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26 Things to Do and Love in the Summer Season

By AiswaryaApril 12, 2024
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Another great Indian summer has finally arrived, and it’s bringing along what all children desperately want—summer vacations!

Things to Do and Love in the Summer Season

It’s their favorite time of the year, and like all loving parents, you too might be wondering how to plan their vacations in a way that lets them learn, develop new skills, stay in touch with their studies, and doesn’t make your bank account cry!

If your search for summer activities for kids led you to this page, you'll leave this article with a big smile and a bucket full of fun activities that will neither hurt your pockets nor your child’s sentiments—that’s a promise!

But first things first: Why is it so important that children get a taste of everything during their summer vacations? Give us ten seconds of your time, and you’ll know everything there is to know about the importance of enjoying summer to its fullest.

Importance of Enjoying Summer to Its Fullest

Go back to your own childhood summers once!

Can you remember the feeling of waking up with no alarm? The thrill of a long, warm day stretched before you, but there was no school to rush you through things. The happiness when your mother would let you sleep a little longer because why not—those were your summer vacations!

This is precisely why your kids wait for their summer vacations too. Remember, generations have changed, but what we do in the summer season remains the same.

Summers are a golden opportunity for kids to:

  • Break free of their daily schedule and rejuvenate

  • Pursue a hobby they couldn’t because of the hectic school schedule

  • Make new friends

This enthusiasm applies to kids of all ages. The variety of what your kids can do in the summer season is huge.

If you have a toddler, summer activities such as painting, storytelling, and fun reading can improve their cognitive skills.

If your kids are aged 5+, they can indulge in animal care, learn about fun science experiments, go on picnics with you, and even discover the joy of cooking, which could be as simple as cracking open an egg without making a mess out of it!

And for your teenagers, how about taking them on fun trails or backyard barbeques?

Excited about the limitless options you have to give your kids a chance to enjoy their summer like never before? Then we won’t hold you up any longer. Let’s start with some fun and educational summer activities for kids of all ages!

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures

When the calendar pages turn to the warmer months, the question of "what we do in the summer season" finds its answer in the great outdoors. Indian summers, with their extended daylight, open up a can of outdoor activities, which are discussed below. Have a look!

1. Going on Hikes

Explore nature with your kids on foot – there’s something magical about it. Hiking will give your kids a:

  • Doze of physical activity that’s needed to stay fit

  • Way to connect with nature and you

  • Chance to discover local trails through forests or some hidden waterfalls

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2. Setting Up a Backyard Camping Experience

Who says you need to walk your kids far, far away so they can experience adventure? You can transform your backyard into a campsite and then revel in the joy of seeing their mouth-splitting grins.

This mini-adventure will:

  • Teach your kids about the basics of camping

  • Offer you a chance to brush up their knowledge of constellation through stargazing

3. Enjoying Beach Days with Activities Like Making Sand Castles

This is for those little ones who are beach bugs and love collecting ‘nothings’ and turning them into ‘somethings’!

A day by the sea can teach your kids skills, from the simple joy of building sand castles to collecting seashells and making bracelets.

4. Exploring Local Trails and Parks on a Bike

Riding through the neighborhood or along green trails, with the wind in their hair and the Sun on their faces—that’s every child’s summer dream. And you can make it true!

Cycling will allow your entire family to explore new sceneries at your own pace and combine exercise with exploration.

Creative and Learning Activities

Yes, outdoor activities are fun. But what about the days when the Sun forgets to switch off its furnace, and it gets too hot? As we ponder over what we do in the summer season that can beat the heat and boredom, let’s dive into what exactly needs to be done – bringing the artist out of your child to life!

5. Painting on Rocks for Artistic Expression

Art can be made just as well on stones as on paper. We’re not kidding.

Your kids can collect stones from the backyard and paint them. It’s an enjoyable activity for young children and toddlers. They can create bright patterns, funny faces, or beautiful landscapes through rock painting. It will:

  • Spark their creativity

  • Encourage them to try new things

  • Make them better with paint and brush stroke

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6. Learning to Cook or Bake with Seasonal Ingredients

It’s impossible to discuss summer without discussing the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables it brings. Such tantalizing variety makes summer vacations the perfect time to introduce your children to the joys of cooking and baking.

  • They can learn how to make ice cream from fresh seasonal fruits

  • Cook some scrambled eggs for the family

  • Try different veggies and get healthy

  • Learn the importance of consuming fresh and organic food over junk and processed

7. Creating Tie-dye Shirts as a Fun Craft Project

Tie-dyeing is a fantastic way to encourage kids to get creative with colors and patterns. Use this opportunity to:

  • Help toddlers identify colors and shapes

  • Teach the elder siblings how to dye their boring t-shirts and turn them into something new

8. Reading Books – An Ideal Summer Pastime

Sweltering summer afternoons confine kids indoors. This is the perfect time to slow things down and build their reading habits. And reading books is ideal for kids of all ages.

  • Choose books according to their age

  • Encourage them to read like they’re a part of the story

You never know how this simple activity might make your child excel at debate competitions later.

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Family and Social Activities

All the activities we’ve compiled for you in this section will teach your kids something very important—how fun it can be to spend time with family. What better way to take them off the screen for once without upsetting them?

9. Make a Picnic

When you plan a picnic the smart way, kids of all ages (including sulking teenagers) won’t be able to help but thoroughly enjoy family time – without missing their phones and tablets.

