Best Books For AIIMS Exam Preaparation

by Sagar Mankar, June 30, 2020

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS is India’s most prestigious medical college. Every year, lakhs of students take its admission test. Only a few are shortlisted. Fewer still are admitted.

Established in 1956, this institute has been at the forefront of medical research and was also accorded the prestigious ‘Institute of National Importance’ by a Parliamentary panel.

To ace this test, you need dedication, perseverance and aptitude. Besides these, you will also need the very best books for AIIMS. There are many books available which claim to be the best choices for such competitive exams.

Not all of them are of the same standard, however. As you read, you will find a list of the finest AIIMS preparation books. 

Best Books for AIIMS Preparation

To achieve your objective of becoming a qualified physician from India’s most renowned medical college, you will require the best books for AIIMS.

Follow these textbooks recommended below.


The most vital subject in your preparation for NEET to qualify for a seat at AIIMS, the best biology books for AIIMS are the following.

  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology is generally regarded as the finest in its category. You must purchase and go through both its volumes. Note that these textbooks are also widely used for other premium medical entrance exams in India and abroad.

  • Since you will have to handle multiple-choice questions, you must also have Trueman’s Objective Biology for Medical Entrance Examinations by your side. Consisting of two volumes, these books are easily the best books for AIIMS for biology.

  • Prakash Objective Zoology and A C Dutta’s Botany are also must-haves to master elusive subjects.


Physics is one of the pillars of this exam. You will have to overcome 60 questions in Physics. To do well in physics, you must minutely go through your NCERT textbooks. Most of the basics will be covered in those editions.

You Can Study:

  • H C Verma’s ‘Concepts of Physics’ is one of the most favoured books by previous AIIMS toppers. It has easily defined and well-illustrated examples, high-quality FAQs, last-minute tips and tricks and other advantages. This book was first published in 1992 and is still extremely popular.

  • One book which has gained popularity of late is ‘NCERT Xtract – Objective Physics’. It has been described as an extra tool for those who have mastered their NCERT textbooks. It is available for both classes 11 and 12; both require exhaustive perusal.

  • Another evergreen book for those who love physics is Igor Irodov’s ‘Problems in General Physics.’ It is a highly advanced book with lots of examples. 


Chemistry, surprisingly, is the most difficult subject to overcome in any medical entrance exam. That is because most medical aspirants are already well-placed in biology. Sometimes, they tend to overlook chemistry. This can be a grave error.

To master chemistry, the best books for AIIMS 2020 are these:

  • Modern ABC of Chemistry. You must purchase both volumes to excel. It is an extraordinary addition to your NCERT textbooks. Its sections on inorganic chemistry are unparalleled. 

  • O P Tandon’s ‘Physical Chemistry’ is another resource. It is renowned for its simple language and command over difficult organic chemistry topics.

  • J.D. Lee’s ‘Concise Inorganic Chemistry’ will help you brush up your basics in a short span.

General Knowledge/Logical Reasoning

To hone your GK, you must read newspapers, books on current affairs and various magazines. However, since you are appearing for AIIMS, you can also make good use of these following resources:

  • Wiley's Chapter-wise Assertion-Reason for AIIMS and Other Competitive Examinations. It is highly regarded by quiz champions and examinees. Innovative and interesting to read, it is a must-have.

  • Guide to English Proficiency, Logic & Quantitative Reasoning for JIPMER. Do not be misled by its name; it is equally effective for cracking your AIIMS entrance test.

  • Finally, you can peruse Sunil Nain’s GK Aptitude & Logical Thinking for AIIMS. This is also a perennial favourite.

AIIMS Examination Pattern

Before a unified India-wide system for medical entrance exams (NEET) was in place, this institute used to have a different pattern. Now, the NEET exam also includes New Delhi’s AIIMS besides the proposed institutes bearing the same name in other states.

This is why the best books for NEET and AIIMS often turn out to one and the same.

The entrance test questions are based on what you have learned in classes 11 and 12. Physics, chemistry and biology are the three most crucial subjects. But AIIMS also lays emphasis on general awareness and aptitude.

For Simplicity, the Exam Pattern has Been Tabulated Below

AIIMS exam dates for 2020

Please check their official website

Time allotted

2 exams on a pre-announced day. 3 and a half hours each

Mode of examination


Languages available

Hindi and English

Types of questions expected

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Marking pattern followed

Every correct answer will fetch 1 mark. Every negative response will have negative marking (-1/3)


Physics, Chemistry and Biology will follow 10+2 CBSE syllabus. GK and logical reasoning tests are extra

There will be a total of 200 questions. Of these, PCB will have 60 questions each. 10 questions will be reserved for General Knowledge. Logical reasoning and aptitude will have 10 questions.

All these best books for AIIMS and references are available both online and at any standard booksellers’ outlet. They can also be purchased as E-books for rapid referencing & bookmarking.

Tips to Tackle AIIMS Entrance Exam Effectively

Along with constantly studying this list of best books for AIIMS, there are certain other guidelines you must keep in mind.

First, start giving yourselves timed MCQ-based entrance tests using previous years’ papers. It will get you a good idea of how to manage time under stress.

Second, ensure you have plenty of rest between these tests. Maintain a good diet and a scientific exercise regimen if possible. 

Third, minutely study the diagrams given in the best biology books for AIIMS. You will find it is easier to remember complicated details if you have these pictures in memory.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Best Books on Physics for AIIMS Entrance Tests?

Ans. Some of the textbooks you can refer to are H C Verma’s ‘Concepts of Physics’ and Xtract – Objective Physics’. Both are not just good, but have been highly recommended by subject experts.

2. What are Some Good Chemistry Books for AIIMS?

Ans. Two books which should be most definitely referred to are J.D. Lee’s ‘Concise Inorganic Chemistry’ and Tandon’s ‘Physical Chemistry.’ Additionally, you should also refer to detailed study notes from subject experts which are available online.

3. What is the Negative Marking Pattern in this Exam?

For every incorrect answer, one-third of 1 mark will be deducted from your score. However, there is no negative marking for not attempting a question. Consequently, it is advisable not to attempt a question if you are unsure of its answer.

Best Books For AIIMS Exam Preaparation