BAMS career in India

by Asmita Kundu, May 14, 2020

A Comprehensive Idea on BAMS Career in India

An undergraduate degree recognised by the Indian Medicine Central Council Act of 1970, BAMS is a viable career choice with rising popularity over recent decades. While this can be traced to an intriguing course that focuses primarily on Vedic knowledge of medicine, a significant reason for this rise in BAMS career choice is due to its integration with modern medicine. With career options explained in detail later, you should note that students also have the option of specialisation after BAMS. As a student interested in BAMS, you should plan your specialisation and career choices from ahead to create a bright and exciting professional future for yourself.

Career Options after Completing BAMS

After a student completes his/her BAMS graduation and internship, there are a plethora of options that can be explored. A significant avenue which is exponentially growing across the globe is that of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is growing in popularity, not just due to its lesser side effects but also since it is often an economical option.

Quite understandably, it would be inadequate just to say that a career after BAMS can be bright. Instead, you have an option to lead an exciting and distinguished career after completing your BAMS with opportunities to practice medicine, conduct research, manufacture drugs, etc.

The basic scopes after BAMS include numerous government and private sector organisations which recruit these doctors. Students graduating in BAMS possessing a diverse knowledge spanning over Ayurveda, panchakarma and allopathic medicine; following job prospects can be explored by them - 

  • An academic pursuit which begins as an assistant professor - Doctors in this BAMS career option generally progress on to become an associate professor and professor. You can even reach the level of being a director/deputy director/ assistant director of an institute.

  • Research related career opportunities after BAMS include that of a scientist, research officer/ assistant research officer, etc. Both government and private organisations recruit doctors as researchers. Research subjects can be medical, clinical, drug use, drug safety, development of new drugs, etc.

  • You can also start your practice as an ayurvedic medical officer/ physician/ consultant. Furthermore, many government and private healthcare departments also recruit doctors in these portfolios.

  • While looking for career options after BAMS, you can also explore options like those of therapist and related sectors. Private sector enterprises generally offer these portfolios.

Some of the significant government sector employers who offer a career after BAMS in India are as follows:

  • Union Public Service Commission

  • Bihar Public Service Commission

  • Maharashtra Public Service Commission

  • Rajasthan Public Service Commission

  • Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission

  • Calcutta Public Service Commission

Along with these various scopes after BAMS; you should also note that salary options on offer are also quite rewarding. Typical to the medical profession, experience coupled with skill and expertise can reap immense financial rewards. Usually, Indian Government recruits such Ayurvedic medical doctors at a pay scale of Rs.15,000 - Rs.39,000; though consultation services are also known to begin around Rs.20,000 - Rs.30,000.

These amounts can grow manifolds in the private sector based on a doctor’s BAMS career progression. Personal practices can also be a high revenue yielding career choice, though factors like location, target group, etc. also come into play.

BAMS Course Details

Offered in numerous government and private universities, BAMS is a 4 and a half year undergraduate course which is accompanied by a compulsory internship of 1 year, though it may stretch to 2 years. While you have various career opportunities after BAMS, you can also choose to pursue a master’s degree in this subject as Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda and Master in Surgery in Ayurveda.

However, before considering specialisation after BAMS, you should note that you must be 17 years old to join this undergraduate course. Furthermore, you must have passed your standard 12 board examinations with Physics, Chemistry and Biology from a recognised university, along with Sanskrit as an official subject. CBSE conducts the entrance examination for joining a BAMS course through All India, as well as State Level Entrance Examinations.

Some of the premium institutions which have a track record of students with commendable BAMS careers are as follows.

  • Sri Dhanwantari Ayurvedic College, Chandigarh

  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka 

  • Ashtang Ayurveda College, Indore

  • Rishikul State College, Haridwar

  • J B Roy State Medical College, Kolkata

While these above mentioned colleges are some of the finest institutions in India for academic excellence that is necessary to pursue career options after BAMS, there are numerous other institutions too. 

Notably, the curriculum offered by every institution in India also includes a study of allopathic medicine in your final 1 and a half year of these courses. Consequently, as a student of medicine, you are exposed to past and present medical knowledge which leads to your complete growth as a doctor.

Time to Choose, Time to Get Ready; BAMS as a Bright Career Choice!

With its wide array of options, BAMS is a course that can be perfect for students pursuing a career in medicine, especially if they are also intrigued by the wisdom of bygone eras. Offering an avenue to mix modern medicine with age-old medical practices, choosing BAMS career can be as much exciting as it is monetarily rewarding. Along with these various career opportunities, students can also opt for higher studies after BAMS. With knowledge of these career options that are on offer, you should prepare early to make your dream come true in this medical field.

Assess yourself, decide on your choice; your career is yours to build!

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BAMS career in India