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How to Apply for Vedantu NEET Crash Course?

By Aparajita DasJuly 20, 2022
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Get the Best NEET Crash Course from Vedantu

NEET— National Eligibility cum Entrance Test crash course is provided for the students to revise the complete syllabus of NEET in a short span of time. Though it covers very lengthy chapters, the course is designed in such a way as to complete the syllabus easily. At Vedantu, experienced master teachers help students with their doubts and go through all topics covered in the syllabus in an effective and efficient manner.

NEET is the gateway to getting admission to India’s top medical or dental colleges, and millions of students preparing for it. When a few months are left for the exam, students look for the NEET crash courses. The wide syllabus for NEET includes most of the topics of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology covered in Classes 11 and 12. So, Vedantu offers a special NEET crash course for students aspiring to take the NEET exam.

Let us read this complete blog to understand better what is the process to register for Vedantu NEET Crash Course and what are its benefits?
Process to Apply for Vedantu NEET Crash Course and Its Benefits

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Process to Apply for Vedantu NEET Crash Course

To register yourself for the NEET crash course, a student needs to follow very simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Vedantu URL.

Step 2: Take your cursor to the “Courses” button. Do not hover it here and there.

Step 3: Now, hover your cursor over the NEET crash course button.

Vedantu NEET Crash Course

“Courses” and “NEET Crash Course” Button on Vedantu Homepage

Step 4: Select the course at your convenience. You can select the course on the basis of:

  1. Your preferred language (either English or Hinglish)

  2. LIVE or Recorded courses

Step 5: Buy the course as per your convenience.

We know you have a few doubts about which crash course from Vedantu is better for NEET, and what is the difference. Worry not! Basically, the LIVE course includes the live session for students whereas the Lite course includes the recorded classes. Below the features of the NEET Crash Course from Vedantu are given. 

Features of NEET Crash Course From Vedantu

  • It includes more than 60 LIVE interactive classes of 90+ hours that cover all the syllabus of NEET from Classes 11 and 12. 

  • Students can take approximately 20 topics-wise or part tests and full-length tests. And, in case of delay in the exam, students will get continuous test support till the NEET UG exam.

  • Students can attempt more than 500 practice quizzes to ace the exam and analyse their preparation. It will also help to analyse their loopholes.

  • Under the guidance of expert master teachers, students can learn tricks and tips for smart preparation.

  • In case they missed any class or have doubts, can listen to recordings of sessions and comprehensive class notes.

  • Students will also get an opportunity to solve their doubts within LIVE classes or doubt classes conducted by class teachers.

  • Students will get more than 180 assignments following the latest NEET syllabus and over 2000 questions curated by NEET expert teachers and subject experts. 

Benefits of NEET Crash Course from Vedantu Online Learning Platform

Time Saver

NEET exam includes a wide syllabus, and students cannot afford to waste a second. But, what if you travel to take tuitions in your town? And, will you get expert teachers for NEET? Well, with Vedantu you can learn at your favourite place with the expert faculties of India.

Interactive LIVE Classes

Vedantu does not only teach their students but also involve with them to understand their students level. It motivates students by adding them to Leaderboard and Fastest Finger List. (What are these?, Take a DEMO class and know! Or, ask your fellow Vedantu student)

Comprehensive Study Material

Vedantu expert teachers and subject matter experts collaborate to provide you with comprehensive and easy-to-understand study material. It will help you to prepare well for the NEET exam. 

Practice Test

Quizzes and, short and full-length tests are provided to the students to ace the preparation of the students. It will help students to analyse their weak areas. And, before the exam they can work on it to score well. To work on their loopholes, students can access their record videos and learn the concepts deeply.

Doubts Solving Sessions

In LIVE classes students can ask their doubts in the ongoing session. However, if any doubt comes after the class is over, students can ask during the doubt session separately. Students can avail of the Lite Crash Course can also access the doubt class. 

Now, my dear students, waiting for what? Enroll yourself in any of the preferred courses and learn from the top educators of Indiaon Vedantu. 

All the very BEST!

FAQs on How to Apply for Vedantu NEET Crash Course?

1. What is NEET?

NEET is an entry-level exam conducted in India to get admission to medical/dental courses in medical and dental colleges in India. 

2. Which is the best online coaching institute for NEET Preparation?

Undoubtedly, VEDANTU. Students preparing for the NEET examination prefer Vedantu as their study companion.

3. Why Vedantu is the best coaching platform for NEET Preparation?

As its dedicated and expert teachers who are passionate about teaching and making their students achieve their aim. 

4. Does Vedantu offer any crash course for NEET preparation?

Yes. Vedantu takes care of all of its students and offers regular as well as a crash course for the students preparing for NEET exams.  

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