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How to Crack NEET Exam in First Attempt?

By Aparajita DasJune 06, 2022
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How to Crack NEET 2022 in First Attempt?

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an exam administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This examination is given by students seeking admission to medical and dental colleges in India. Since it is one of the most difficult national-level exams, most students believe that clearing it in one sitting is difficult. It's also stressful for students to see other aspirants who have been attempting for more than a year or two. However, students who properly follow the preparation methods listed below can clear the NEET exam on their first attempt.

NEET Preparation Tips and Tricks! 

Set Up a Schedule for NEET Exam

When you begin with the NEET preparation, the first step is to set up a plan that will help you to manage your time frame insightfully and subject-wise. It is suggested by the NEET rank holders, that a schedule has to be followed strictly. This will help you to cover all the topics in the NEET syllabus without any issues. In this way, you can plan your studies based on deadlines. 


Separation of Your Time

You should manage your time in a way that a sufficient amount of time is given to every topic in the syllabus. Note down the important points from every topic and keep revising them on a regular basis. Make it a point to take short breaks when you study at a stretch for long hours. In short, aspirants should know how many hours of study for NEET is necessary for a day.


Set Cut-off Times

Deciding when to finish one topic and the entire syllabus will be useful knowing that there are hardly any months left before the NEET examination. You should set small or achievable goals to cover all the topics in the NEET syllabus. Small goals will help you to learn the topics within your planned time frames, every day. Whereas, the more drawn out goals will help you to get an idea of the effort needed to cover the entire syllabus and crack the NEET examination in the first attempt. 


Study Materials for NEET 2022

Collect and follow popular study materials available online for the NEET examination. There is no dearth of books in the market yet for NEET, you should follow the best-rated study materials. The NCERT textbooks for Classes 11 and 12 are suggested for NEET preparation.

NEET aspirants must understand that this exam will evaluate their conceptual understanding of the topics, therefore, mugging up the notes will not work. Solving the NEET questions requires a strong understanding of the concepts for which you need to study hard. After covering each topic examine where you stand and address your doubts right away.

Comprehensive Study for NEET 2022

Try to make running notes of each and every topic that you covered to understand it better. This will be beneficial at the time of revision. Since the NCERT textbooks cover most of the syllabus of NEET, candidates must ensure that they have an understanding of every NCERT topic from end to end.

Evaluate Your Performance for NEET

Make flashcards if you have a problem in memorising the key points. Make a note of all the doubts that you come across and take help from the books and mentors. This will be helpful in scrutinising your performance each day, and, in turn, to judge your accuracy level.


Practice Mock Tests for NEET 2022

Taking mock tests becomes essential to know how to crack NEET in the first attempt as mock tests of NEET will provide the exam day experience. This will attune candidates with the pressure of the exam day to complete the paper in three hours’ time. The mock tests will guide you on time-management strategies. 

Solve Previous Year Papers of NEET

Practising previous years’ question papers of NEET is essential to crack the NEET examination in the first attempt. NEET question papers will help in understanding the difficulty level of the exam. 

Apart from the above-mentioned points, identifying your problem areas is another important part of NEET preparation. When you solve the question papers, make a note of the wrong attempts, and start working on them. A proper re-work on your problem areas during the revision process will help you to crack NEET in the first attempt.

FAQs on How to Crack NEET Exam in First Attempt?

1. How to crack NEET 2022 in the first attempt?

Since there will be over 18 lakh students taking the exam, knowing how to clear NEET 2022 in the first attempt will involve more than simply hard work. Follow the given tips to crack NEET in the first attempt.

  • Concentrate on the NCERT.

  • Prepare a timetable for NEET preparation.

  • Maintain your emotional and physical well-being.

  • Understand the pattern of the exam.

  • It is important to revise.

  • Clear your doubts with the help of a knowledgeable person.

  • Learn how to manage your time.

  • Make sure you get enough rest.

  • Be enthusiastic and goal-oriented.

2. How many students clear NEET in the first attempt?

Despite the fact that the number varies from year to year, the majority of students (about 60-70%) clear the NEET exam on their first attempt. This is due to a dedicated concentration on studies, a disciplined approach, regular classes, and, to a level, the fear of losing an extra year for NEET preparation.

3. What are some NEET preparation tips by toppers?

Some NEET preparation tips by toppers are as follows:

  • Study the Syllabus.

  • Set a timetable. 

  • Make it a habit to take notes.

  • Solve previous year's exam papers.

  • Evaluate your own performance.

  • Accuracy and speed are two important factors to consider.

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