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RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 13 - Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax (Ex 13.2) Exercise 13.2

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 13 - Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax (Ex 13.2) Exercise 13.2 - Free PDF

Maths deals with different things such as numbers, shapes, measurements, and logical reasoning. It is one of the most important and challenging subjects for students which one cannot neglect. Many students fear the subject because of the complex theories and difficult formulas that come along with it. But, if students take interest and understand the concepts clearly and practice regularly maths can be interesting and fun.

The best way to learn and practice mathematics for Class 8 is by referring to RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions. RD Sharma consists of many solved examples and is completely free, accurate and easy to understand. Here, we have given the Solutions of class 8 Maths RD Sharma book -Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax, Exercise-13.2 in PDF  format. Students can download it for free to refer to and practise.

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Chapter 13- Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax

CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 13 of RD Sharma Solutions book consists of Chapter Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax. It is one of the important chapters in mathematics, which will be useful for life. Chapter 13- Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax consists of 70 questions, which are divided into three exercises.

Exercise 13.1 consists of 24 questions in which Profit and Loss percentages are to be found.

Exercise 13.2 consists of 25 questions and it deals with selling price, cost price marked price and Discount.

Exercise 13.3 consists of 21 questions in which Value-Added Tax is to be calculated.

To have a step by step clear understanding of the concepts, Vedantu provides RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions for Chapter 13, Exercise-13.2 PDF. It has a step by step solution for all the 25 questions on the exercise, by which students can understand the concepts quickly and give an idea of how each question is to be approached.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 13 - Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax (Ex 13.2) Exercise 13.2

1. What are the advantages of RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solution?

It is available online for free, which is easy to access anytime and even can be downloaded for offline practice. It gives answers to all the questions from all the exercises of the chapters. Every question is solved in an elaborate manner using illustrations and is easy to understand. Even complex problems are explained in easy steps. All the solutions given in the book are given by expert teachers having in-depth knowledge about the subject. During exam time it can be used as quick revision material.

2. What is Cost Price, Selling Price and Marked Price?

Every product has a cost price and a selling price. Cost Price (CP) is the amount spent to buy a product or an article. Cost price is usually the manufacturing or production rate of an article. Selling Price (SP) is the amount for which the product or an article is sold. Marked Price (MP) is the amount fixed by the shopkeeper to set a discount to the customer on a product or an article. For a successful profit, the cost price should always be lesser than the selling price.

3. What is a Value-Added Tax?

Value-Added Tax or Sales tax is the tax added by the government at many points in starting from manufacturer to retailer for the purchase of an article. These taxes are indirect taxes collected by the shopkeeper from the customer on purchase and they give it to the government.


For Example: 

If a trader purchased an article for Rs. 800 and the rate of tax is 10%, he had to pay Rs. 80. If he sells the article for Rs. 1150. The tax he recovered is Rs. 115. Value Added Tax = Tax recovered - Tax paid on purchase. Therefore, 115 - 80 = 35; Rs. 35 is the Value added tax. 

3. What is the total number of chapters in RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions?

RD Sharma Class 8 Math Solutions consist of 27 Chapters. Students must study all chapters carefully for scoring high marks in class 8 maths. They must understand the concepts of all chapters so that they can solve all questions easily. Students can solve all exercises from their NCERT books. After solving questions from the NCERT book they can practice extra questions from the RD Sharma class 8 maths book. 

4. Why do students find Mathematics difficult?

The following are some of the reasons why students find Mathematica as a difficult subject:

Mathematics is not a descriptive subject to answer long essays and paragraphs, The syllabus for Mathematics is huge when compared to other subjects. We cannot create formulas, theorems or concepts on our own. Math cannot be mastered by learning, It can only be mastered by practising. The question can be unpredictable as they can be asked from various formulas. You cannot memorise answers, as understanding is the only way to solve problems.