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How to Score 160 + in Chemistry In NEET 2023-24

By Saurav MishraOctober 08, 2020
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With a huge portion of theory, Chemistry is considered as a scoring as well as a difficult subject for students who are preparing for NEET 2022 examinations. Some people believe that Chemistry is a subject of parrot learning. Breaking down the notion, the subject is rather a field of abstract concepts and theories. Hence, students need to strengthen their imagination to understand the Science behind Chemistry. With this precondition, Chemistry becomes a scoring subject for students who are appearing for the NEET examination 2022. Every student who wishes to grow a future in the medical field wants to score good marks in NEET. It is important to obtain good marks in this National Level Entrance Test for getting admission in the best medical institutions of the country. For the same, they need to prepare MCQ type questions of all subjects rather than written answers. In this regard, it is a good option for students to prepare well for Chemistry to improve their scores in NEET 2022. In this way, it becomes more important for students to prepare Physics, Chemistry and Biology for clearing the Neet exam. For the sake of convenience of the aspirants, the article mentions some tips and tricks to score 160+ in chemistry in NEET 2022.

Tips and Tricks to Score 160+ in Chemistry in NEET 2022.

Some tips to score 160+ in Chemistry in NEET 2022 are discussed below:

Understanding Concepts is the Key to Excel

This is the basic mantra to perform well in any subject, be it English, Hindi, Chemistry, or Maths. Even though Chemistry is considered a subject of mugging up its formulas and theories, it is really important to learn the subject from its basics. There are many theories and formulas and calculations in Chemistry. The shortcut method is ‘Rattafication,’ where students can parrot-learn the whole formulas. This may help them get good scores, but remembering these formulas and equations by understanding the concepts will help the students be ready for any out of the syllabus or unconventional question in the examination. Hence, students need to focus more on understanding Chemistry concepts so that they can understand everything well. So, watch tutorials, ask your teachers, read NCERT and refreshers, or discuss with friends, but make sure that you get all your Chemistry concepts clear before you start practicing.

Set Up a Plan

So here is another thing, which is the important step for preparing Chemistry in NEET. Before preparing, the students need to come up with a plan of preparation. To make a plan, divide the syllabus into short parts, and set small deadlines for them. Make achievable small targets, and necessarily paste the plan of those targets on your study corner. Keep visiting the plan to stay in check.

Master the NEET Pattern to Score 160+

In order to get marks above 160 in chemistry, it is essential to know well about its pattern. It is important to thoroughly go through the exam pattern, and understand the weightage of each subject. Along with this, an in-depth analysis of the exam pattern helps in understanding the difficulty level of the topics. It also helps them to get themselves acquainted with their examination. With a sound understanding of the exams, students will be able to work well on each topic of every subject as per the importance.

Select the Right Books

As soon as students start preparing for some high-level exams, they try to get extra knowledge by referring to various sources of preparation. To get a vast knowledge of every subject, they start preparing from various refresher books of different authors. In a subject like Chemistry, it will get messier if students will study from different refreshers. This practice doesn’t lead them anywhere,hence, it is suggested to refer NCERT as it is the best guide to clear NEET and JEE. So, NCERT of 11th and 12th should be given prime importance by the students. It should be thoroughly read by students multiple times. Along with this, students can stick to a particular refresher like Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon, Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur, Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd (for reaction mechanism), Organic Chemistry, by OP Tandon, Organic Chemistry by Arihant, Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon, Concise Inorganic Chemistry, etc.

Identify Important Topics, and Focus on Them.

After planning and deciding on a layout, the next task is to refer to old papers and understand the exam pattern. After knowing which topic is more important, students can focus more on those subjects. Here is the information on the weightage carried by different topics in the examination. By referring to previous year question papers and various tutorials and classes, students can get a clear idea about the marks distribution.

Below is the List of Some of the Important Topics of Chemistry in Terms of NEET 2022:

  • Molecular Structure

  • Equilibrium

  • Thermodynamics

  • Mole concept

  • Ketone and Carboxylic acids

  • General Organic Chemistry

  • Atomic Structure

  • Block elements

Stay Consistent with Revision

After thoroughly learning all the concepts and chapters of Chemistry, it is important to continue brushing up the knowledge. Completion of the syllabus means, beginning of the revision. Hence, along with practicing calculations and sums, continue with revising concepts and topics so that you build a strong basic knowledge about the subject.

Attempt Mock Series and Test Papers 

Along with revision, to get a final perfection in the subject, it is imperative to keep on practicing questions. Continue practicing questions from NCERT, previous year question papers, and other books, so that you can adapt yourself to the high calculations and lengthy derivations.

Keep Revising the Formulas and Structure of Molecules and Compounds

Even after completing the concepts, it gets difficult for the students to retain those long chemical equations and formulas. Hence, it is always advised to ensure a consistent revision of chemistry’s concepts and equations. To do so, students can make a chart of all these formulas and find another place to paste on the study corner. Make sure to visit and read this chart every time you enter into your study corner. This will help you in staying in touch with the essential formulas and doing revision. 

Maintain Balance Among all Three Subjects

The intention of giving all the tips regarding preparation for chemistry was not to encourage you to give your sole time to this subject. Being just a part of the exam, an aspirant should not forget to give equal time to every subject. Hence, fix a time for each subject in your schedule and prepare as per the plan.

FAQs on How to Score 160 + in Chemistry In NEET 2023-24

1. Is scoring 160+ in chemistry in NEET 2024 tough?

Scoring 160+ in chemistry requires a lot of honest effort and dedication. besides this, a great strategy and taking up regular mocks can truly contribute to your success. Make a smart plan and execute it on a daily basis. Keep your performance in regular check. The most important is don't compromise your health. To know more about the preparation strategy, visit the link given below

2. Is NEET chemistry tough?

To be honest, neet chemistry is the second easiest section of the NEET question paper after biology according to most students. If you have read, revised, and practiced well, you can easily get 160+ in NEET chemistry. Get help from the correct guide and make a smart plan to ace the examination. To know more about the preparation strategy, visit the link given below

3. Which book should students refer to score 160+ in neet chemistry?

Well for chemistry, NCERT should be the main book for the neet aspirants. Questions in NEET are directly asked from it, so students should first focus on the basics of NCERT and then after that, they can refer to some modules or a good reference book or their expert's notes beside that to clear concepts. For student's benefit, Vedantu has also uploaded strategy details, students can visit using the link given below

4. What is the preparation strategy to score 160+ in NEET 2024?

First students must understand and outline the syllabus. Make a smart plan, set daily targets to achieve, and execute the plan on a daily basis. Practicing mock tests and previous year's papers is very important. Always remember consistency is the key to success. For more preparation strategy tips, students can visit Vedantu’s official website.

5. How should a student optimize their day to score 160+ in NEET  2024?

Firstly outline your syllabus. Go through the previous year's paper to know what type of questions are asked. Mark the important chapter according to the weightage. Choose a good reference book, set daily targets, and practice the previous year's papers. Give mock tests daily and analyze your performance regularly. Keep revising the topics you have read. To know more, visit Vedantu's official website.

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