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NEET 2022- A Brief Outline

By Anusha LalJune 01, 2022
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National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test is a mandatory exam to appear for getting enrolled in any undergraduate medical course (dental courses as well) in any medical institution, the government and private both. According to a reliable report, around 18 lakh candidates have registered for the NEET 2022. Students are also required to strictly follow the COVID-19 guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Health. 

The NEET syllabus primarily consists of three subjects 

  • Physics

  • Chemistry 

  • Biology

The students appearing for NEET admit card needs to carry along

  1. Their NEET admit card

  2. Two passport size photographs (the one given on the application form)

  3. Driving Licence, PAN Card, Passport/Aadhaar card, or any other valid photo Id proof 


How to Avoid Distractions while preparing for NEET? 

Passing this tough medical admission test with flying colours is mandatory for realizing your dream to become a doctor. It demands full concentration, dedication, discipline, hard work and a judiciously set routine. Distractions are present everywhere that require smart handling. 

Let’s shed more light on how you do it-

1. Maintain 'Personal Distancing' from your Phone!

Yes, it might sound harsh to the young students, but to crack the NEET it is mandatory (not just necessary) to refrain from using phones. 22% of people aged 18 to 29 years, check their phones every few minutes. As per a trusted source, an individual wastes about 2 hours and 51 minutes daily on smartphones on an average basis. 

Does your common sense give you the green signal to continue wasting time like this if you are a NEET aspirant? You should find the answer yourself. Keep your phone in off mode while studying. 

2. Have a Timetable and Follow it Religiously

Distraction is a result of lack of discipline and determination. A judiciously sketched timetable will help you study every subject covered in NEET regularly. Setting a fixed study time and hours helps to cut off lesser important activities that distract you from your goals.

Follow the timetable and do your preparations accordingly. It also facilitates keeping a proper track of what you studied, how much you spend time on each subject and how it is progressing. 

3. Take a Break from Taking Too Many Breaks

We understand studying at a stretch can take a toll on your nerves and that a much-needed break helps to absorb the lessons better. It refreshes the mind. However, the urges to take frequent breaks can seriously hamper the study. 

Taking frequent breaks often distract and make a NEET aspirant lose her/his focus.  

4. Decide on your Study Space/Area  

Yes, your study area or space can be one of the primary reasons you are failing to concentrate fully.

  • Do not study in a room that is close to the road or street as traffic noise will be a constant distractor.

  • Select a space that is secluded from distractions.

  • A properly ventilated setup and an isolated (or least used) room can be your ideal study area. 

  • The study area should have proper arrangements for light and have the necessary amenities (study furniture and tools). 

  • Lock up the room from inside to avoid unwanted guests from interfering with your study routine. 

In brief, find your “my zone” to study carefully without distraction for hours. 

5. Allow Some Flexibility in Your Study Regime and Prioritize the Ones Giving You Trouble

Following your set timetable is good but planning your study judiciously, depending on what needs your urgent attention, is always a better idea. If you find a specific subject or a particular chapter/topic challenging, focus on that first. Blindly following the routine and neglecting the critical lessons will make your mind cluttered towards the end. It also causes distraction. 

When you study a specific subject or solve a complex problem, your focus should be on that only. Anything else should be secondary. These five points on how to avoid distractions while preparing for NEET pinpointed here will help not just a NEET student but anyone preparing for any critical exam. These are some ways to deal with distraction, rest you are smart enough to detect and implement for improving your concentration. Remember, life does not always give second chances, so commit to attaining success at the very first attempt.

FAQs on NEET 2022- A Brief Outline

1. How many times can I attempt for NEET?

A candidate can attempt the NEET exam any number of times he/she wishes for. As per the notification released by the regulatory board for NEET exams i.e., National Testing Agency (NTA), there are no such restrictions. Earlier, it was mandatory to crack the test within three attempts, but from 2018 onwards, there is no such restriction. If you fail, you have to reappear for it next year to apply for MBBS.

2. How much do I need to score in NEET 2022 to get a seat in a popular medical college?

For a NEET candidate, it is necessary to score a minimum of 500 marks out of 720. It will help you find a seat in a good medical college in India via NEET. You will get admission either in the All India Quota (15% of the seats available) or State Level Quota (85% seats), depending on your domicile certificate. Refer to the government medical college list with NEET cut off score available online. Several institutes are known to have announced the expected cut off NEET 2022 marks. The NEET cut-off qualifying marks correspond to the qualifying percentile. For details, check authorized sites.

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