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How is Vedantu Better for Online Coaching for Competitive Exams in Class 9?

By Manasvi GuptaJuly 31, 2022
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Vedantu is often the first choice of Classes 11 and 12 students, who aspire to crack competitive exams like JEE, NEET, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads, etc., along with scoring well in their respective board exams as well. But do you know many students of Classes 9 and 10, with a clear goal in mind, also choose Vedantu to crack competitive exams?

So, if you still haven’t made up your mind if you should choose Vedantu to fulfil your child’s dreams of cracking the competitive exams, we are here to help. With a highly qualified and experienced team of teachers, Vedantu has guided millions of students to achieve their aim of getting into their dream colleges.

By reading this article, you will get clarity as to why Vedantu’s online coaching for competitive exams is the best choice for your child studying in Class 9.
Online Coaching for Competitive Exams in Class 9|Why Choose Vedantu?
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What Makes Vedantu’s Coaching for Competitive Exams Unique?

Here are some points that make Vedantu’s online coaching services unique and stand out among its competitors. 

  • Affordable tuition fees

  • Unique learning platform called WAVE

  • Free live classes

  • Live in-class doubt solving

  • Post-class doubt solving

  • Live in-class quizzes and leaderboard

  • All India test series

  • Parent-Teacher sessions

  • Assignments and class notes

  • Extensive learning material

  • Live discussion of study material

How is Vedantu Online Coaching Helpful for Class 9 Students?

Imagine sitting on the computer and listening to lectures from the comfort of your home and getting your doubts cleared on the spot, in real time! It’s amazing, right? Here are more such reasons why Vedantu is a better online coaching platform for competitive exams in class 9.

  • Live Doubt Solving

Vedantu is India’s only online coaching platform that allows students to resolve their doubts in real-time, during and after the class. This feature helps reduce the waiting time, thus, decreasing the chance of information loss in the process. Furthermore, by solving the doubts directly in the class, other students in the class can also learn from others’ doubts and can raise their respective queries. Such an atmosphere leads to a discussion on the topics, which enriches the students’ core concepts and other valuable skills. 

  • Focus on Fundamentals

Vedantu believes in understanding the concepts from the basics rather than learning the topics just to score higher marks. So, with Vedantu’s online coaching, you will be able to focus on your fundamentals and concepts, which are very important for any competitive exams as they build the foundation.

  • Ensure Overall Preparation 

We at Vedantu, ensure students’ overall development and help them polish not just their subjective knowledge but also other skills required to crack any competitive exam. Therefore, we provide an extensive set of free learning materials, which includes sample papers, previous years’ papers, solved important questions, revision notes, mock tests, books solutions of different reference books, etc.

Apart from this, we also provide strategies, tips and tricks in our blogs to assist you at every step of your journey of competitive exams preparation, whether you are starting from Class 9 or Class 12. Our news section provides students with timely updates related to different competitive exams.

  • Guidance by Best Teachers

Our amazingly talented Master Teachers and Academic Experts, hailing from the most reputed institutions in the country, work tirelessly to provide the best education to our students. Therefore, by enrolling in Vedantu’s online coaching courses, you get the opportunity to learn from faculty who have taught some of the toppers of JEE and NEET exams. Imagine how much you can flourish under such expert guidance!


Vedantu’s promise of improvement in your performance and the goal of #HarGharVedantu is brought to life with its leading innovations and affordable and accessible education. Therefore, we at Vedantu value every student’s learning experience and strive to make it more special and meaningful. 

So, there’s no reason for you to doubt Vedantu’s capabilities in providing you with better online coaching services for competitive exams, while you’re still in high school. Enrol yourself in Class 9 online coaching courses and reap the sweet results!

FAQs on How is Vedantu Better for Online Coaching for Competitive Exams in Class 9?

1. Can I crack a competitive exam with online coaching?

Yes, Vedantu’s online coaching is enough and often better than conventional offline coaching classes, mainly due to the use of high-end technology in online coaching and students’ convenience, along with highly qualified faculty. All the factors combined make online coaching a better choice to crack a competitive exam.

2. Can I choose my class timings as per my convenience for paid full courses on Vedantu?

Yes, students have full liberty to choose the batches according to their convenience and even the preferred teachers as per the availability.