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Which of the following is the unit of inheritance?
(d)None of the above

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Hint: The unit of inheritance is a sequence of nucleotides and can be transmitted from one generation to another without being changed at all. Due to its transmission, the linked characters are also transmitted from one generation to another.

Complete answer:
Gene is the unit of inheritance, meaning the character of the mother and the father are transferred to their offspring with the help of genes. Genes are located at the chromosomal threads, which run along the entire thread of the chromosome.
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Additional Information: - The required properties of genetic material (gene) are:
1. Duplication of its genetic material by replication and its precise distribution among the new cells by cell division.
2. It should be able to undergo mutation and such a change should be stably inherited.
3. It should be able to express the genetic information by transcription to mRNA and finally to produce proteins.
- Chemically, genes are made up of DNA.
-Each gene occupies a specific position in a specific chromosome, called locus.
-Genes in chromosomes are arranged in a linear sequence like beads on a string at a fixed distance.
-The genes can undergo mutation.
-A mutation occurs due to sudden changes in the DNA bases.
-The total number of genes present on a haploid set of chromosomes represents one genome.
So, the correct answer is, ‘Gene.’

Note: Genes act mainly by producing proteins (enzyme) which are required at various steps of metabolism. Proteins are made of the polypeptide chain of amino acids and their arrangement of this amino acid determines the type of protein.