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Which organism breaks the food material into simple substances outside of the body and then absorbs it?
A) Mushroom
B) Cuseula
C) Ticks
D) Tapeworm

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Hint: Organisms that break down that food component are fungi. Then breakdown of food material into simple substances outside the body is called Extracellular digestion.

Complete Answer:
Extracellular digestion:
>In the word extracellular means outside the cell so the digestion that occurs outside the cell is called as extracellular digestion.
>In this process, food is broken down outside the body with the help of some hydrolytic enzymes secreted by the organism.
>Then the nearby cells absorb the newly broken down components of food or nutrients released.
Extracellular digestion in Fungi:
>This process mainly occurs in the fungi because they have no proper digestive system.
> They use extracellular digestion.
> Fungi are also called decomposers as they use extracellular digestion.
> For example- you can see mold on the kitchen counter, on bread pieces, on oranges, etc.
>That mold is actually a fungus.
> The fungus secrete some hydrolytic enzymes upon the food component that break down the food in simple substances or nutrients.
>The fungi cells then absorb the nutrients released.
>Therefore, it is clear from the above discussion that the organism that breaks down the food material into simple substances outside of the body and then absorbs it is fungi. And the Mushroom in the given option belongs to the kingdom Fungi.

Hence, the option ‘A’ is the correct answer.

Note:For the growth, development and reproduction of the particular organisms, the cell division must be happening to produce more and more cells to the tissues. The process of mitosis is responsible for the cell division in the somatic cells in the animals.