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RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions Chapter-10 Percentage

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Class 7 RS Aggarwal Chapter-10 Percentage Solutions - Free PDF Download

The percentage is a brilliant concept that helps us calculate the part of a bigger sum easily. This concept is used worldwide in different industries. This concept needs to be properly instilled in the students. This is why the Class 7 NCERT syllabus has added this chapter. To make the learning process even better, students solve the exercises of RS Aggarwal Class 7 Maths Chapter 10 to check their ability. This is where they need the assistance of the RS Aggarwal solutions Class 7 Maths Ch 10 prepared by the top experts of Vedantu. The approach designed by these experts can be used to build the knowledge foundation of percentage stronger.

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Percentage RS Aggarwal Class 7 Chapter 10 Summary

This chapter has an exceptional way to teach students the different uses of percentages in real life. The problems added in all the exercises teach students all the aspects of percentage calculation so that they can use it later to solve conceptual problems of advanced classes. This is why you should use the RS Aggarwal solutions Class 7 Chapter 10 Percentage as a reference to learn these concepts properly.

The first exercise will concentrate on transforming a percentage into a fraction and vice versa. All these problems in this section are simple but conceptual. Students will learn how a fraction can be represented in percentage form. They will also learn how a percentage actually is a fraction. On proceeding further, students will also find out how a decimal can be converted into a percentage and vice versa. If you refer to the Class 7 Maths RS Aggarwal solutions Chapter 10, you will easily remember how these problems can be approached.

The next level of these problems teaches students how a percentage of a number is calculated. It can be a fixed number of variables. It means that Class 7 students will also learn how to solve an equation with one variable where the percentage is included. They will also apply the unitary method and concepts related to solving linear equations by referring to the solution for Maths RS Aggarwal Chapter 10 Class 7.

In the next exercise, they will find arithmetic problems, the next level of percentage concept. In this section, students will have to form equations on their own using the hints and then solve the problems. When they refer to the RS Aggarwal Class 7 Maths Solutions Chapter 10, they will learn how these problems should be solved step by step. Students will also learn about other parallel concepts such as profit, pricing, interest, salary, savings, excise, etc via these problems.

In the next exercise, the problems will turn out to be a little critical. Here, the author has introduced percentage impressions with multiple terms along with the concept of BODMAS. In some of the problems, students will also learn how to find the percentage of a ratio too. RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 7 Chapter 10, as we can see, is a balanced chapter with a set of great exercises to practice different kinds of percentage problems.

At the end of RS Aggarwal Class 7th Maths Chapter 10, there is a test paper provided by the author. This test paper will serve as an assessment platform for the students. You can solve and find your capabilities in solving percentage problems. After you are done, you can seek references from the solution to understanding the ideal approaches suggested by the teachers.

All the Exercise questions with solutions in Chapter-10 Percentage are given below:

Expert Tips to Prepare RS Aggarwal Class 7 Maths Chapter 10

As per the experts, concentrate on the theoretical part of the chapter before every exercise. Understand the concepts and then start solving the respective exercises of this book. This is the primitive step to take. When any doubt arises, refer to the RS Aggarwal solutions Class 7 Chapter 10 and learn to solve different question types.


Enhance your problem-solving skills using this solution and by practicing these exercises repeatedly. The key to success in scoring good marks in mathematics is practice and solving challenging problems after you are done with the textbooks. Download RS Aggarwal solutions Class 7 Maths Ch 10 and learn how to approach the problems related to percentage. 

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions Chapter-10 Percentage

1. How can you practice solving percentage questions?

When you are done with the textbook exercise, proceed to solve the exercises of RS Aggarwal Class 7 Maths Ch 10. You will get another set to assess your skills.

2. Why download Vedantu’s RS Aggarwal solutions Class 7 Chapter 10 Percentage?

The expert mathematics teachers are aware of the common doubts and queries of students solving Class 7 RS Aggarwal. You can resolve your doubts using RS Aggarwal solutions Class 7 Chapter 10 Percentage easily.  

3. Why should I learn from RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage on Vedantu?

Vedantu is a leader in online tutoring and study material and the content is updated with every change in the curriculum. Hence, Vedantu is very trusted by students from around the world. RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage is available on Vedantu and students are advised to take advantage of the study material well curated by the experts in this field. The solutions are easy to understand and students can practice for their exams and refer to the notes for revision purposes.

4. What are some useful tricks from RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage?

One of the useful tricks you can find regarding percentages is x% of y is equal to y% of x. For example, 10% of 50 is 5. Similarly, 50% of 10 is also 5. Hence, we can also say that 8% of 25 is equal to 25% of 8. Students can find more useful tricks on Vedantu. These tricks will not only help students in their school-level exams but also they can use these in competitive exams and aptitude tests. 

5. How will Vedantu help me prepare and revise from RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage on Vedantu?

Vedantu provides the best solutions to the problems faced by students while learning and looking for study materials. Students can simply download the RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage for free from Vedantu. They can start solving the question from the book and referring to the solutions as well. This way, students will be able to cross-check their answers, understand or identify their mistakes and learn new tips and tricks to solve any question from the Percentage chapter. This will be very useful in the learning process. 

6. Is it useful to learn the Percentage Chapter?

RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage not only makes students ready for their school exams but also for future competitive exams and aptitude tests which will require practice and good command over the subject. The solutions provided by Vedantu make this easier for all the students. It contains many tricks, tips and well-written explanations of the concepts which will surely be helpful to all the students. We advise you to go through and solve all the exercise questions from this chapter.

7. What kind of questions are there in RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage?

There are numerous questions in all the exercises from RG Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions -  1 Percentage. The students will be first tested with basic level questions which test the fundamental understanding of this chapter. Questions like converting fractions into percentages will form basic understanding. Further, students will encounter difficult questions. The application-based questions in this chapter are a must and students should attempt them as these questions are asked in many examinations and they carry good marks. Solving these questions will make students confident in this chapter.