Write short notes on gangue and anode mud.

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Hint: We can explain the given terms if we go through the metallurgical process involving the process of leaching and electrolysis for purification of the ores of different metals. Gangue is a component obtained during the process of an electrolysis involving the anode mud.

Complete answer:
While extracting the minerals the materials that are waste impurities accompany the minerals which is also known as Gangue.
It is earthly material and does not have any electrical or the magnetic properties. It was calculated at \[500{}^\circ C\] in extraction of the mineral.
Anode mud:
It is the impurity that is insoluble and forms as residue at the anode while the minerals are extracted through electrolytic refining.
It has metallic, thermal and electrolytic properties.
It can be observed while the extraction of copper, silver etc
More precious metals can be present in the anode mud like silver, gold etc in a very less quantity.

Note: The main difference between gangue and anode mud is
Gangues are the impurities accompanied with the minerals during the extraction of the minerals, whereas anode mud is the impurity present in the impure metals.