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RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 6 - Fractions (Ex 6.4) Exercise 6.4

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 6 - Fractions (Ex 6.4) Exercise 6.4 - Free PDF

Download RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 6- Fractions Exercise 6.4 solved by expert mathematics teachers for free from Vedantu. Chapter 6 - Fractions Ex 6.4 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 6 Maths are provided in this PDF to help you to understand and revise the concepts of fractions effectively. 

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RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 6- Fractions

Chapter 6, Fractions, has nine exercises that demonstrate the strategies employed in problem-solving and diagrammatic representations of the solutions. This chapter includes strategies for solving different types of fractions by using mathematical processes. Subject matter specialists produce the solutions to help students strengthen their conceptual understanding and logical thinking abilities. Some examples of fractional uses in our daily lives are the components used in cooking and their proportions, the section of a painted wall, and the amount of sugar in a jar, among other things. Chapter 6 Exercise 6.4 of RD Sharma Solution contains some of the basic concepts like:

  • Fraction

  • Representation of fractions on the number line

  • Fraction as division

  • Types of fractions

  • Equivalent fractions

  • Fractions in lowest terms

  • Like and Unlike Fractions

  • Comparing and ordering of fractions

  • Addition and Subtraction of like fractions

  • Addition and subtraction of unlike fractions

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 6 - Fractions (Ex 6.4) Exercise 6.4

1. Why do students prefer RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths?

One of the primary reasons students choose RD Sharma is that this book has questions and concepts presented in a clear, concise, and detailed approach. The examples and sums demonstrated in this book reassure students and make exam preparation easier for them.

Students can utilize the RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 to help them develop a conceptual understanding of the concepts. The various sums that students may find in the Class 6 RD Sharma Maths book provide them with the opportunity to keep practicing till they have cleared all of their doubts. Practising RD Sharma sums will assist students in grasping concepts and accelerating their pace of problem-solving. This significantly helps them in preparing for competitive examinations.

2. Is it necessary to practice from RD Sharma Solution manuals for the preparation of Class 6 Maths Chapter 6 Exercise 6.4?

To achieve high scores in Class 6 Mathematics, it is required to solve and practice the Chapter 6 Exercise 6.4 Solutions. As soon as you have finished learning the concepts covered in the chapter, you should begin practising the sums given in exercise 6.4 to assess how much time you spend on each sum. The solutions are useful because they aid students in creating techniques for each type of sum. If you find yourself stuck and unable to comprehend the theories of this chapter, you can turn to R D Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Chapter 6 Ex-6.4.

3. How to Study RD Sharma solutions class 6 Chapter 6 Exercise 6.4 effectively?

The whole set of RD Sharma answers for Class 6 has been divided into several sections. Every sum has been solved in a detailed step-by-step method. Students can get solutions to the sums covered in the RD Sharma Class 6 Chapter 6 Ex-6.4 here. The primary purpose of developing such a resource for students is to assist them in identifying their mistakes and assisting them in effectively solving the sums. These solutions may also be used as a last-minute exam study guide that can be revised before the exam to help them recall all the points.

4. How to download the most RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions of chapter 6 Ex-6.4?

Vedantu is the most reliable source for RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 6 Ex-6.4. The Class 6 RD Sharma Solutions Ex-6.4 are available in PDF format that can be downloaded for free. Students can download these solutions from Vedantu’s mobile app or official website. The problem-solving approach employed in these solutions will make it easy for students to understand and practice the sums. They can practice the solutions to improve their maths problem-solving skills.