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Which of the following is the main part of a plough?
A. Ploughshaft
B. Ploughshare
C. Beam
D. None of these

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Hint: The main part of the plough is usually made up of wood and it has two ends. One of the ends attaches to a beam that is placed over the neck of bulls. The other end is the part that helps in the tilling of the soil.

Complete answer:
A plough is a farming tool that turns the soil before planting the crops. It has various parts that include the plough shaft, ploughshare, and the beam. The major parts out of all these are the ploughshaft, which acts as the handle and holds the ploughshare.

Additional Information: -A plough is an ancient tool used in farming.
-The plough shaft is the wooden handle which holds the triangular-shaped ironic part called the ploughshare.
-With the help of a ploughshaft, the plough is attached to the beam that is placed on the neck of the bulls, horses, or camels.
-The ploughs can easily be operated by the man and two bulls.
-It helps in turning the soil upside so that a new soil will come at the top that increases the soil fertility and the yield of the crops.
-It also helps in the adding of fertilizers in the field, and removal of weeds from the field.
-Now as the technique has improved, the plough machine has also improved resulting in electrical power engine tractors.
-The plough is used in making furrows which are then left to dry and then later they are cultivated.

So, the correct answer is, ‘Ploughshaft.’

Note: The English term plough is derived from the German word huohili, meaning ‘scratch plough'. In ancient times hoe farming was the best method of farming. There were many ploughs designed according to the need of the time, they are: chisel plough, ridging plough, shot hands plough, mole plough, spade plough, switch plough, and para plough.