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How to Prepare for NEET 2021 in 10 Days?

By Saurav MishraOctober 09, 2020
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The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an examination that has replaced the previous AIPMT and all the other independent examinations held by the states or medical colleges individually. The exam used to be conducted by CBSE, but now, the NTA has taken over the examination conduction procedure. NEET is considered the biggest entrance examination held in the country to obtain a seat in any medical college, except AIIMS and JIPMER. Since the medical entrance exam has been reduced to a single one, the number of applicants every year is enormous, with over 16 lakhs applicants for the NEET-UG 2021 itself. Due to this, the number of applicants is much more than the seats available, making the students anxious and determined to fulfill their dream of getting admission to a medical or dental college. The last few days of your preparation before the examination is considered to be a very crucial moment for every NEET aspirant. How you prepare during the last 10 days, what you read, what you see, will have a direct impact on recollecting facts on the day of the examination. So the way you prepare yourself for the last ten days can make a difference in the outcome of the exam.

In this article, we have made a list of step-by-step tips for the last 10 days of your preparation before giving the exam. These ten days may sound very less, but it is one of the most crucial times during your whole preparation procedure.

Tips to Prepare for NEET 2021 in 10 Days

  • Take Note of How Many Topics are Remaining to Revise

The first thing an aspirant needs is to jot down the topics that are required to be covered during this short time period of time. Try to list down all the topics and subjects that still need to be covered or that you have not yet revised for a long time. NEET releases chapter wise mark weightage for every exam, so try comparing the jotted list with the chapter-wise weightage to determine which chapter or topic needs to be prioritized and revised in these 10 days.

  • Have a Proper Time-Table

Since you have noted down all the points that you need to revise and know the mark distribution for every topic, the next thing you need to do is set a suitable time-table that would be beneficial to you. You can then decide or allot a time for each topic depending on the priority you set up. Along with the revision of topics and subjects, you need to set additional time to solve the various mock tests, sample paper, and previous year questions available.

  • Make Use of Revision Notes

At the last moment of your preparation, you may find it difficult to go through each and every elaborate topic of every subject. Thus, making short, crisp revision notes for every topic of different subjects will be very beneficial to you. It will be less time consuming for you to study using various diagrams, flowchart, and short to-the-point notes for an easy revision. So, with only some days of preparation remaining, you should know how to study for Neet in 10 days. Preparing notes will be one of the smartest things an aspirant could do for quick revision just before the exam.

  • Taking Only a Few Mock Tests

It is much advised that aspirants should not put themselves under a lot of pressure by taking too many mock tests as it could be overwhelming for them right before the exam. So, instead of taking a lot of mock tests just before the exam, try to solve only a few of them to maintain a stable speed of preparation while letting your mind rest for a moment without any sort of pressure.

  • Take Your Last Day Off

On the day before the examination, that is the last day of your preparation, keep all the books aside, maybe in the evening hours to give your mind and body the much-needed rest. It would be best if you try not to pressurize yourself too much with the thought of the next day. Take time for yourself, accumulate for thoughts, and get a good night's sleep and wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated and ready to give your best.

Additional Tips for Preparing for the Examination at the Last Stage

An aspirant must always stay motivated and try not to crumble below any sort of pressure. It is understandable that during the whole process of preparation, an aspirant could feel extremely stressed, plagued with the constant thought of clearing the examination, in turn affecting their mental health. It is very crucial not to let any negative thinking hamper your whole dedication and time spent preparing for that particular moment, so stay motivated and give it all you got.

All the time you have given for preparing for the exam could all go to waste if your body can't handle it at the crucial moment. It is very crucial to keep and maintain a healthy body and mind, along with your other preparation. With an unhealthy lifestyle, you could never do well in any work, be it exams or something else. Thus, it is always necessary to take proper care of yourself, eat healthily, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to achieve your goal.

With all the non-stop study sessions while preparing for the exam, it is very important to take frequent breaks to freshen up your mind and body. Breaks are necessary to attain a relaxed mind just before the exam and prevent any accumulation of stress or anxiety.