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5 Days Revision Strategy for NEET-UG 2022

By Asmita KunduJuly 12, 2022
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It is often seen that many candidates start feeling nervous and pressured as the exam day comes closer. With only five days left in the NEET-UG 2022, every candidate must be feeling anxious as it’s the last stage of the NEET preparation. 

NEET UG 2022

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During this period, it is important that one should be mentally strong in order to focus on the final preparation, and performance is not hampered due to any other factor. To cater to this last moment of pressure and stress, Vedantu has compiled a brief list to help you focus on your preparation and devise a strategy to perform optimally. 

1. Focus On Your Strengths

This is the time to make yourself feel confident. A major threat to your confidence can be picking up something from scratch. Forget about the topics you have missed, and focus on the ones you have a strong command of. Revise such topics with your notes and other study material. 

Further, strengthen your confidence by solving multiple questions on such topics. See what was asked previously and try to solve as many previous year's questions from the respective topics.

2. Work On Your Speed

Though you have mastered the concepts of a lot of topics, you will be getting limited time to solve the questions. While solving the questions from a particular topic, identify the time you are taking to solve one particular question. Track the kind of questions you are solving below the average time taken and the ones that are taking a significantly longer duration. 

When you start solving the question paper, identify the questions that you think will be quick to solve for you and pick them first. This will give you enough room for the long ones and give you a sense of confidence that you have completed a portion of your paper already. Going another way round may result in less time left for the questions that you are confident with but, solving them at a pace might increase the chances of silly mistakes. 

3. Make NCERT Your Go-To Place

During the last few days, any new reference study material should not be used. You must revise concepts from NCERT in a strategic manner to clear your doubts. Divide your time for each subject - Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and may allocate more hours to the ones which need more effort.

Don't overlook the experimental analysis and exercises given in each chapter of NCERT. Try to take a glance at each topic, no matter how much expertise you have in it. While revising the formulas for numerical problems, try solving 1-2 related problems quickly to gain instant confidence. This will not only help you remember better, but it will also prepare you for the problem-solving aspect parallelly. 

4. Don't Neglect Your Timetable

Most of the candidates prepare a timetable for the whole year, and never look at it. Don't repeat this mistake in the last few days of your preparation. With limited days left for NEET-UG 2022, the timetable should be made accordingly. Your timetable should include not only your study routine but also your rest regime. 

Place small breaks in your routine in which you may practise some exercises to keep your mind calm and stress-free. Breathing exercises are of great help in reducing anxiety and increasing focus. Take proper rest, and don't indulge in any activity that may consume your unnecessary hours and mental peace. Don’t overthink the exam day rather focus on your preparation and practice. 

5. Talk To Your Mentors

There are chances that you are struggling to clear a doubt or stuck with an important problem. Trying different methods is not helping you to achieve the solution. In such cases, prepare a list of queries and problems that make you nervous and attack your confidence. Consult your mentor and talk about such issues.

Your mentor will put all the effort into bringing a solution to the table. Plan your doubt sessions strategically. Not just talk about the problems and doubts you have but also talk about the mental challenges and stress you are feeling before the exam. Your mentor will also guide you on how to keep your focus on the important things and neglect the noise. 

You may also consult your mentors to take guidance on revising the topics in a crisp way that may open a window for other topics that need more attention. Your mentor has years of experience, knowledge and understanding of different situations a student may be facing. Make the most out of your mentor’s expertise. Last-minute revision strategies can be a boom in enhancing the overall performance. 

6. Don't Compare

Discussions with friends and other classmates often end up in knowing the preparation level of each other. Don't do this! This will put you in an uninvited competing space which may not be healthy for your mental peace. Maybe someone is revising the entire course for the third time. This may not affect your preparation in any way. Your one-time thorough revision can be more effective than someone's third revision. 

It is better to discuss doubts and other stuff that may help build confidence over just comparing how many times the other person has revised a particular topic or how many question papers one has solved. 

These are just small tips to remember during your last 5-day preparation regime for NEET-UG 2022. It is important to understand that you only have to focus on making an effort. Thinking of the factors that are not in your hands may only invite stress and anxiety. 

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