Benefits of NCERT Books in NEET Exam

by Sagar Mankar, May 19, 2020

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an annual exam taken by medical aspirants after graduating high school. It is an important exam in the sense that it provides a standard unified pattern for the students to acclimate themselves and is also nationally accepted by all medical colleges in India. This, in turn, reduces the anxiety and pressure on the students making them more determined and self-assured.

This is where the NCERT books come into play. They are a series of extremely well-researched and curated study material designed to help the aspiring student achieve their best potential. 

Now, what are the NCERT books? They are CBSE prescribed reference books for the subjects of chemistry, physics and biology. These books are written by experts of the respective fields in a language that is easily accessible by students of all skill levels. The questions from the NCERT books are extremely relevant as quite a few questions appearing on the NEET exam are taken directly from them. These books are also appropriately priced and easily available all over India. 

The books are revised and updated every year in order to retain its extreme usefulness for the students. Now, the next question is - 

Why Do You Need NCERT Books for Your NEET Exam?

As explained before, NCERT books are a worthy investment for serious students because of their relevance in the exam preparation as well as their easy accessibility. Below are some of the top benefits that cannot be ignored at any cost:

1. Easy to Read and Effective Delivery of Content

The NCERT books’ main appeal lies in its simplicity and ease. The books are designed to be written in simple language that can help students understand what is written on their own. The book is efficient in delivering its content because most students can understand the main topics without much hard work.

2. Covers the Whole Syllabus

The NCERT books are written by the experts of the field. These books are written to cover the entire contents of the syllabus of the classes 11 and 12 as well as of the NEET exams. The books do not indulge in dwelling in details which will not be necessary for the students at this level. 

3. Relevant for the Questions Asked

If you carefully analyse the question papers of the previous years, you may find that a lot of questions are asked from the NCERT books. If we look at it statistically a good 60 to 70 per cent of all questions asked are from the NCERT books. So in terms of the number of questions asked, studying the NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions is very relevant to the exam preparation.

4. Strengthens Foundation 

Studying the NCERT textbooks and solutions help you understand the contents much more easily and utilise this knowledge in the question paper. The text material strengthens the base of understanding and answering capabilities.

So, you can see how the NCERT books are utterly beneficial in your NEET preparation, right? Do choose reference books also along with the NCERT ones, but put more focus on the former. With proper preparation and revision, there is nothing stopping you from conquering NEET top ranks and pursuing a medical course, which you have been dreaming of since your childhood days.

Benefits of NCERT Books in NEET Exam