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Top 5 Don'ts Listed by Toppers to Crack JEE/NEET

By Vineet DwivediJanuary 22, 2021
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Most students are curious to know How the toppers are always able to crack the competitive exams? Good time management skills and thorough practice are the most fundamental keys to crack competitive exams like JEE or NEET. Though there are plenty of tips available on the internet for chalking out exam strategies, yet you can get an idea of the best exam strategy only when the rubber meets the road. To help you with your exam preparation, we are going to open up with 5 Don’ts to crack JEE/NEET as listed by the toppers.


Let’s unravel the toppers’ secret key to crack competitive exams one by one.

1. Don’t Ignore NCERT Books - “A Holy Book for NEET Aspirants”

It’s not just a coincidence that every year in the JEE/NEET exam (especially for the NEET exam) you get a few MCQ questions asked from the NCERT textbooks. Also, It has been considered the best book to prepare biology and Inorganic chemistry topics for NEET or JEE.

Hence, many experienced teachers have time-to-time admitted that NCERT is more than enough to score good marks in the 12th Board exams and should be included for the upcoming NEET - 2022 study plan. So, always consider going through a full set of NCERT books before your big fat comprehensive books.

2. Don’t Combine Boards & Competitive Exams - “Both Belongs to Different Species”

You should know that both JEE and NEET exams are made to test your comprehension skills on the subjects. Although the syllabi for the Board exams and the competitive exams are nearly the same, each exam tests different skills.

  • While the preparation for the board exams requires more of a theoretical approach, that for the competitive exams requires strong logical reasoning, aptitude skills, qualitative analysis, digging deep into the concepts with thorough practice.

  • You may score decent marks in the 12th Board exams if you can memorize and study only important topics, and have the basic concepts cleared. However, you can’t do it with exams like JEE or NEET, you need the above-mentioned skills and a strong conceptual understanding of all the topics.

In the Boards, you can leave the tough topics and focus on other ones, because there is a fixed marks distribution, but in JEE/NEET exams the whole question paper can be based on only the topics that you left.

Sounds horrifying! That’s why you should choose the syllabus and preparation strategies accordingly to perform the best in both the exams.

3. Do Not Buy Too Many Reference Books “Don’t Turn Your Study Room into Library”

Students who don’t land up in coaching classes, all end up buying multiple reference books. Right there you start messing up with your preparations. Toggling between all of your reference books is a waste of both time & money. The problem lies in the fact that students tend to follow every possible book as suggested by their seniors, or teachers.

They are told to buy these books but not taught how to use them. The right approach is to always cover the syllabus from the NCERT books, first, and use a few handpicked books like HC Verma for Physics, as a reference study resource. There is no need to turn your study room into a library, instead, it is important to utilize proper study resources in a smart way.

4. Say No to Tomorrow “Because it Never Comes”

Do you procrastinate a lot? Then you need to know that it is one of the major mistakes of your life. To assume or think that you’ve plenty of time to get prepared for exams is the biggest lie that you’re telling yourself every day. Also, you will only land up in tough situations in the exams.

You can’t afford to waste time because,

  • Already thousands of students are competing with you in terms of preparations. They all are preparing to secure a good rank and you’ve to beat those thousands to get through the exams.

  • Doubts are never going to leave your way. The truth is you don’t even have enough time to clear all of them.

Hence, if you’re still in high school mark your teacher’s words and clear the basic concepts that are going to help you crack JEE/NEET and other competitive exams.

5. Avoid Mistakes Today - “To be Prepared for Tomorrow”

Do you remember your teacher’s sayings “Focus on your studies, it will give you fruitful support in the future”?

Yes, their sayings were absolutely right. Thus, the basic concepts that you should study in your high school years may still be a burden on your shoulders. The sad part is you can’t rectify it at the last minute. The only thing that you can do is double hard-work to learn and cover all the topics in your syllabus, when you start preparing yourself for the upcoming JEE-2022 exams.

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We hope that this blog helps you in making a decision for your exam preparation.

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