How to Score 650 Above in the NEET 2021 Starting From Zero?

by Anusha Lal October 03, 2020

How to Score 700 in NEET

Students often ask how to score 700 in NEET 2021. Honestly, there is no handbook to make you score. Good marks depend on your dedication and hard labour. If you are worried about how to score 700 in NEET, then start preparing for it. Most students underestimate their potential as they think they are average students and cracking competitive exams is not their cup of tea. Don't waste your energy on negative things instead use your energy on practice. Make a study timetable and strictly follow it. Do not keep things for tomorrow, do it today. Follow this success mantra to achieve your goal.

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Tips from successful NEET aspirants on how to score above 650 in NEET 2021

Make a Constructive Study Plan

Don't make a time table, to stick on the wall rather stick to it consistently. Avoid making a study plan that is hard to follow. Build a constructive routine according to your ability as well as concentrate on completing the syllabus of NEET. Devote time to each subject and focus more on chapters that can fetch high marks. Spend time on tough chapters. Avoid postponing it to the next day. Revise the chapters that are done in your school or coaching institutes. Make sure to practice diagrams and numerical on a daily basis.

Assemble Brief Notes, Flowcharts, and Mind Maps

Prepare short notes, flowcharts, mind maps, and pinpoint all the important facts of every chapter. Write everything that seems important and stick it on your wardrobe or mirror case to look at it every day. This will help you in the last minute revision and makes its space in your mind. 

Use colourful pens to segment facts according to their significance. Avoid memorizing everything. First, cultivate a good understanding of the topic and then by heart it. This is a tried and tested formula. Try this to avoid a sudden memory lapse.


Subject Wise Preparation Tips

Here's a secret on how to score 650 in NEET? This can sound a little bit intriguing but works like magic. A subject-wise strategy is a key to good marks. If the focus is on each subject, you can efficiently manage your preparation time without any extra burden.  

To make your preparation on point, here is a guide to achieving 650 marks in NEET rank.

1. NEET Biology Preparation 

As 50% of the questions come from Biology, you need to ace it. Fix your target as 340, and to achieve it, you have to be thorough with the NCERT textbook. Just reading it once won't help, revise the textbook twice. NCERT has secret hallways, a sentence hides an entire chapter! So make sure to take additional help for conceptual understanding. 

  • Get, Gaze, Memorize works best for flow-charts, diagrams, and mind maps. 

  • After you get a brief understanding of the topic, make a proper question paper on it. Try to solve that before your exams. This helps to give you an honest preparation assessment. 

  • Focus on Microbiology and Genetics for scoring high. Practice more than 100 MCQs for a thorough understanding.

  • Practice mock papers and last year's question paper.

2. Chemistry Preparation

The chemistry section contains 45 questions which are divided into Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical chemistry. To master chemistry, you just need to understand and solve basic theories and numerical.

  • Start from physical chemistry, understand the concepts, solve numerical problems and practice MCQs.

  • Organic and Inorganic chemistry deals with reactions. So, you need to by heart formulas and revise name reactions every day.

  • You have to revise the names, reactions, and origin of all the functional groups in order to memorize it. Do not skip this part.

3. Physics Preparation

Physics is considered as the most difficult part. This section will also contain 45 questions. 

  • You have to study thermodynamics, modern physics, electrodynamics, Mechanics, optic, wave optic and kinetic theory. 

  • Practice numerical on a daily basis and also acquire conceptual understanding.

  • Test yourself by solving previous year question papers and mock papers. You can easily find old question papers online.

  • Prepare bullet points on sticky paper and stick it on the wall. It will help you memorize and understand facts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How to Score More than 650 in NEET 2022?

Ans: Work hard in silence, let success make the noise. Every year, over 13 lakhs students appear in NEET exams and this aphorism is a success mantra to score high. A rigid study plan is important but following it strictly will yield results. So, make sure your efforts are going in the right direction. Keep your study materials handy, so that you can study anytime anywhere. Push yourself to do better every day. Concentrate on subjects that can help you score the most. Nobody is an average student, the efforts and hard work determine your efficiency. A sharp mind and IQ are just additional virtues but consistent hard work is the key to achieve a high score in the NEET test.

Q2. Where Can I Avail External Help for Performing well in the NEET Exam?

Ans: Additional help is good to serve your sole objective. You can join a coaching institute that offers NEET preparations. A coaching institution will not only clear your doubts but also provide insights into the question pattern. If your school is not giving you proper guidance, then coaching institutes is your go-to option. Understanding the basic concepts from the NCERT textbook will double your chances to score high in NEET. The theories of NCERT work as a strong base for medical examinations. 

Before joining any institute, make sure to assess their services. Check how many students have cracked NEET from the institution.