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Which planet is called “Earth’s twin” and why?

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: Situated at the focal point of the solar system and impacting the movement of the relative multitude of different bodies through its gravitational power is the Sun. Four planets—Jupiter through Neptune—have ring frameworks, and everything except Mercury and Venus has at least one moon.

Complete answer:
Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the main galactic object known to hold life. About the Earth's surface is land consisting of landmasses and islands. The leftover is covered with water, generally by seas yet besides lakes, streams, and other new water, which together establish the hydrosphere. Quite a bit of Earth's polar areas are covered in ice. Earth's external layer is partitioned into a few inflexible tectonic plates that relocate over the surface over a huge number of years. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is also known as “Earth’s Twin”. It is the second-most brilliant natural article in Earth's night sky after the Moon. Venus is a terrestrial planet and is at times called Earth's "sister planet" due to their comparable size, mass, nearness to the Sun, and mass creation. It is drastically unique about Earth in various regards. Venus has the most sweltering surface of any planet in the Solar System, with a mean temperature of 737 K, even though Mercury is nearer to the Sun.

Note: Venus is covered by a murky layer of highly reflective clouds of sulphuric acid, keeping its surface from being seen from space in obvious light. It might have had water seas in the past, yet these would have disintegrated as the temperature rose because of a runaway greenhouse effect.