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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-20 Mensuration (Ex 20D) Exercise 20.4

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-20 Mensuration (Ex 20D) Exercise 20.4 - Free PDF Download

Free PDF download of RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-20 Mensuration (Ex 20D) Exercise 20.4 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Exercise 20.4 Questions with Solutions for Class 7 Maths  RS Aggarwal to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other Engineering entrance exams. Register Online for Class 7 Science tuition on to score more marks in CBSE board examination. You can also download NCERT Solutions PDF and opt to cross-refer post-answering questions to score subject-best marks.

As you enter high school, you experience transformation at multiple levels including physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. As you are trying to find your ground, you also need to take care of the growing academic challenges. In this scenario, don’t you think you could with all the assistance you get? Vedantu has the right solution lined up for you!

Class 7 Chapter-20 Mensuration RS Aggarwal Solutions For (Ex 20D) Exercise 20.4

Mathematics is a subject that needs consistent practice and strong fundamentals, else we are doomed. However, once we get it right, there’s no looking back! You’ll fall in love with the subject. RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 7 ensures that happens to you with comprehensive and well-organized answers for questions related to Chapter 20 - Mensuration.

Now, Mensuration in Class 7 is just the beginning - there is much more to learn about this topic in higher Classes. However, the beginnings are the most important. As said earlier, if you get your fundamentals right, you are all set! 

What then is Mensuration? It deals with the study of geometric figures and their areas, shapes, volumes and various other parameters. At this level, the questions are relatively fundamental in nature. A fun fact here - India, which is the most ancient civilization on this planet, also started its Mathematical quest in pre-Greek times with a strong emphasis on the Geometric, Arithmetic and Algebraic Aspects. 

Before you take a dive into solving questions with the help of our customized RS Aggarwal Solutions

Here are Some Applications of Mensuration You Can Look at: 

  • Measuring the amount of carpet required for your room.

  • The volume of soil you will need to fill a ditch.

  • Knowing the fencing you need for the perimeter of your garden.

  • Measuring the distance around a circular race track.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter-20 Mensuration (Ex 20D) Exercise 20.4

1. What benefits can using RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter 20 on Vedantu give me?

You have two answers here. One is that Vedantu’s team has some of the best and highly qualified Mathematics teachers who can be your guiding light. It is they who come together to teach you and create these solutions to strengthen your understanding. Second is that the RS Aggarwal textbook has some of the most difficult questions in high school Mathematics. If you solve this, you can perhaps solve everything else that will be asked in your exams! No wonder it is one of the popular solution books out there. Choosing this option means that you are just working hard but also studying smart!

2. What are some common terms and their definitions in Mensuration?

Mensuration is a study of geometric shapes, volumes, figures and various other parameters. It has many practical applications in our day-to-day living, especially in fields like science, engineering, design and architecture. A perimeter is defined as the length of the boundary of a closed figure. For example, the perimeter of a cricket field. Area of a closed figure is the size of the territory that is encompassed in it. For example, the area of your house is measured in sq ft.

3. How can I cement my base in Mensuration so that higher Classes become easier?

Mensuration is one of the fundamental concepts of Geometry that is being introduced in Class 7, Chapter 20. Once you move to the next grade, the questions and concepts inevitably become tougher. When you are Class 7, you are also in a transition phase. You have the freedom to learn and explore here which you may not have in the higher Classes. 

So to strengthen your base you can do a few things: 

  • Keep a small notebook with Mensuration formulae handy. Revise it perhaps every weekend or so.

  • Keep an hour or an hour and a half solely for Maths practice. Include Mensuration problems there. 

4. What are some easy study techniques to implement for Maths?

Maths can be a nightmare for most of us. Hence it is important that we learn to at least accept the subject and give it our best. For those of us who love and understand it well, there is no problem at all! 

Here are some techniques you can implement to score high in Maths: 

  • Keep time aside diligently each day for your Maths practise. You can divide it into learning formulae and solving questions related to them.

  • Keep a day or two in the week to compare your solutions with those in RS Aggarwal’s and see how you can improve. 

  • Once you feel you’ve cracked a difficult question or two, reward yourself with what you love. 

  • Keep a book for formulae and doubt solving.

5. How else can Vedantu help me to prepare for Class 7 Maths Chapter 20? 

Vedantu is your one-stop shop for everything related to Maths or any other subject. Our team of qualified and passionate teachers are here to ensure you receive all the support and guidance you require to learn, explore and score! Vedantu’s Revision Notes are the most handy because they are prepared meticulously and include every key concept related to that Chapter. You can also avail Home Tuitions and consultations with teachers to solve your doubts and deepen your understanding. All you need to do is visit the website and explore!