Which one of the following political parties came in power in Bolivia in 2006?
A. The Communist Party
B. The Republican Party
C. The Socialist Party
D. The Conservative Party

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Hint: In South America , Bolivia is located. The highest level of inequality in terms of income is witnessed in Bolivia. Mostly people from Bolivia migrate to Argentina and Chile in search of work to earn high wages. In the year 2005, Eva Morales started a leftist movement. In December 2005, Eva Morales won the presidential election with around 54 percent of votes when compared to president Jorge Quiroga who represented the Social and Democratic Power Party who had 29 percent of the vote cast.

Complete answer:
The implementation of Marxism can be seen in Communism. It can be categorized as a political and economic doctrine. In China, the People's Republic of China is considered a communist regime. In Cuba, the Republic of Cuba formed by Fidel Castro in 1961 is considered a communalist. Other examples are North Korea’s Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Vietnam’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
The Republic Party also called the Grand Old Party is considered as one of the two major political parties in the United States along with the Democratic Party.
The Conservative Party was formed in 1834. It is regarded as the oldest political party. The Prime Minister of this party is Boris Johnson.
Eva Morales formed the Leftist Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) in December 2005. In the presidency, Eva Morales captured 54 percent of the vote. In the Bolivian Congress, MAS won the majority in the lower chamber. Eva Morales on 22 January 2006 became the first indigenous president in Bolivia.
So, the correct answer is Option C.

Note: The political party which came into power in Bolivia in 2006 is The Socialist Party. In the year 2005 around 85 percent of Bolivians voted in the election. Around 54 percent of votes were for Eva Morales who started the movement for leftist movement toward socialism.