Which type of fruit is found in sunflower
A) Siliqua
B) Silicula
C) Cypsela
D) Follicle

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Hint: These are dry indehiscent fruit means not open at maturity. Usually single-seeded and originate from one part of the inferior Bicarpellary ovary. This fruit is found in the plant belonging to the family Asteraceae.

Complete step by step answer:
Sunflower belongs to the Asteraceae family. Mostly herbs and shrubs belong to this family. Cypsela is a fruit of the sunflower which is formed from an inferior ovary.
- Cypsela fruit is dry, usually has one chamber and they are single-seeded fruit that develops from a single carpel. Its seed is joined with the membranous outer layer by a seed stalk. The inferior ovary develops the wall of fruit. The wall of fruit is also developed from other tissues which are obtained from receptacles or hypanthium. The wall does not divide at maturity but totally depends on maturity and predation to let out its contents.
So, the correct answer is, "Cypsela'.

Additional information:
- In general, the seed of a sunflower is considered as fruit whose tough and external protecting shell is called husk, and inside is an edible part called the kernel.
- Sunflower produces two types of fruits based on their origin. Fruits are achens and Cypsela. The fruit achens is also a one chambered single seed fruit and develops from the superior ovary. It does not break at maturity but depends on decay and tradition like Cypsela fruit.
Siliqua it is a fruit that belongs to the family Brassicaceae. It is a type of fruit that has two fused carpels.
Silicula it is a capsular dehiscent fruit having a syncarpous ovary.
Follicle it is a unilocular fruit that develops from one carpal having two or more than two seeds.

Note: The same fruit of cypsela type is found in the daisy plant (same plant family). So, Cypsela is a characteristic fruit of the sunflower (Asteraceae family). The term Cypsela is derived from the various mythological and ancient words.