How to Crack AIIMS in 1 Month

by Sagar Mankar, May 2, 2020

Learn Tips of AIIMS Preparation in 1 Month

Since October 2019, AIIMS got merged with NEET and now aspirants have to appear for one exam only on an all-India basis to get admission in the MBBS course. Now the situation and competition are tougher and students are naturally asking how to crack AIIMS in 1 month. When there is only a month left, there is no time for procrastination. Nothing short of summing up the whole syllabus and revising all that is learnt will make AIIMS preparation in 1 month successful.

When you are aspiring to be a doctor and serve the nation with medical wonders, your first step to fulfil it would be cracking AIIMS. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest examinations to crack but you must not lose your calmness or else dealing with the stress will be difficult. Do you have only a month left for the exam? Well, worry not for we have the best tips on how to prepare for AIIMS in 1 month. Taste the sweetness of success with our guide and get the best out of this one month. 

How to Prepare for AIIMS in 1 Month to Go?

It sounds difficult but nothing is unachievable with proper diligence and dedication. Here we bring you some key points that will answer the question of the hour that is bugging your mind- how to prepare for AIIMS 2020. 

Time Management 

With only a few days left you must take time in your stride and see what you can do within a specific time limit with mock tests and previous years’ papers. During the exam, you will have a minute or less than that for each question. You must plan and practice accordingly. 


In answer to how to study for AIIMS, NCERT books and NCERT Solutions are the most important study material. Read them thoroughly as the AIIMS exam questions are largely based on them.

Rigorous Revision

To prepare for AIIMS 2020, there is nothing as important and efficient as revising the lessons time and again. Make notes of each chapter and go through them as much as you can. The more you revise, the more you will memorise. Revise the pointers again and again. 

Solving Previous Years’ Papers

For candidates wondering how to prepare for the AIIMS exam, it is a must that they give as many mock tests as possible and solve sample papers or previous years’ question papers. This way you will get an idea about the questions and exam pattern. Mock tests will enable you to see how well you can manage the time too. 

Reviewing the Progress

After every mock test or chapter completion, you must review your progress to identify areas which you need to pay more attention to. You will also be able to identify your strong areas. 


This will keep you calm and composed while you prepare for AIIMS 2020. Effective coordination between your mind and body is absolutely necessary. When you are at peace with your mind, you yourself will be able to make out the right path as to how to prepare for the AIIMS exam. 

What are the Important Topics for the AIIMS Exam?

While students wonder how to study for AIIMS, marking the important topics in each subject helps them a lot. Here we tabulate the same for you:




Law of motion, Kinetics, Modern Physics and Rotational Mechanics


Complete organic chemistry, Aldehydes, Chemical kinetics, Ketone, Equilibrium, and Carboxylic Acid


Genetics, Human Health and Diseases, Cells and Systematics

How to Prepare for AIIMS in 15 Days with an Effective Study Plan?

When the time limit is this small, your study plan must be concise and effective as well. Chapter-wise and problem-specific study plan is the key if you are wondering how to prepare for AIIMS in 15 days. Below are the four things that you must consider while making your study plan:

Delegate Time Wisely

Allot specific and equal amount of time to each topic so that everything gets your undivided and equal attention. Moreover, give more time to more problematic areas and make sure you attend them regularly with complete concentration. 

Make a Concise Study 

With less than a month to go, you cannot ask for an elaborate study plan. Make it concise and sum up all you have learnt. Include every important chapter and topics and continue to revise them regularly.  

Solve Sample Papers and Give Mock Tests

Both of these will benefit you in your preparation. There is no substitution of these two things if you ever think to get an answer to how to get AIR 1 in AIIMS. Solving sample papers and giving mock tests will certainly help you to achieve your target more confidently.

Be Specific

Make your study plan doubts and problem-specific instead of an elaborate one. This way you will know which areas you must concentrate on more. 

How will the Exam Pattern of AIIMS?

This question is as frequent as how to get AIR 1 in IIMS. You must be familiar with the same to have a grip on it. Go through the following table for a quick recap:



Mode of exam

CBT or Computer-based Test


Dual; English and Hindi

Total time

220 minutes (3 hours 30 minutes)

Number of shifts per day



Morning shift 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Evening shift 03:00 PM to 06:30 PM IST

Question pattern


Number of questions


Total marks


Marking scheme

Each correct answer will bring 1 marks

Each wrong answer will deduct 1/3 marks

Each unattended question will award 0 marks

Exam syllabus

NCERT Class 12 curriculum

What will be the Distribution of Questions?

When you are in search of methods of how to crack AIIMS in 1 month, you must familiarise yourself with the subject-wise question division also. The following table will give you a clear idea about the same.


Number of Questions







General Knowledge


Aptitude and Logical reasoning 


With all the information and tips now within your knowledge, it is just a matter of time that you crack NEET 2020 with ease. Keeping in mind the cliché proverb that there is no shortcut to success, you must devote all your time and energy to the preparation of AIIMS and come out with flying colours. Our best wishes to you!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Do I Plan My Studies So that I Can Crack AIIMS in One Month?

The easiest way is to follow this strategy: Assess your strength and weaknesses - prepare a time table and delegate time accordingly - revise your NCERT textbooks thoroughly - give as many mock tests as possible - clear doubts from the books or from your online or offline guide. 

2. How to Study Before 15 Days of AIIMS? 

With AIIMS knocking at your door, you can’t afford to go for an elaborate study plan. By now, you must have assessed your exam-readiness. Revise those portions of the syllabus more that you did do well in mock tests. Revise other chapters also. Give one or two mock tests but don’t overdo. Now, it is time for you to calm your mind. So, stay relaxed and feel confident and wait for the D-day. 

How to Crack AIIMS in 1 Month