Besides the usuals – packing sandwiches and grabbing a picnic blanket – here’s what you can do to make the activity fun:

  • If your kids love lakes, arrange for a lakeside picnic. How about catching a fish or two and teaching your kids how to skin it? Give them a thorough experience of living like our ancestors did

  • Pack a treasure hunt list. Each item on the list should be something they can find around the picnic area — a yellow leaf, a smooth stone, or maybe a feather. This way, they’re not just eating and playing but also observing and exploring

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10. Backyard Barbecue

Cooking is a life skill that goes a long way. Once your kids grow up and move out for college and jobs, they will be grateful that you taught them how to cook lip-smacking recipes during summer vacations.

Start with safe recipes—think paneer skewers, veggie burgers, or corn on the cob. If they show genuine interest, who knows, this life skill could turn into a bright career. You could be feeding the passion of a future chef!

11. Road Trip Discovery

Instead of just sightseeing, you can turn a road trip into a scavenger hunt or a storytelling mission. We’re not even kidding!

Before you set off, create a map with landmarks where each stop has a story or a clue. It could be a historical tale, a local legend, or a fun fact. This way, the journey becomes an adventure, and every destination tells a part of a larger story.

12. Movie Night Under the Stars

Most kids don’t like setting up their rooms. Instead of chasing after them, you can use this fun activity to help them become better at arranging things neatly. They won’t even realize they’re doing a task.

  • Ask them to pick a movie of their choice

  • Supervise them into readying a cozy corner in your garden or balcony with mattresses, lots of cushions, and blankets

  • Don’t forget to make them sizzle some popcorn they could enjoy

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Water Activities

Do you have kids who turn into little fish the moment they see water? Then, this section is going to make their summer epic! Here’s how you can include some splash-tastic water fun into their holidays.

13. Day Trip to Water Parks

Plan a trip to a water park with rides suitable for different age groups. This will ensure your little ones are safe while having the time of their lives, and your teenagers aren’t stuck with rides suitable only for little kids.

14. Inflatable Pool Party at Home

An inflatable pool can turn your backyard into a mini-water world. Throw in some water toys, maybe even a slide, and let your kids splash. It’s an excellent way for them to cool off, play water games, learn to identify animals through water toys and stay fit.

15. Kayaking or Canoeing Adventures

If you’re near a lake or a calm river, introducing your kids to kayaking or canoeing can be a fantastic way to explore nature from a different perspective. If they're beginners, opt for tandem kayaks or canoes so you can paddle together.

16. Pool Games 

For those with access to a pool, organizing pool games is a surefire hit. You can even have a mini family water polo match. Besides, pool activities will only make your children better swimmers and keep them physically fit.

Gardening and Nature

Remember, we told you how the summer season brings forth a chance to teach your kids the value of organic food? You can take it many steps further by:

17. Making Your Children Plant a Fruit or a Vegetable

When they water their plants regularly, they develop a newfound appreciation for nature and become responsible.

18. Turning Your Backyard into a Bird-watching Paradise

Teach them to make DIY feeders from simple materials around the house and hang them up to attract feathered friends. Teach your kids how to be quiet and observant.

19. Introducing a Full-Fledged Adventure Camp Feeling

Create an obstacle course in your backyard using whatever you have—ropes, tires, boxes—to set up a course. It will challenge your kids physically and mentally.

Summer Foods and Drinks

Here’s how you can turn food and drinks into an exciting and tasty part of your kids during their summer vacation:

20. DIY Frozen Delights

Start with something sweet and simple: making homemade ice cream or ice pops.

21. Grilled food

Grilling isn’t just for adults—kids can help too, under supervision. They can help marinate seasonal vegetables or meats and learn about cooking over an open flame.

22. Fruit Fun

They can prepare fresh fruit salads and make healthy smoothies. Get them involved in choosing a mix of seasonal fruits, cutting them (with safety knives for the younger ones), and tossing them into vibrant salads or blending them into cool smoothies.

23. Lemonade Stand Project

For a dash of entrepreneurship, help your kids set up a lemonade stand. It’s a classic summer activity that teaches them business basics like budgeting, pricing, and customer service. Plus, it gives them a sense of thrill when they earn a little pocket money.

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Volunteering and Giving Back

Summer is the perfect time to turn your kids into socially responsible children. Here are some meaningful ways to introduce to them the concept of being empathetic human beings.

24. Joining Forces with Local Charities

Whether donating clothes and toys they no longer use or spending a few hours a week helping out, every little bit counts. It’s a practical way to show kids the value of generosity.

25. Community Clean-up

Organize or participate in a community clean-up day. It’s an excellent way to keep your neighborhood beautiful and a hands-on lesson in environmental stewardship for your kids. Equip them with gloves and bags, and make it a fun competition to see who can collect the most litter. It teaches them about teamwork and the importance of caring for the planet.

26. Lending a Hand to Furry Friends

Volunteering at a local animal shelter can be a rewarding experience. Engage your kids in feeding, cleaning, or simply playing with the animals. It’s an opportunity for them to learn about empathy and responsibility.

As you plan a summer filled with activities that are both enjoyable and enriching, consider incorporating Vedantu's wide range of educational courses to give your child a head start in their next academic year.

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If you look at it, finding the right activities for your child’s summer vacation goes way beyond keeping them engaged – it is the longest stretch of the year where they get time to get involved in activities without rushing through things.

Helping them take on the responsibilities of caring for animals and plating, motivating them to build their speaking and coloring skills and taking them out on family adventures where they bond with you are a few ways in which you’re giving them valuable life lessons.

As you pick out the best activities for the summer season from our list, why not check out our English learning courses for kids?

Under the expert care of some of the most qualified mentors, your child will not only be better at reading and writing, but they will understand the true meaning of storytelling. Book a demo call with us today and let our experts walk you through how our courses will give wings to your child’s imagination and dreams.