How to Prepare for NEET Physics?

How to Prepare for NEET Physics?

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test or NEET is a pre-medical examination that offers the students to get admission for MBBS, BDS and AYUSH courses (except AIIMS & JIPMER) in various Medical and Dental Colleges across all over India. If you are here, we are sure that you are aspiring to get admission in those reputed and leading colleges. Conducted in the Month of May every year, NEET is one of those exams that get students on their nerves. For the majority of the people, this will be their first competitive exam that they are facing and hence there are possibilities that students are petrified. Among the subjects of NEET exam (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), medical aspirants find Physics as the most challenging subject. But, overcoming any challenge is possible by perseverance and hard work. When you start preparing for NEET physics, it is quite obvious that one will look for the physics study tips for NEET. Therefore, in this article, we are sharing our thoughts and a detailed answer to the question that arises in NEET aspirant’s mind - How to study Physics for NEET exam?

Preparation Tips for NEET Physics:-

1. Know the syllabus and the exam pattern

The major strategy involved in how to prepare physics for NEET is that you know the NEET physics syllabus before you get started. It includes all the chapters you have studied in your 11th and 12th Physics. However, it is necessary that you know the detailed syllabus of the subject and the chapters that carry heavy weightage marks.

2. Learn the subject in a detailed manner

Physics is a subject which comprises both theoretical concepts and numerical problems. Hence, students find it little burdensome. By a detailed manner, we mean that you understand all the concepts in the subject so that you have an idea of the strategy and the core of the topic while attempting the question paper. Since Physica deals with the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them, you must use your imagination too to get the conceptual clarity.

3. Refer the best books

To get a clear fundamental idea, you must undoubtedly refer your NCERT books. For NEET physics, NCERT- Physics Part 1 and Part 2, Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma, Fundamental Physics by Pradeep, Objective Physics by DC Pandey are among the best books for Physics NEET. These books give you more insights on every topic which will indeed assist you in grasping the concepts.

4. Prepare your own notes

It is a known fact that the syllabus of NEET physics is huge and if you retain only textbooks or the study materials as your notes, you may feel it is overloading or clumsy. It is suggested that you prepare your own short notes, at least of important topics. Your neet physics notes will be of great help and assist you in the time of revision.

5. Master Formulas

Formulas play a very important role in this subject. Without mastering the formulas, you will not be able to achieve a good score in Physics. Develop a habit of maintaining a list of physics formulas of class 11 and 12. Also, instead of mugging up the formulas, it is recommended that you understand the logic and the concept behind every formula so that you won’t get confused in the context of using them at different scenarios.

6. Solve previous year question papers

We suggest that you practice solving the previous year question paper without fail. This will make you know the strategy of how the questions could be asked, the most important topics which have a lot of weightage and you will also know the repetitive NEET physics questions. Once you know them, do not forget to prioritize those topics.

7. Take Mock Tests

You can take mock tests which give you a real experience of attempting NEET exam. The more mock tests you take, the more you will understand your preparation and accuracy level.

8. Time Management

When you solve previous year question paper, keep timer. Trust me this will give you an idea on where you are spending more time unnecessarily, according to which you will know your weaker areas and can start re-working on them.

By following the above strategies, you can be assured that you will score well in NEET Physics. Here are some of the additional tips you can adapt to your preparation.
Schedule your time daily for the preparation. You can choose if early morning or evening, according to what works for you. Do not forget to practice physics formulas for neet on a daily basis. While solving a question paper, always attempt the easiest ones first, moderate level next, and difficulty level at the end. Practice makes a man perfect. So practice more and more to improve your speed and to get a better grasp.

On the Last Note

Well, all the important strategies for the preparation of the NEET Physics, that we had promised to discuss in the beginning, had been covered through the article. I hope this information will be a great help in scoring the highest in NEET Physics. In case if you have any doubts, kindly check our courses on Vedantu’s website or you can even ask doubts on Vedantu app anytime.

Best of luck with your exam!