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How to Prepare for CUET 2022 Exam in the Last 7 Days

By Asmita KunduJuly 08, 2022
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Be it any competitive exam, the last month of the preparations should be highly focused on revision rather than picking up any new topic. However, this is easier said than done. With CBSE & ICSE board exams consuming half of June, channelizing the focus on just entrance exams is a daunting task. 

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) 2022 begins on July 15, and close to 20 lakh students have registered for admission to top colleges/universities. With such a high number of applicants, students must be prepared with an edge to score high and increase their chances of getting the desired stream and college. 

Proper planning, strategy, time management, and learning material are required to achieve this. Students having all the said factors in place will have an edge over the others. But, for the ones who are clueless about linking all the dots in a structured way, this blog will help you to devise a strategy for the last few days of preparation for CUET 2022.

Last 7 Days Strategy to Prepare for CUET

CUET 2022 will be Divided into Three Sections - 

  • Section 1 is dedicated to Language Test, which is divided into 1A and 1B

  • Section 2 is a Domain Specific Test: Arts/Humanities, Commerce, and Science

  • Section 3 is a General Test consisting of General Knowledge, current affairs, numerical ability, general ability, quantitative reasoning, logical and analytical reasoning


Section Wise Strategy for CUET 2022

1. Language Section 

Irrespective of the language chosen, one must prepare for Vocabulary, Antonyms & Synonyms, Reading Comprehension (RC), Verbal Ability, Selecting the correct word, and Rearranging the parts of a sentence or passage.

  • Vocabulary, Antonyms & Synonyms 

This is that one particular section that cannot be built in a few days of preparation. However, to give you a quick key to handle this, try focusing on the previously asked questions and work on the antonyms and synonyms. This will help you identify new words along with preparing antonyms and synonyms of those words. If you already have a reading habit of novels and other related stuff, this section will be relatively easy to prepare.

  • Reading Comprehension (RC)

One must work on reading speed to understand the passage quickly and hop on the questions part. Narrative, literary and factual passages often constitute comprehension questions. If you have better reading and understanding speed, you can save time for other sections easily. A daily reading habit of a newspaper or any other journal may help you to gain momentum and gauge your skill. 

  • Verbal Ability

The ability to express your thoughts in a clear and crisp manner is the key to crack this section. To understand how you can improve your narrative skills, you must focus on selecting a particular topic and searching for it on other portals, check how each writer has chose its own style of describing the same situation. Further, you must have a good vocabulary and word selection ability. If your sentences are well-structured, easy to understand and have proper word selection, you have won the half battle already.

  • Selecting the correct word/Rearranging a sentence or a phrase

As stated above, reading habits will solve most of the sections for you. Again if you are acquainted with different styles of describing a situation and well-acquainted with antonyms and synonyms, you will not have much difficulty in this section as well. So, reading is the only key to cracking this without any shortcuts. 

2. Domain-Specific & General Test Section

For these two sections, we are not focusing on how you should cover each topic as a whole. However, we have listed down some habits that may help you plan better and utilize the time in the most effective way to get improved results. 

  • Dedicated Revision Plan

With just a few days left for the entrance test, picking a new topic and diving into it from the start will not be a wise strategy. Instead, you should be working on your strengths by preparing a schedule that focuses on the topics you have already covered. Your last few days should be focused on making them strong, practising questions from each topic, and clearing doubts if any. Don't let others' plans influence you and make last-minute changes, stick to what you have identified as a well-thought plan.

  • Sticking to Your Schedule

Most of the candidates prepare a detailed schedule. However, often fail to follow that. This is one of the most common mistakes of the students who don't score high in competitive exams like CUET. Commitment will make you start, however, dedication will take you to places. One must not forget this and follow the schedule that has been prepared.

  • Learning the Art of Time Management

Time is the key. With just seven days left, you cannot devote 2-3 hours to just one topic. Follow a break-down approach in which you decide on a fixed time frame for a particular topic. Your time should not be just focused on revising the topic but also on solving last year's question papers. While solving CUET last year's question papers, you must evaluate yourself on the areas you are taking more time on and what are the strengths that are acting as an advantage to you while solving the paper. With each exam paper, you should consistently work on reducing the time taken for each question.

  • Introduce Yourself to Pomodoro Approach

This is a technique where you set a timer for a particular task and try to complete it before the timer starts buzzing. Pomodoro should be adopted by the students who find it difficult to fix their focus for a prolonged period of time. In an era full of distractions, executing something without distraction has already become a difficult task, and one must start with this approach to gain some mastery on its own time.

  • Mental Balance

When we talk about mental balance, it consists of proper rest, avoiding negative thoughts, channelizing on the important things, and getting control of yourself completely. In order to master this, CUET 2022 aspirants should focus on taking proper rest and avoid indulging in activities that may create room for negative thoughts or distractions. Working on Boosting your confidence is also important to gain mental peace and balance. This can be done by not picking up any new topic that may hamper your existing confidence, joining test series to identify the sections in which you hold a command, taking proper feedback, and working on it to get the upper hand in the areas, which need just a little polishing. 

CUET 2022 is one of the toughest entrance exams in the nation. Candidates with strong mental health, strategy, and revision are likely to get success. To get a helping hand in your preparation, you can check specially curated Vedantu’s CUET preparation material.

Students can also check the CUET 2022 Mock test prepared by expert teachers in vedantu.

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