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Which of the following nutrients produce energy?
(A) Carbohydrates
(B) Vitamins
(C) Minerals
(D) Proteins
(E) Both A and D

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Hint: The food that we eat consists of the nutrients like carbohydrate, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. All of these get converted into the energy for the work or some of them used for the synthesis of many hormones, enzymes etc.

Complete answer:
The carbohydrate and the proteins are the source of the energy. They provide the energy in the form of ATP molecules. The carbohydrate is the instance source of the energy but the energy derived from the proteins is used up after all the sugar energy is used. The carbohydrate is classified into two types as simple sugars and the complex sugars. Glucose and the sucrose are the simple sugars, this helps in the fast release of the energy. It is present in the dairy items, nectar, sugar, sweet etc.

The starches are the complex sugar, they convert into simple sugars and then they provide energy. It takes much time to release energy when compared to the simple sugars but soon when compared to the proteins. The wheat, rice, grains, beans, root vegetables etc. Proteins consist of the amino acid. These are very complex when compared to the sugars and hence it takes more time to release energy. But the minerals and the vitamins are not converted into energy.

Hence, the correct answer is Option (E)

Note: The vitamins and the minerals are called as the essential nutrients since they have many roles in the body like conversion of food to energy, strengthening of bones, boosting up of the immune system. But they do not produce energy on their own.
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