Is NEET a Tough Exam or NOT?

by Anusha Lal, June 30, 2020

Speaking of NEET, it is the primary and only entrance examination to get admitted in a medical course like MBBS, BDS, or AYUSH. As per the CBSE, more than 12 lakh candidates will appear in 2020 for 78,348 seats in 531 medical colleges across the country.

Now, you can do the math! Thus, If the question is “is NEET a tough exam”, then the answer is yes, indeed. Cracking NEET is evidently a difficult task, but it is rewarding to your aspiration of becoming a doctor as well. If you evaluate the past NEET failure stories or success stories, you can see the journey is different for everyone. 

However, do note, a proper approach and dedicated studying can do wonders despite this exam being a testing one in its truest sense.

Basic Analysis

NEET competition is indeed highly overwhelming, but you should not let that undermine your confidence and efforts. As an example, you can find that a difference of 5 marks can bring down the rank by more than 50 positions. 

Thus, you should keep the question is NEET tough or not aside and start focusing on your preparation. You should put the best possible effort, avoid all distraction while solely concentrating on your study plan for upcoming months.

Comprehensive revisions, strategic plan, and rigorous practise can lead you to the destination. Subject-wise time management can also help you to complete the entire syllabus within time. 

Reasons on Why is NEET Difficult to Crack

  • Tough Subjects

NEET syllabus comprises three subjects- Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Without any doubt, you can say these subjects are hard to comprehend. Usually, most students feel Physics to be the toughest among all three. However, depending on your personal liking, this can vary. Thus, you should analyse your strong and weak points quickly and start working more on the latter. 

  • Shorter Time to Complete the Syllabus

As you know, the time between NEET and your board exam is nearly two months. Even though most of the syllabus is similar for these two exams, there are some extra topics in NEET. So, it is difficult to manage both of these examinations simultaneously. 

However, students start their NEET preparation right from the beginning of their academic session and consequently face extreme pressure. That is why sometimes they lag in either of the examinations.

  • High Competition

As discussed earlier, the level of competition is severely high in NEET, and it is ever increasing. Sometimes this can demotivate the students making them distracted. Nonetheless, you must also remember that if you are confident about your preparation, you can leave the competition behind you.

Tips for NEET 2020 Preparation

Irrespective of all obstacles and questions like will NEET 2020 be tough, you should always carry a positive mind set to reach your goal. Here are some tips for NEET 2020 examination-

  • Subject-wise Important Chapters

Knowing the syllabus properly is the first important step.





Mole concept

Environment and Ecology


Periodic Table and Block Elements.



Chemical Bonding


Nuclear Physics

Coordination Chemistry


Magnetic Effects and Magnetism.

General Organic Chemistry.

Physiology of Plants and Animals.

Modern Physics


Cell Biology

Current Electricity


Basic Biotechnology

  • Familiarity with the Subjects

Firstly, you should know the entire syllabus of both NEET and NCERT in every vital topic. For the common chapters, you do not need to prepare separately; thus, you can allot time for the chapters that are yet to cover.

  • Good Quality Study Materials

Also, you should perform extensive research on correct study materials. With high quality study materials, you can find all the information together. This can save time as well as effort effectively.

  • Maintain a Timetable

Sometimes you may feel distracted or depressed due to the excessive pressure of NEET, and subsequently lose focus. However, a fixed timetable can help you keep focused on your daily work log and maximise every minute.

  • Learn along with Preparing Notes

One of the most efficient ways to enhance your memory skill is by making notes while studying. You can write down important points of a chapter on notebook and revise whenever necessary.

  • Revise Daily

Daily revision is another smart way to crack NEET. This can help you to stay in touch with all subjects and memorise them easily. While revising, you should try to revise your weak areas more. Also, you can make charts of different formulas, equations, and derivations. This way, you can have access to these formulas anytime you need.

  • Practice Mock-tests Regularly

Mock tests go a long way in preparing for your NEET because they have quite a few things to offer. Along with familiarizing you with the exam pattern, it also allows you to assess your preparation. Consequently, you should plan your revisions too.

Time to Push the Final Throttle!

As you are asking is NEET a tough exam, you should also ask yourself what can be done to make it easy. Firstly, while preparing for NEET, you should try to be fit both mentally and physically to maximise your effort. This includes a healthy diet and adequate hydration.

Also, you must remember that your brain requires sufficient rest to work prudently. Thus, you must include breaks in your study plan for optimum concentration. Moreover, you can indulge in exercises like jogging, swimming, running, etc. to reduce your stress.

So, you must stop thinking about will NEET 2020 be tough or not and stay focused instead.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which One is Tougher, JEE or NEET?

The questions asked in both NEET and JEE are moderate level. However, comparing the level of competition, NEET is tougher because the total number of seats are lower.

2. What is The Toughest Exam In India And is NEET A Tough Exam?

After analysing the level of questions that appears in various exams, UPSC is undoubtedly the toughest one. However, NEET is one of the toughest national level exams in India as well.

3. What Marks In NEET Can Secure A Seat In Government Medical Colleges?

For a general category student, 550+ marks can secure a government medical college seat in State quota. However, do note that it entirely depends on the cut-off marks of that specific year.

Is NEET a Tough Exam or NOT?