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Wood is a pure substance. If not, give reasons.

Last updated date: 24th Mar 2023
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Hint :In order to answer this question, to know whether wood is a pure substance or not like mixture, solution, etc. We will explain the type of wood and we will also explain why wood is a pure or not pure substance.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Wood is not a pure substance, it is a mixture, because it is composed of compounds such as cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin which are made up of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Wood is more accurately defined as a mixture. A mixture is a material made up of more than one element that isn't chemically bound to one another.
Wood is a heterogeneous mixture of different materials. Let's start by distinguishing between pure substances and mixtures. Pure substances are completely made up of elements or compounds, while mixtures are made up of various compounds that are combined uniformly (homogeneous mixture) or non-uniformly (non-homogeneous mixture) (heterogeneous mixture).

Note :
In nature, pure substances are mostly homogeneous, with only one type of atoms or molecules. The majority of these substances have a consistent or standardised composition throughout. The boiling and melting points of the substances are set. In certain cases, a pure material participates in a chemical reaction to produce predictable results.