How to Get NCERT Books Online

by Sagar Mankar, May 19, 2020

You studied science all throughout your life and after your class 10 exams, you want to prepare in such a way that you can live your childhood dream of becoming a doctor or engineer. For that, you have to crack NEET with good rank. And to get ranked, you have to study in a systematic manner and refer to standard study materials that cover the entire CBSE syllabus. It is true that you get a wide range of study materials these days which promise to make you exam-ready in the shortest possible time but nothing can beat the comprehensiveness and authenticity of NCERT books. 

And this is true for all classes not only for Class 10, 11 or 12. NCERT books are the best resources that a student can lay his hands on for gaining in-depth knowledge in a subject. Let us tell you where to get NCERT books online without much ado. 

Online Sources of NCERT Books

You earn no extra brownie points for telling us that NCERT’s official website is the best place to get NCERT books online. Of course, it is! But you visit the site and experience it for yourself. The amount of time you have to spend there searching for the books of the particular subject of your class is bound to make you somewhat impatient. So, what is the alternative? Visit or download the app on your device and you can easily find the links to all NCERT books (PDF format) listed right there, arranged class-wise and subject-wise. Just click on the link of your choice, get navigated to the exact page, and download the PDF. It is that easy! 

All the NCERT books available online on are free. So, you can download as many books as you want at zero cost and that too within a ridiculously short time. Money saved, time saved, and on top of it, you get to read the books at your own convenience. Can anything get better than this!

So, What Makes the Best Online Resource for NCERT Books?

  • Books for all the subjects of all classes are available here. 

  • They pull the books directly from the NCERT official site. So, you can be confident about its authenticity. 

  • A systematic arrangement of the books as per subject and class. 

  • Provides access to downloadable PDF format of the books that can be saved for future reading

  • The books are available at zero cost

But Why NCERT Books?

Yes, you have a valid point when you ask why to go for NCERT books when a number of other study materials are available online. Here are the reasons:

  • NCERT is basically a government organization made to standardize the education system in India. Hence, their textbooks are highly optimized with the right kind of information that students need to know for their boards as well as other competitive examinations like IIT JEE, NEETetc.

  • The concepts of various subjects are very scientifically presented in the NCERT books; so, you can expect to have a good grasp over all the subjects. 

  • Chapter-wise videos with all the PDFs of the books make it easy for you to learn online and offline. 

  • Written in simple language. 

  • Include adequate questions after each chapter for you to practice. 

Therefore, now you know why you must go for NCERT books when online and which are the best sites to get them. Just visit or open the app on your device and start downloading the NCERT books for your class. You will enjoy learning like nothing before. 

How to Get NCERT Books Online