all till the day of the exam. But worrying can ruin your efforts and thus you need to relax your mind after studying hard for the exam. If you are feeling under-confident, you should read some motivational NEET Quotes that will boost your confidence. Last week preparation helps you to excel efficiently in NEET exam, and thus it is crucial to utilise this time effectively. In this article, we are sharing important NEET 2021 last week preparation tips that you must consider for a good result. Along with tips, students need to boost their confidence and here are some self-motivation quotes for medical aspirants for boosting their confidence.

Motivational Quotes for NEET Students in Hindi

Here are some inspirational quotes for NEET students to relax their mind and boost their confidence after preparing hard for NEET exam:

ज़िन्दगी बहुत हसीन है,

कभी हंसाती है, तो कभी रुलाती है,

लेकिन जो ज़िन्दगी की भीड़ में खुश रहता है,

ज़िन्दगी उसी के आगे सिर झुकाती है।

आज तेरे लिए वक्त का इशारा है,

देखता ये जहां सारा है,

फिर भी तुझे रास्तों की तलाश है,

आज फिर तुझे मंज़िलो ने पुकारा है

बिना संघर्ष कोई महान नही होता,

बिना कुछ किये जय जय कार नही होता,

जब तक नहीं पड़ती हथोड़े की चोट,

तब तक कोई पत्थर भी लोगों के लिए भगवान नही होता


Whenever you feel low or under confident, read these self-motivating NEET quotes to boost your confidence.

NEET Last Week Preparation Tips

The last week before the exams becomes the most important week for students who are keen to crack the Examination. To know the simple tips that would help you in cracking your exams are discussed below:

  • First and foremost is Revision. When you see that there are not many days left for your exams and that you are almost done with the syllabus, then start revising the lessons as fast as you can because, as we all know, the fact that time waits for none. If you have not prepared a lesson before, then leave that because this is not the time when you can study a new chapter. Hence, try to revise the notes that you had made during your preparation.

  • Besides study, relaxation and rest are equally important. Rest and relaxation help your mind to relax, and as a result, you find it easier to study and remember things. While you make your timetable for the preparation of the NEET examination, try to fix at least a gap of 5-10 minutes in between your study hours so that you can rest and then again sit to study and get a better result.

  • Next comes your health, just like studies and preparation, your health is also very necessary. If your health degrades, then that would affect your studies also. According to many experts, it is said that exams give us a lot of tension and stress, and for that very reason, we need to take care of our health before exams both physically and mentally. The aspirants require to follow a healthy diet and do exercises and meditation regularly. Read self-motivation quotes for medical aspirants to relax your mind & heart. Meditation is the only medicine by which you can keep yourself and your mind calm.

  • Keep practising daily. The only way by which you can score good marks in NEET is by practising on a daily basis. Just a week before your exams, you need to practice the previous year’s question papers and also try to take mock tests so that you can understand your progress and then prepare accordingly.

  • You need to concentrate on important topics and formulas. The toppers of the exams follow this tip to score more marks. Last week before the exam is for you to keep track of the important formulas.

  • Practice diagrams and graphs very well. Revise your chapters with the help of diagrams and graphs as that would make your study all the easier. The most positive point of using diagrams and graphs to study is that within a small duration you can finish your lessons.

  • Do not start any new topic in the last week of your exam. If you start a new topic at the last moment, then you would get confused, and that would lead to more stress, which in turn will affect your exams.

  • Try to make your strong sections much stronger. While you are studying, you will find some lessons which are easier compared to the others. So prepare those lessons very well as the other lessons which are harder would create confusion and you would do badly.

  • Do not keep to yourself any queries just before a week of the examination. Try to clear out your queries, if you are facing any. Clear your doubts by consulting your tutors, friends, or parents who have got a clear idea about the lessons. If you keep a doubt to yourself and do not clear it out, then that would lead to many problems during the exam.

  • The last and foremost tip is that you should maintain your speed and accuracy. The speed and accuracy play a very significant role while writing Examination. You will be given 180 questions, and in the stipulated time, you need to complete them. Hence, your speed does matter a lot, and this can be gained if you practice daily on a regular basis. While you make attempts in the paper, try to make the right attempt. If you do not know an answer, leave it but do not ever do guesswork as that would give way for negative marking. For all these practices is the must.


The Last Week NEET preparation tips and self-motivation quotes for medical aspirants will help all the students appearing for NEET exam in an emotional and effective way. Don’t take stress before the exam and read inspirational NEET quotes whenever you feel low. Refer to the above-mentioned preparation tips and tricks to excel well in the exam. Good Luck.

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