How Do NCERT Chemistry Books and Solutions Help to Crack NEET?

by Anusha LAL, May 19, 2020

Chemistry is an important subject and decisive one in NEET. A strong base in chemistry is very important to understand the more complex working of the biological systems. So, it is no wonder that your knowledge of chemistry will play a very important role in your performance in NEET exams. An estimated 45 questions will be asked from chemistry alone. These 45 questions will mostly have concept-based and numerical questions with some exception. Also, the syllabus from this portion will be the combination of Class 11 and 12 syllabi. 

According to experts, reading the NCERT textbooks can be enough to answer the questions asked. Both the part 1 and part 2 books of class 11 as well as of class 12 must be read through thoroughly. The NCERT books and NCERT Solutions cover all the basic knowledge that will enable you to answer almost all questions from this section. 

How Can NCERT Chemistry Textbook and Solutions Help You Prepare for NEET?

NCERT textbooks and Solutions can help you prepare for NEET in the following ways:

  • Preparing Through Guidance

For preparation of any kind you need proper guidance. This guidance can come in many forms like that of a teacher or a textbook. All the guidance of a teacher can be helpful but it is not possible for a teacher to deliver the complete syllabus on his own credits. This is why you need the guidance of textbooks which are composed of the specific aims of helping you with the exam. Such books are NCERT Chemistry textbooks and chemistry solutions. 

  • Sticking Strictly to the Syllabus

Keeping up with the entire syllabus of Chemistry may be very hard considering the vastness of the same. Many books tend to go beyond the syllabus in explaining some of the theories. This may prove to be disadvantageous for students who are struggling with the vastness of the syllabus as it is. In this respect NCERT Chemistry book turns out to be a better book as it sticks to the syllabus prescribed strictly.

  • Ideal Practice Buddy

Not only is NCERT book ideal for learning the theories but the NCERT solutions helps you build the confidence that helps you ace practice sessions. The questions are laid in a chapter-wise manner, the questions start off easy and then gradually they become harder. 

  • Plenty of Questions

The NCERT Chemistry book has a lot of questions for the students to practice from. Each part of the books has a number of questions after each chapter. The book also has miscellaneous questions for the students to follow.

  • Easy Language

The NCERT Chemistry book is written in a very simple and lucid language. The authors make a very conscious effort to refrain from using difficult approaches that might help the students to cope up with the syllabus. You can go through the book alone without facing doubts about the language used.

  • Easy Approach

The theories are composed in such a way that the students find it easy to grasp the theory.  The theory is explained through a number of examples and applications. This gives you a complete idea of the subject.

Attaining mastery on Chemistry at Plus 2 level implies that you have a thorough understanding of all the chapters of Class 11 and 12; you are able to solve numerical problems easily and know all chemical formulae and equations by heart. This is not possible if you are ignoring your NCERT chemistry textbook and solutions. So, make them your best ally and start preparing confidently for NEET chemistry paper. 

How Do NCERT Chemistry Books and Solutions Help to Crack NEET?