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How Distance Learning Could Help You Crack NEET

By Preeti BhardwajJune 03, 2022
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Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET Through Distance Learning

NEET and JEE examinations are one of the biggest opportunities for school students who are looking forward to building their career as a doctor or as an engineer. However, these exams require tremendous preparation by students. Hence, it gets difficult for many students to come up with a plan to fulfil their dreams. From opting for coaching to doing self-study, students have many options to take for their preparations.

Industry leaders like Vedantu have already started distance learning courses . The same is the case with NEET preparation. However, the NEET examination is one of the toughest exams for school students. It requires tremendous preparation, which might be a difficult task for students to do from their home under the virtual guidance of their teachers. But distance learning has so many advantages that they outshine all the limitations of distance learning courses for NEET preparation.

With the decision to prepare for the NEET examination, it is obvious that students have to leave all the worldly pleasures, including excessive TV watching, social media use, and hang-out with friends. After this, students have to decide on the plan of achieving their goals. In the current situation, online courses are a good option for preparation. For all those aspirants who are still unconvinced with this option, let’s take a look at the different advantages they will have if they opt for such courses.

Limiting Yourself at Home, You Can Save Yourself From COVID

At the time, when everyone is asked to stay at home because of the highly contagious COVID 19, it would have been a difficult task to get proper guidance and do preparation without stepping outside. In such cases, students can safely continue their preparation with distance learning courses provided at many online platforms and coaching institutes. By using them, they can make their own plan, decide their schedule, and focus well on their preparation. Moreover, students can prepare with a free mind, as they are provided with the whole NEET syllabus and NEET study material in PDF by Vedantu. Along with this, students also don’t have to plan their schedule as per the coaching, and they can resume their studying with online courses as per their own convenience.

You Will be Free from the Barrier of Language

Earlier, while preparing through coaching institutes, it was difficult for students of other language mediums to match the level of understanding in the class. In the case of distance learning options, students have ample amount of options to go as per the condition of their preferred language. Many courses and online portals provide NEET books and resources in different languages, i.e., Hindi and English. Moreover, students will be able to concentrate well on their studies, far away from excessive crowds. With this, it would also help the students in clearing doubts with the guide as per their comfort.

You Can Set Your Own Schedule

Another advantage of distance learning is the ability to set a schedule that works for you. If you like to study in the early hours of the morning, you can adjust your schedule to your preferences. You can also choose which days or hours you want to dedicate to rest. In distance learning, the learning process is just as competent and comprehensive as it is in traditional coaching ways.

Students Can Prepare without Missing Lectures

The best part of preparing online is that students don’t need to worry about missing their lectures. After opting for distance learning courses, students can easily complete their studies and that too without worrying about being punctual all the time. By using the recorded videos, students can use them to rewatch them and do good preparation. They can work for themselves and do practice according to their requirements and syllabus.

Online Study Will Increase the Efficiency of Learning

Students can prepare the time table as per their convenience. In many cases, students can take various options like Vedantu Online NEET courses, in which they have various options like studying and preparing as per their convenience. This feature helps the students in doing preparation for their examination without worrying about the timing. There are times when it gets difficult to study at home because of the small tasks assigned by family members. In such a case, a flexible video lecture schedule will let the students select a time where there will be the least disturbance at home, like at night or in the early morning.

It Would be Easy to Clear Doubts with Personal Assistance

Students can make their doubts clear by asking personally with mentors. This was not the case with earlier coaching classes. Earlier, students were left with a huge number of fellow students in a large single room. In such cases, it would have been difficult for students to get their concepts cleared individually with the teachers. It was difficult for teachers to concentrate on the progress of every student at the same time. But in a distance learning course, students will be able to get guidance and clear their doubts much more easily.

With a huge number of online courses available, students need to do good research before opting for a course. A flexible course which can be easily customised should be given more preference. Students should search and discuss with friends and teachers to choose a course. In terms of customization, detailed learning, and providing study materials, Vedantu NEET distance learning course provides conceptualised learning to the students. In the course, students can also get skilled assistance from their mentors in clearing doubts. With enriched study material for NEET, students will be able to learn and prepare well. Along with this, there will be a series of mock tests and quizzes, which will also help them in analysing their performance and working on them.

The best part of distance learning courses for exams like NEET is their high efficiency at low cost. These courses come at a reasonable price, making them accessible to most of the students. With this, more and more students can make use of this platform and excel in their NEET exam.

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