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Let’s Crack the Code: Do Questions Repeat in NEET from Previous Years?

By FatimaNovember 27, 2023
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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a high-stakes examination for medical aspirants in India. With countless students competing for limited medical seats, the pressure is immense. Every year, NEET takers are left wondering whether studying previous years' questions can give them an edge. In this blog, we will explore the possibility of NEET question repetition from past exams, provide valuable insights into the NEET question pattern, and discuss the role of Vedantu and its resources in your preparation journey.

Vedantu's Time-Tested Magic: NEET Past Question Papers

The Quest for Repeated Questions In the NEET Exam

Many NEET aspirants embark on the quest of searching for repeated questions from previous years. They believe that if certain questions have appeared in multiple NEET exams, there's a good chance that they might show up again. So, do NEET questions indeed get repeated?

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Cracking the Code: NEET Question Repetition

While the NEET organising body, the National Testing Agency (NTA), has not officially confirmed that questions are repeated from previous years, diligent students have observed that some concepts reappear in various forms. This means that while the exact question may not be repeated, similar topics or concepts could be tested. Therefore, practicing with the NEET previous year question papers PDF is a valuable strategy.

Reasons for the Repetition of Questions in NEET

  1. Constrained Syllabus: NEET adheres to a fixed syllabus, shaping questions accordingly. The syllabus’s limitations often result in question repetition.

  2. Established Pattern: NEET follows a standardised pattern, featuring multi-choice questions and negative marking. These questions assess students’ comprehension and knowledge.

  3. Varied Difficulty: NEET questions vary in difficulty to evaluate students’ skills. Some questions reappear in different years with alterations in complexity.

  4. Time Constraints: NEET imposes time limits, necessitating efficient question design. Some questions are repeated to enhance exam efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Question Repetition in NEET?

  1. Enhanced Preparation: Past NEET participants who have tackled the previous year's questions can prepare more effectively. They are acquainted with the exam's pattern and question types.

  2. Confidence Boost: Students who excel in solving prior years' questions gain confidence, leading to improved performance in the exam.

  3. Time Savings: Reusing questions in NEET saves time for both examiners and students. Examiners are spared from crafting new questions each year, and students can allocate their time more efficiently.

  4. Improved Precision: Question repetition in NEET contributes to enhanced exam accuracy. Examiners can adjust the difficulty level by comparing the scores of past participants.

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Why use Vedantu to Prepare for NEET?

As NEET aspirants seek a trusted companion on their journey to success, Vedantu emerges as a guiding light. But what sets Vedantu apart and makes it an unrivaled choice for NEET preparation?

  1. Resource Treasure Trove: Vedantu houses a wealth of study materials, including detailed notes, engaging video lectures, and comprehensive practice papers, all covering the entire NEET syllabus.

  2. Live Learning Adventures: Dive into real-time, expert-led online classes that transform your educational journey. You actively participate, ask questions, and clarify doubts, enhancing your understanding of NEET subjects.

  3. Personalised Learning: Vedantu understands that every student has their own learning pace. Tailored learning plans boost your confidence and ensure that you grasp subjects at your speed.

  4. Mastery through Mock Tests: Practice makes perfect. Vedantu offers a library of mock tests and practice papers to help you become intimately familiar with the NEET exam format and enhance your time management skills.

  5. Doubt Resolution: As you navigate the NEET preparation journey, Vedantu serves as your trusty companion. Dedicated doubt-solving sessions ensure that every question is promptly answered, ensuring a smooth path to understanding and success.

Memory Games and Strategies for Learning

Now, let's look at some creative strategies for learning and retaining information. Remember, NEET isn't just about cramming; it's about understanding and applying concepts.

  1. Mind Maps: Create colorful and visually engaging mind maps to organize complex information. This not only helps you understand the content better but also makes it easier to recall during the exam.

  2. Flashcards: Summarize key points and concepts on flashcards. Use them for quick revision, and test yourself periodically. This aids in memory retention.

  3. Association Games: Connect concepts with vivid mental associations. The more imaginative and personalized your associations are, the easier it is to remember.

  4. Group Study: Collaborate with peers and explain topics to each other. Teaching is one of the most effective ways to learn.

Why Vedantu Is the Right Choice For NEET Exam?

Vedantu's resources are designed to enhance your learning experience in a way that promotes comprehension, rather than rote memorization. Their live classes, interactive sessions, and expert guidance ensure that you truly understand the material, which is crucial for excelling in NEET.


Vedantu is not just a resource; it's your partner in the journey to NEET success. The NEET challenge may seem challenging, but with Vedantu, the path to victory is well-illuminated. Your dreams of a career in medicine are within reach, and Vedantu is your guiding star, helping you navigate the complexities of NEET with confidence and competence. So, embrace the power of Vedantu, and let it propel you towards your dream of becoming a doctor. Your future in the world of medicine starts here, with Vedantu by your side.

FAQs on Let’s Crack the Code: Do Questions Repeat in NEET from Previous Years?

1. Is solving the last 10 years' questions enough for NEET?

No, just solving the last 10 years' question papers is not enough for NEET. Vedantu's NEET syllabus and practice questions will help you prepare for the exam comprehensively.

2. Is NEET previous question paper enough to score 120 in physics?

NEET previous question papers can help you understand the exam pattern and important concepts, but they are not enough to score 120 in Physics.

3. Is it easy to score 180 in Chemistry by solving only NEET previous year question paper?

It is not easy to score 180 in Chemistry by solving only NEET previous year question papers. Vedantu's Chemistry video lectures, practice questions, and mock tests can help you achieve your Chemistry goals.

4. How many NEET previous year question papers are repeated in NEET 2023?

On an average of 10-15 questions from NEET previous year questions papers were repeated in NEET 2023.

5. Are NEET previous year question paper with solutions pdf free download available?

Yes, NEET previous year question papers with solutions PDFs are available for free download on Vedantu's website (

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