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10 Effective Ways to Strengthen the Basics for the NEET Exam

By Amaresh VenkatapurOctober 09, 2020
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NEET is a very competitive and time taking entrance exam, and the subjects included are Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Each subject has its own significance in the Exam. But subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Maths are hard to understand and to complete. So being clear with basic concepts is necessary to crack this exam. To help you out, here are 10 best ways which can help you to strengthen the basics for the NEET Exam in a strategic manner.

  1. Grasp the basic concepts through examples.

  2. Scan the  chapters with similar basics.

  3. Divide a vast concept into smaller topics for easy learning

  4. Do not be in a hurry to finish it. Have a deep understanding.

  5. Be strong in your basics, and you can master the problems related to physics.

  6. Write down what you understand in your own words and retain the basics in Biology.

  7. Be clear with fundamental concepts that will help you remember the basics of chemistry.

  8. If you find a topic boring, do not skip it. Instead, find new interesting methods to learn it.

  9. Do not skip a trivial concept. Try to grasp the basics through visual learning or asking someone who is clear with it.

  10. Try to choose a mentor who can aid you in performing your best.

Guidelines to Strengthen the Basics for the NEET Exam

Grasp the Basic Concepts through Examples

See the relevance of the concept you're learning through real-life examples where you can see a clear picture or demonstration of the subject you're learning. Try to relate your learning through practical examples that you see in the daily course of life. Examples can help you remember and understand the topic more clearly.

Scan the Chapter With Similar Basics

Many topics in the syllabus of Neet Exam are interconnected and related to each other or are built upon each other. So combine it together for clear understanding and try to counter a similar question with similar methods to clear your basics. For example - the Organic Chemistry is to be read with gravitation and electrostatics. Though these three are completely different subjects but carry similar concepts, biological classification with microbes in human welfare, etc. 

Breaking Vast Topic Into Smaller Sub-Topics

Try to break vast concepts into smaller topics and try to cover maximum topics which are included under a concept. Try to master these small topics and go through questions or live examples related to them and move on to next. 

Do Not Be in a Hurry- Understanding the Basics Takes Time

Read NCERT textbooks thoroughly. After you are thorough with the topic or major sections of the concepts, close the book, recall the main points and write them down in your own words. Take as much time required to understand those topics but do not skip them or keep them for later. Do not re-read it multiple times in order to mug them up. Be clear in understanding the topic.

Basic Concepts Help in Solving Physics With Ease

Physics becomes easier when you're clear with the basics as the problems are practical and only need logical thinking. You can start with NCERT books of Physics then move on to books like HC Verma. Do not start solving problems straight away without basic knowledge of concepts.

Write Down Things in Order to Understand as Well as Memorize

Whenever you're going through your Biology book or any coaching module, write them down in your notebook in your own understandable language. Write down important information like terminology used, concept summary, explanations, process etc. Writing things down helps you understand certain topics better and you can remember them more clearly while appearing for exams. 

Fundamental Concepts in Chemistry

Chemistry concepts are built on fundamental understanding units, the conversion, and how the atoms and molecules react or interact. Be clear with the fundamental concept as to what the concept is about by demonstration or examples that will make it easier to memorize the terms or topics related to them. Write down all the formulae and equations into your notes. While you're practising questions, make sure you are thorough with each step of the problems and understand why it is necessary.

Try a New Kind of Learning When Bored

If you counter any topic which seems to be boring, then try new methods of learning or take up interesting practices while studying but make sure you concentrate on studies. You can do this by active learning methods like countering your understanding by questioning yourself, creating flow charts where you're covering all the topics together, drawing tables and patterns, diagrams for easy memorization and concept mapping, etc.

Do Not Skip Trivial Basics

Resolve the smallest possible doubts and then move on; do not skip them. Do not be dismayed; even if you feel like giving up, try to approach your mentor when you do not understand specific topics. Learn the basics of concepts and apply them to the hardest possible questions to make sure you're through with that topic.


All these tips will help you to strengthen the basics for the NEET Exam in a simple manner and you will be able to understand all the concepts and hard subjects easily and quickly.