NEET 2020: Last Minute Tips For The Aspirants During COVID-19 Crisis

by Sagar Mankar, March 27, 2020

For the past two months, the whole world has been thrown into disarray due to the novel coronavirus or Covid-19. This virus which originated in China is highly contagious and has by now infected near about 4.5 lakh people all over the world and is the cause of death for some 20,500 people. 

Governments around the world, including India, are undertaking drastic actions to slow down this contagion. Our government has invoked the Epidemic diseases Act, 1897 under which it has the power to implement necessary measures and regulations to prevent the outbreak of contagious diseases like coronavirus infection.

Researchers and scientists are trying to develop a cure; however, yet, there is no vaccination or coronavirus medication. Currently, the only way to break the chain of transmission is to maintain social distance and adopt other preventive measures. 

Accordingly, a number of states have ordered the closure of schools, colleges and universities and postponed several important examinations including ICSE, CBSE board examinations and various entrance examinations. However, even though IIT JEE 2020 has been postponed, no information related to the postponement of NEET 2020 has been announced yet.

However, NEET aspirants should avoid stressing about whether NEET will be delayed or not and instead continue with their preparations as usual. They should make use of this time as much as possible to boost their preparation to ensure better ranks. 

Tips for NEET 2020 Aspirants

Given below are some last-minute tips for NEET aspirants. Go through them to ace your exams!

1. Revise Through the Topics Again – 

Since NEET 2020 is just around the corner, this is high time that you start revising the important questions. Prepare a study plan and allocate time depending on your needs for each topic. Set aside time for mock tests and doubt clarification sessions. Re-revise all the topics and practise the crucial diagrams and graphs every day. It is also necessary to revise the essential formulas. It is because formula-based questions usually carry more weightage than any other type of questions. Also, students sometimes can confuse between formulas which will result in negative marking. Therefore, practice as many formulae-based questions as possible in the days running up to the examination.

2. Take as Many Mock Tests as Possible – 

Mock tests are essential to prepare thoroughly for competitive exams like NEET. Giving mock tests will help a candidate to gain an idea about his/her preparation. They will understand which their strong points and weak points are. These tests will enable students to improve their speed. They can practise answering as many accurate answers as possible within the given time. It is essential since incorrect answers fetch negative marking. Thus, mock tests allow students to gain an idea about the question pattern and the marking scheme so that they don't get confused on the day of the real exam. Practising mock tests will help students to be more confident and prepared for the real examination.

3. Work on Your Strong Points – 

The syllabus for NEET 2020 examination is vast, and a candidate can't be an expert on each topic. While you should make every effort to improve your weaknesses, you should not waste a lot of time on it. Instead, you can focus on your strong points and work on them more to increase your level of accuracy. 

4. Reach Out to Teachers if you Face Difficulty – 

While revising for your NEET 2020, you may encounter difficulty in some topics. In such a situation, you should reach out to your teachers at once to clarify your doubts. You may try to solve your doubt by yourself first; however, don't waste more time on it than necessary since you have a vast syllabus ahead of you. You can sign up for online classes offered by Vedantu. With us, you can interact with teachers any time and from anywhere to discuss and clarify your doubts on any topic.

5. Pay Attention to Your Health – 

While preparing for NEET 2020, applicants should not neglect their health. Students tend to skip meals and give up sleep time to revise for their upcoming examinations. However, this is not advisable at all since poor physical health also affects mental health. Students will get tired quickly and will not be able to concentrate on their preparation.

NEET aspirants need to ensure that they have nutritious meals at fixed times every day. They should also set aside some time for daily exercise. It will enable them to stay fit and study for a much longer time. It will also help them to build a robust immune system which will reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus infection. Additionally, students should also get enough sleep. The human brain functions better after a good sleep enabling one to focus more and grasp complicated topics quickly. 

Follow Proper Preventive Measures and Avoid Getting Sick!

Apart from keeping up with their preparations, you should follow the proper preventive measures to avoid getting infected with Covid-19. The coronavirus prevention measures as prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is listed below –

  • Do not touch your face with unclean hands – Coronavirus can stay active on surfaces for up to several hours. As a result, if a healthy person comes into contact with a contaminated surface, they are also exposed to the virus. However, it is impossible to know beforehand if a surface is contaminated or not. Therefore, avoid touching your face with unclean hands to protect yourself from getting infected. 

  • Wash your hands often – Since unclean hands are largely responsible for the transmission of coronavirus disease, it is essential to wash your hands as often as possible. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, one should wash their hand using soap and running water for a minimum of twenty seconds. While washing, scrub the areas in between your fingers and under your nails thoroughly to get rid of all the germs. In case of situations where soap and running water is not within reach, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to get rid of any possible viruses.

  • Maintain distance from infected people– The coronavirus symptoms are similar to the flu or common cold. Also, the symptoms can show up anytime between 2 –14 days since contraction. Hence, it is almost impossible to detect if someone has the flu or is infected with the coronavirus. So be on the safe side and maintain a distance from someone who is sneezing, coughing and has a slight fever which are the common symptoms of this contagion.

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NEET 2020: Last Minute Tips For The Aspirants During COVID-19 Crisis