How to Increase the Physics Score in NEET?

by Madhurashree Bhat October 08, 2020

With lots and lots of calculations, Math is considered to be very tough for non-tech biology students. It is rather sad that they still have to practice long physics calculations to excel in their chosen field. Students who wish to build a career in the medical field have to appear and score good marks in NEET, a National level exam for 12th Pass students to get admission in a good Medical College.  In this examination, a total of 180 MCQ questions are asked from three different subjects. These subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Zoology and Botany).  Undoubtedly, the preparation of Physics is quite tricky for the students of Biology, which is why Physics becomes a significant factor causing the reduction of marks among NEET aspirants. With a mere change in approach and extra practice, students can increase the Physics score in NEET and secure a seat in a reputed Medical College.

  1. Stop Fearing! Start Understanding!

This is the basic mantra to perform well in any subject, be it English, Hindi, Physics, or Maths. Many students are always afraid of subjects like Physics and Maths because of the preconceived notions and lengthy derivations and calculations. However, it is essential to overcome that fear and start learning the subject from its basics. One of the most common problems among students is that they compare Physics to Mathematics. In that context, let's revisit some notions, Physics’ lengthy derivations, and problems that are different from the calculations and sum of Mathematics. In Physics, it is the concept that leads to derivations and calculations. Hence, students need to focus more on understanding the concepts of physics to understand the derivations as well. Do not forget to prepare Motion in straight line problems with solutions for NEET as this topic plays a major role in a physics exam. So, watch tutorials, ask your teachers, read NCERT and refreshers, or discuss with friends, but ensure that you get all your physics concepts clear before you start practising.

2. Set up a Plan

This is the first step for scoring good marks in Physics exam in NEET. Before preparing, the students need to come up with a plan of preparation. To make a plan, divide the syllabus into short parts, and set small deadlines for them. Make achievable small targets, and necessarily paste the goal of those targets on your study corner. Keep visiting the plan to stay in check.

3. Get Acquainted with the Exam Pattern

To excel in any examination, it is essential to know its pattern. The physics syllabus for Neet UG includes work, energy, and power problems more. Aspirants need to thoroughly go through the exam pattern and understand the weightage of each subject. An in-depth analysis of the exam pattern helps the students understand the difficulty level of the topics, and it also helps them get acquainted with their examination. Focus more on the topics that frequently repeat every year. Do not forget to solve motion in straight line NEET questions and answers from past question papers as it can help you to score well in the Physics exam. With a sound understanding of the exams, students will be able to work well on each topic as per the importance accorded to it in the tests.

4.  Select the Right Books

NCERT is the best guide to clear NEET and JEE as most of the questions in the NEET exams are raised from NCERT Class 11 and 12 textbook. So, NCERT of 11th and 12th should be given prime importance by the students. It should be thoroughly read by students multiple times. To get a vast knowledge of every subject, students should start preparing from various refresher books of different authors. This approach will surely help them to score good marks. Students can refer to the refresher books like Concepts of HC Verma or Objective NEET Physics, by DC Pandey for preparing the NEET Physics exam.

5. Identify Essential Topics, and Focus on Them

After planning and deciding on a layout, students need to refer to old papers and understand the exam pattern to identify essential topics. After knowing which topic is more important, students can simply focus more on those topics. Here is the information on the weightage carried by different topics in the examination. By referring to previous year question papers and various tutorials and classes, students can get a clear idea about the marks distribution.





Current electricity and electromagnetic induction


Heat & Thermodynamics


Electrostatics & Magnetism




Modern Physics


6. Continue with Revision

After thoroughly learning all the concepts and chapters of Physics, it is important to continue brushing up on the knowledge you have gained. Completion of the syllabus means commencing the revision. Hence, along with practising calculations and sums, continue with revising concepts and topics so that you build a strong fundamental knowledge of the subject.

7. Practice More

Along with revision, to get a final perfection in the subject, it is essential to keep on practising questions. Continue practising questions from NCERT, previous year question papers, and other books to adapt to the high calculations and lengthy derivations. As soon as you are done with your syllabus, please practice NEET question papers, be it previous year question papers or mock tests. The more you practice, the easier it will be to handle the pressure in exams. Continuous practice of question papers by setting a time limit will also help aspirants do better time management while giving the examination. Practice motion in a straight line Neet questions and answers more as it can help you to increase your physics score in Neet.

8. Keep Revising the Formulas and Derivations

Even after completely understanding Physics’ derivations and concepts, it gets difficult for the students to retain those lengthy derivations and formulas. Hence, it is always advised to ensure a constant revision of Physics formulas. One can simply make a chart of all these formulas and find another place to paste on the study corner. Make sure to visit and read this chart every time you enter into your study corner. This will help you in staying in touch with the crucial formulas and doing revision.


The only way to score well in Physics NEET exam is to take care of the above-mentioned ways and prepare important topics first. Devote your major time & efforts to the topics like motion in straight-line problems and solutions as they consist of a major portion of the exam to excel your Physics NEET score.