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How is Vedantu Online Coaching Helpful for Class 12?

By Satabdi MazumdarJuly 26, 2022
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Vedantu is one of the best educational platforms in India, developed with the purpose of providing online coaching classes for students at an affordable budget. With the help of our unique learning platform called WAVE and amazingly talented teachers, Vedantu offers a highly personalised learning experience for CBSE and ICSE board students from Grade 1 to 12th Grade at the comfort of their homes. Vedantu is also the primary choice for the aspirants who prepare for competitive exams such as IIT JEE, NEET, KVYP, NTSE, IMO, and IEO. With more than 15 years of experience and deep research, Vedantu guided millions of students to achieve their desired results.

Keep reading if you want to know more about the courses offered by Vedantu for Class 12 students and why Vedantu's online coaching is helpful for Class 12 students. Also, you will get to know about some amazing benefits of the Vedantu’s courses for Class 12 students.
How helpful is Vedantu Online Coaching for Class 12 students?

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Courses Offered by Vedantu for Class 12 Students

Vedantu offers three courses for Class 12 students. Two courses are for Class 12 Science students - CBSE PCM and CBSE PCB. Subjects covered in CBSE PCM are Physics, Chemistry, and Maths whereas CBSE PCB includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The entire syllabus is covered under these courses. Another course is for Class 12 Commerce students. The subjects covered are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics Studies. This course includes more than 500+ chapter-specific short courses. Sometimes, Class 12 students also opt for Vedantu’s JEE and NEET courses.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Class 12 Courses

Below are the benefits you will get if you opt for Vedantu’s Class 12 Courses.

  • Live in-class doubt solving

  • Live in-class quizzes and leaderboard

  • All India test series

  • Assignments and class notes

  • Study materials

  • Live discussion of study material

  • Post-class doubt solving

  • Parent-Teacher Sessions

Therefore, it is advisable to enrol for Vedantu’s online coaching if you want to avail of the above benefits and ace the Class 12 board exam.

How is Vedantu Online Coaching Helpful for Class 12?

Vedantu ranks as the best LIVE and Online Tutoring Website among the top ten cities of India whereas in the Middle-East and Singapore, Vedantu is the most recommended online learning app at the lowest tuition fees. With the belief that every student has some unique needs that can be fulfilled from their homes, Vedantu offers interactive online classes for students from Grade 1 to 12 grades.

The following are the reasons why Vedantu’s online coaching will be helpful for Class 12 students.

  • Personalised and Affordable Learning

A personalised online learning platform and affordable LIVE Online Master Classes make Vedantu different from the other learning websites. You can enrol for Vedantu’s online tuition under the guidance of the best teachers from the most reputed institutions for Class 12. Short-term and long-term online courses, courses for CBSE, ICSE, and other State Boards, and JEE and NEET entrance exams courses, with an exclusive session for clearing doubts, are the most popular courses available at Vedantu at affordable tuition fees.  

  • Extensive Learning Material and Feedback

Free Sample Papers and Solved Important Questions are also provided to prepare you for the exam. Registered students at Vedantu get unlimited access to the study materials such as Revision Notes, Assignments, Regular homework, and Subjective and Objective Tests for regular practice. The Master Teachers always maintain an interactive approach and pay equal attention to every student. During the Parents-Teachers Meeting, every student’s academic progress report is also shared. You can also find the best study materials like FREE Books Solutions of NCERT, RD Sharma, RS Agarwal, and HC Verma at Vedantu’s website. 

  • WAVE 2.0

Vedantu ensures that every child in the country can access the best teachers no matter wherever they are situated. The WAVE platform encourages the students’ Online engagement with the Master Teachers. WAVE 2.0 consumes 40% less bandwidth than the other platforms, and it can easily be accessed on mobile devices.

  • Learning From Best Teacher

Vedantu hires amazingly talented Master Teachers from the most reputed institutions to provide the best education. Students can choose their mentors and tutors and study at the comfort of their homes. The online classes are recorded to access whenever you want.


Vedantu’s innovations and contributions towards making education affordable and accessible for every child from every part of the nation have increased the quality of online education. Vedantu makes every student’s learning experience special and unforgettable. You can also make your journey special with Vedantu’s online coaching. Enrol your name for the Class 12 online courses and enjoy the benefits.

FAQs on How is Vedantu Online Coaching Helpful for Class 12?

1. Will I get a test series for JEE Main and JEE Advanced?

Yes, topic-wise tests will be held every two weeks. A total of 10 full tests will be held after completion of the syllabus.

2. Can I get recordings of the classes for JEE preparation?

Yes, the recorded classes will be available after the scheduled classes. The students can watch the recordings of the classes if they can not attend the class or if they want to watch it again.

3. Am I allowed to choose my class timings as per my convenience for JEE Paid courses on Vedantu?

Yes, the students can choose the batches according to their convenience as per the availability of batches.

4. Am I allowed to change my teacher if I am not able to understand the JEE courses on Vedantu?

Yes, the students can choose their teachers from the list of teachers whose classes are available for their study plan on Vedantu at that moment.