Best Books to Crack NEET Exam 2020

by Sagar Mankar, June 30, 2020

List of Best Books to Crack NEET 2020

NEET 2020 is going to take place on 26th of July this year. Needless to say, every NEET aspirant is moving heaven and earth to crack this entrance exam. In such a scenario, when the exam is knocking at your door, choosing the best books for NEET can be tricky as thousands of preparation books are available in the market. 

However, you need not to worry. Here is a list of the best books for NEET 2020 that are suggested by toppers of previous years. The reputed teachers of the country along with our experts have also approved these books.

Let us take a look!

Best Physics Books for NEET

Most students often regard physics as the most difficult subject among the lot. The only way to master this subject is by having a clear concept of each chapter and topic. A total of 45 questions will be asked from this section, each of which will carry 180 marks. 

Mostly the questions will come from mechanics, electronics, and electrostatics along with moderate to difficult numerical. Hence, students need to be prepared to solve such questions during their examination. NCERT physics of class XI and XII is undoubtedly one of the best books for NEET that covers the syllabus of physics. 

Along with that, you must also consult other reference books for a better understanding of the subject. For example, you can consult DC Pandey’s book for objective physics for NEET vol 1. Following is the list of best physics books for NEET. 

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma.

  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker. 

  • Objective Physics by DC Pandey.

  • I.E.Irodov Problems in General Physics

  • Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics.

Best Chemistry Books to Crack NEET 2020

The chemistry NEET syllabus covers three sections, physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. Among these three, inorganic is considered to be the easiest, even though it requires you to practise several multiple-choice questions from each chapter. The physical section includes numerical problems which require thorough practice and conceptual knowledge. You will find several options for that in the added list of best books for NEET. 

Lastly, for organic chemistry, students need to practise and revise all the chapters as it comprises numerous important reactions and equations. The more you practise, the better you can deliver on these topics during your examination. 

Here is the list of the best chemistry book for NEET that covers all the topics. 

  • NCERT chemistry textbooks of class XI and XII. 

  • O.P. Tandon Organic Chemistry

  • ABC of Chemistry for Class 11 and 12 by Modern. 

  • Dinesh Chemistry Guide

  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee.

  • Practise Books by N Awasthi (Physical), M.S. Chauhan (Organic) and V.K. Jaiswal (Inorganic)

  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd. 

Best Biology Books for NEET

Biology section of this examination carries a total of 360 marks which comprises 90 questions. As this portion carries a considerable weightage, NEET aspirants need to focus on this subject even more when compared to the other. Also, especially for the MBBS aspirants, Biology is the subject that constitutes the base for their further studies. 

The biology syllabus is vast and consists of several conceptual topics. Moreover, sections like physiology, biotechnology, morphology, etc. require extensive knowledge on related topics to crack the entrance exam. Subsequently, the list of best books for NEET includes various biology books that can make this section easy to understand.  

Thorough practise and revision can bring success for you in NEET. Nonetheless, you should also solve previous years’ biology questions, and models question papers to secure maximum marks in this portion. 

Consider the following options for complete NEET guide biology. 

  • NCERT Biology textbooks for class XI and XII.

  • Trueman Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2

  • Objective Botany by Ansari

  • S.C. Verma Biology Books

  • GR Bathla Publications for Biology

  • Pradeep’s Publication on Biology

  • Objective Biology by Dinesh

Now that you know which books can prove to be beneficial for you to take a look at the overall exam pattern of NEET!

Along with following the best books for NEET, you must have a clear understanding of the exam pattern. 

NEET 2020 Exam Pattern



Mode of Exam



3 hours

Number of questions


Section-wise marks distribution

Biology - 90 questions

Physics - 45 questions

Chemistry - 45 questions

Marking scheme

Each correct answer- +4 marks

Each wrong answer- -1 marks

Each unanswered question- 0

Total marks


A vital exam like the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test requires a steady study plan. The mantra to excel in this test is consistency and determination. Nonetheless, the correct selection of the best books for NEET will make the entire learning process easy. You should start your preparation for NEET early and revise the whole syllabus regularly.

Preferably, you should also make a daily study schedule and try to stick to it. Following the best NEET books for each topic is another must. Do not forget to practise maintaining time limits for your entrance. Seeking guidance from experts is the best option to clear any doubt you have on the necessary topics. Importantly, do not forget to take small breaks in between to maintain your health.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Sufficient is NCERT for NEET 2020?

Ans. NCERT is not sufficient for NEET 2020. Consequently, if you want to secure a good score, you must consult some of the best books for NEET for reference, especially since it is likely that CBSE will raise the standard of NEET this year.

2. How can I Crack NEET in One Month?

Ans. No time is less if you study smart and work hard. With a strong determination and elaborate study plan, you can crack NEET in one month. Devote at least 10 to 12 hours a day and do not forget to take short breaks in between.

3. How can I Make my Physics NEET Strong?

Ans. Firstly get a clear idea about the syllabus and exam pattern. Then point out your weak areas and revise those chapters repeatedly. Also, keep your concept clear and for that refer to the best physics books. Note down the important formulas and try to revise them every day.

Best Books to Crack NEET Exam 2020