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10 Fun Activities for Summer Music and Dance Parties

By FathimaApril 29, 2024
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Summer — it's the perfect time to let loose and have some fun. Think of a sunny afternoon, your backyard transformed into a dance floor, and a playlist full of energetic songs.

10 Fun Activities for Summer Music and Dance Parties

Our blog post highlights some of the exciting music and dance activities as part of summer parties that are sure to get you and your kids grooving.

Whether you're flipping burgers on the grill or splashing in the pool, crank up the tunes and watch your music and dance summer parties transform into unforgettable dance-offs. 

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Music and Dance Summer Parties for Kids — How Beneficial are They?

When it comes to hosting the ultimate summer dance party, the right music can make all the difference. That's why choosing songs with uplifting and energetic beats is crucial. These rhythms bring a vibrant pulse to any gathering, turning your backyard into a mini festival where everyone — from toddlers to grandparents — feels the urge to get up and move.

By engaging your kids with summer parties, music and dance can:


  • Release endorphins that make them feel happier and more connected

  • Support physical development and coordination 

  • Encourages creativity and boosts self-confidence 

Ready to keep their little feet moving and their faces smiling all summer long? Let’s get you started!

10 Fun Activities for Summer Music and Dance Parties

1. DIY Instrument Workshop

Set up a crafting station with materials like empty cans, rice, beans, balloons, rubber bands, and sticks. Guide the kids to make simple instruments like:

  • Rice-filled can shaker

  • Rubber band harp

  • Drum from an upside-down bowl

After crafting, encourage a mini-concert where they can showcase their new instruments!

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2. Freeze Dance

Are you ready to add some electric excitement to your child's party? Freeze dance is a game where kids dance to music but freeze when the music stops. It's fun and gets everyone moving and laughing! Here’s how you, as a parent, can turn this simple game into the highlight of your child’s party:

  • Clear an area in your backyard or living room to make enough space for all the kids to dance freely without bumping into furniture or each other

  • Find a portable speaker or sound system to ensure the music is loud enough for all the kids to hear

  • Select a variety of upbeat, kid-friendly songs that are known to get little feet moving

  • Think along the lines of catchy pop hits or classic dance anthems that everyone loves

Following are the steps to play freeze dance:

  • Be the DJ and control the music

  • Gather all the participants and explain the rules clearly

  • Hit play and watch the little dancers 

  • You can stop the music randomly without a pattern, adding to the excitement

  • Comment on their frozen poses to create more fun

  • Resume the music and continue the process

  • Tap out of the round for kids who didn’t manage to freeze with each pause

  • Narrow down and declare the winner

  • Consider having a small prize or a special dance trophy to make the game extra special

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3. Limbo Dance-Off

3. Limbo Dance-Off

Get your kids ready to bend, laugh, and limbo! Here’s how you can set up and run this classic limbo dance-off game from your perspective:

  • Choose some lively tropical or Caribbean music to set the mood

  • Gather the kids and explain the rules clearly. Each participant must pass under the limbo stick by bending backward, not sideways or frontwards, and without touching the stick or falling. If a player touches the stick or falls, they’re out of the game

  • Line up the kids and one by one, let them attempt to limbo under the stick. Cheer them on to keep the spirits high!

  • After each round, lower the limbo stick slightly to increase the difficulty. You can adjust it according to the age and height of the remaining participants to keep it fair and challenging

  • Continue playing the music and encouraging the kids as they take turns trying to go under the bar at its new height. Keep the game paced well to maintain enthusiasm and engagement

  • The game goes on until only one flexible limbo champion remains under the lowest height without touching the bar

4. Musical Chairs

Add a twist to your music and dance summer parties with a classic game of musical chairs! Kids will have a blast dancing around the chairs, waiting for the music to stop so they can grab a seat. It keeps the party moving and the energy high. 

Plus, everyone gets involved and laughs together. So, gather some chairs, queue up their favorite tunes, and let the musical fun begin!

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5. Karaoke Contest

5. Karaoke Contest

A karaoke contest is a fantastic addition to your music and dance summer parties! It's a chance for kids to showcase their singing talents and boost their confidence. By participating, they can:

  • Improve their public speaking skills

  • Enhance their musical abilities

  • Learn about performance and stage presence

So, set up the karaoke machine, let the kids pick their favorite songs, and watch them shine on stage! Also, consider giving out fun awards for categories like 'Best Performance', 'Most Enthusiastic', or 'Best Dance Moves'.

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6. Dance Battles

Your kids can reveal their inner Michael Jackson or Prabhudeva with dance battles at your music and dance summer parties! Here’s what you can do:

  • Create a dance floor area

  • Split the kids into teams or pairs

  • Play high-energy songs

  • Let each kid group take turns showcasing their best moves

  • Make it more fun by assigning specific dance styles or challenges

  • Assign scores to make it competitive

  • Give away the winners with exciting rewards

7. Glow Stick Dance Party

Here's a fun activity that will light up your summer nights! Hand out glow sticks to your kids as the sun sets, and if you have them, use black lights to make the glow even more magical.

  • As it starts to get dark, turn on some upbeat electronic or pop music in your backyard or any open space

  • Give each child a few glow sticks to wear as bracelets, necklaces, or even to twirl around for cool light effects

  • Let them dance and groove to the music, creating a mesmerizing light show with their glow sticks

  • Cherish the joy in this unique and fun dance party under the stars!

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8. Hula Hoop Fun

Looking for a fun activity to keep the kids entertained in your music and dance summer parties? 

  • Grab a hula hoop for each child

  • See who can keep theirs spinning the longest in a friendly contest

  • You can also choreograph a group hula hoop dance for an extra fun challenge!

9. Scavenger Hunt Dance

9. Scavenger Hunt Dance

Arrange a thrilling game that combines the excitement of a scavenger hunt with the fun of dancing! 

Parents, you can hide dance-themed items or pictures around your yard or party area. Give each child a list of items to find, and at each spot, they must do a specific dance move written on a note before moving to the next clue. The first to complete the list wins! 

This game keeps the kids active and entertained as well helps them improve their coordination, memory, and teamwork skills. Also, it encourages creativity as they interpret and perform the dance moves, making it a fun and beneficial activity for all!

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10. Bubble Dance Floor

Bring the joy of a street festival to your backyard! Remember how kids love to pop the bubbles you blow in the air during local street festivals? This game takes that excitement to the next level! 

  • Set up a bubble machine on the dance floor

  • Fill the area with bubbles

  • Play some uplifting dance music

Now, kids can chase and pop the bubbles while dancing, adding a magical element to your party.

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As this season filled with music and dance summer parties draws to a close, reflect on the joy and memories created through these vibrant celebrations. 

Ready to turn up the volume on your family's summer fun? Summer dance party music unites kids from all walks of life in a shared love for music and movement.

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