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 Write the zoological name of Cockroach.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Zoological name of the Cockroach was coined according to the rules of binomial nomenclature by Burmeister which contains two words i.e, genus and species, and its species name is coined after its native place. 

Complete answer:
Binomial nomenclature is popularized by the Swedish scientist Carolus Linnaeus in his book Systema Naturae. In this type of nomenclature, an appropriate scientific name is provided to each organism and that name consists of two components, the binomen namely genus (the first word) and species (the second word). The zoological name of the cockroach is Periplaneta americana. The species name americana is because it is a native of tropical America. The name Periplaneta americana was coined by Burmeister. Cockroach belongs to the phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta, family Blattidae, genus Periplaneta, and species americana.

Additional information:
- For a scientific name given to an organism. The starting letter of the genus should be written in bold letters and the starting letter of the species should be in small letters.
- They must be in Latin or Latinized and are printed in italics.
- When a scientific name is written, the two names should be underlined separately.
- For example, the scientific name of the cockroach is Periplaneta americana. In this name, the word Periplaneta represents genus, and the word americana is the specific epithet. 
- The name of the taxonomist follows the scientific name either in full form or in abbreviated form 
Eg: Felis Leo Linnaeus or Felis Leo linn. which is the scientific name of the lion.

Note: Cockroach is a cosmopolitan insect that is native to tropical America. It is usually found in the kitchen, holes, etc. cockroaches come out of its hiding places to feed during night time, so it is called a nocturnal insect. It can eat all types of food by locating it with the help of smell. It is a cursorial insect.