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How to Increase Speed in Solving Physics for NEET 2023-24?

By Amaresh VenkatapurOctober 08, 2020
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Students who are about to give their NEET EXAMS find it much difficult to increase speed in solving complicated subjects like Maths or Physics. Students usually get confused about how to prepare or how to become fast in solving the questions, especially for physics. But this article is here to help students who are right now struggling with questions like how to prepare and what to do. Learn some ways to increase NEET speed in solving Physics or Maths problems quickly and efficiently.

Students fear Mathematics and try to run away from the subject. In higher classes, when they are introduced to Physics, and when the first few chapters are taught to them, the fear for Mathematics again runs back to them. But students must always find the difference between Mathematics and Physics. Mathematics deals with all kinds of formulas, numbers, etc. on the other hand, Physics deals with definition and understanding. Those students who are not clear with the concepts of physics find the subject difficult,  but for those who know the concept and understand every point, physics becomes interesting and easy. The first thing that the students should follow for giving the NEET exam is to concentrate more and more on concepts; if your concepts are crystal clear, you can solve the questions fast, and it would be easy also.

Strategies to Increase Speed in Solving Physics Questions for NEET 2022

The strategies discussed below can help you to  to Increase your speed in solving Physics questions for NEET 2022.


At the first stage, the students must keep their concepts clear else their preparation would go on a different track. Hence the process for Preparation is very important. There are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to prepare well.

  • There are two kinds of students who are preparing for the NEET Physics exam. Among them, one kind is those who spend a lot of time preparing their lessons for the exam, and the other kind is those who spend very little time and do not solve the questions. Well, neither of them is good, though. If you spend a lot of time in Preparation, that will make you more confused, which will lead you to tension, and also you will not be able to give time to the other subjects that are there for the NEET exam. On the other hand, if you do not study for the exam, it will lead you to your failure. Hence divide your time and spend your time equally for each subject.

  • You need to prepare to keep in mind the competition that's going on right now. Always try to compete with people who are appearing for JEE.

  • Try to maintain a copy where you would have all the formulas are written down, which will help you deal with your exams.

  • Practice from the NCERT books and understand the chapters present there.

  • Solve the last year's question paper as that will increase your knowledge to some level.

Tips to Solve Physics Speedily in the NEET Examination

The tricks and tips discussed below might help the students to solve Physics at a faster rate in the NEET examination.

  • The first and foremost, which should be done, is to have a clear idea of the theoretical aspect so that when you see questions in the question paper, you can quickly understand which chapter it belongs to and the concept that you should apply for this.

  • When you have gone through the question paper after getting it, and you can understand that these questions have a lot of calculation, then leave those questions for some time and do it at the last as calculations are time consuming.

  • When you get the question paper in your hand, go through the question paper very carefully and see to every little thing so that you miss none.

  • Always focus on the units that carry most of your marks. For example, in the sums, the students forget to convert meter to centimetres quite often, leading to loss of marks. And for this, you need to practice hard.

  • The subject of Physics completely depends on imagination. Hence students should always try to imagine the situation and the concept that the question carries. This would make it all the easier to solve the questions.

  • While calculating, try to write it simply; for example, if a value is mentioned as 314, 98, etc., try to write it as 3.14 × 100 or 9.8 × 10. The reason is that if you write it in this way, that will make your calculations much more easy and fast and you would not have to spend much time on numerical.

  • While you sit to give your Examination, always think and decide which are the questions you can do and which you cannot. In simple words, try to sort out the questions you can answer, then do them first, and then take your time and solve the other questions you have left out.

  • The last and foremost tip that should be kept in mind is that you need to practice more and more questions regularly, be it from the NCERT books or by downloading the previous year's papers, which you can easily download from the internet and website. When you practice more than the speed of your solving will also increase, you will be able to analyze your performance at your reference.


These are some best tips and tricks to increase your NEET speed in the Physics examination. I hope this article will be helpful to the aspirants who are about to give their NEET exam. Have a look at these and start your preparation strategically in an effective and quick way.

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